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A presentation I made without research. For fun

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  1. 1. Prog: A Lesson For Beginners.
  2. 2. You probably have heard this albumPink Floyd – Dark Side of TheMoon Stuff you should know • This is a kind of prog called Space Rock. • IT’S GOOD BECAUSE IT SOUNDS LIKE SPACE. • SPAAAAAAACEEE • Always listen to albums like these in the order they were intended to be listened to.
  3. 3. Pink Floyd: Beyond the Dark Side• Some people think that Dark Side of The Moon is the only Pink Floyd album. They have a lot of other amazing ones.• My favorites are “Meddle” and “Atom Heart Mother” You’ll really enjoy them. After you hear those, you can listen to any Pink Floyd album and love it.
  4. 4. The Holy Trinity
  5. 5. Yes• Yes is an absolute fantastic band because they were part of the original progressive rock movement and had a very unique sound at the time.• The album you should start with is Fragile because you’re going to like Roundabout the first time you hear it, no matter what. Close to The Edge and Relayer are the albums you should also buy to start out.
  6. 6. Genesis• Genesis was a prog band before becoming a pop band. Their music was theatrical and whimsical. Peter Gabriel was their lead singer and he wore elaborate makeup to show the characters in his songs. The albums you should first are “Selling England By The Pound”, “Nursery Cryme”, and “Foxtrot”. Be sure to look up performances on YouTube because they’re truly beautiful performances.
  7. 7. King Crimson• King Crimson is a very important band in the progressive rock movement because they had a more heavy and technical sound. Greg Lake was in this band in the beginning, then he was in Emerson, Lake and Palmer. King Crimson had a huge influence on progressive metal. The album you should hear first is “In The Court of The Crimson King”, then “Larks’ Tongues in Aspic” then “Red”
  8. 8. Emerson, Lake and PalmerHere’s another holy trinity, but this time they’re all in one band! Emerson, Lake and Palmer was very keyboard driven, and they had a unique vocalist and odd time signatures and long songs broken into multiple parts. Songs to start with are “Take A Pebble”, “Lucky Man”, “Trilogy” and “Tarkus”
  9. 9. Italian Prog!• Italian musicians are also known for their progressive sound. The three most popular are Le Orme, Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso, Premiata Forneria Marconi. These bands are symphonic and jazzy. Key albums are “Felona E Sorona”, “Darwin” and “Per un Amico”
  10. 10. Rush• There is so much to say about Rush but I’ll try not to overwhelm you. Rush is a band with 3 people with musical talent that is above and beyond excellence. Their music takes a huge amount of skill and patience and they should be respected for that. The first album you need to hear by Rush is definitely 2112 and just about every other album by them.
  11. 11. New Prog• More recent bands have kept the spirit of the progressive rock movement alive in their music by fusing the prog style and techniques into their own to create a whole new sound. Albums like “Awake” by Dream Theater, “Heritage” by Opeth, “Ok Computer” by Radiohead, and“In Absentia” by Porcupine Tree are some of the more well known examples of this.
  12. 12. Prog Metal• Progressive Metal is absolutely fantastic because it brings progressive elements into heavy metal, which you can tell is a great combination.• Some of my personal favorite albums are “Operation Mindcrime” by Queensryche, “Images and Words” by Dream Theater, “Still Life” by Opeth.• Megadeth is progressive thrash metal but Dave Mustaine doesn’t want to admit it even though everyone knows it. Just listen to Symphony of Destruction, Holy Wars, or…. Oh well. I’m rambling. And to conclude this Powerpoint…
  13. 13. List of other big important prog bands to look up• Camel• Greenslade• Van Der Graaf Generator• Eloy• Gentle Giant• Triumvirat• Mahavishnu Orchestra