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Lecture Nyenrode Social Media Marketing
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Lecture Nyenrode Social Media Marketing


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Lecture for students Nyenrode given by Remco van Buren, Kittyhawk, about social media marketing.

Lecture for students Nyenrode given by Remco van Buren, Kittyhawk, about social media marketing.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. 1
    Social Media Marketing
    Nyenrode› 25 August 2010 › Remco van Buren
  • 2. About Kittyhawk and myself…
    Founded in june 2009
    > 35 years of online experience
    Focus: integrating online in general business strategies
    Or: Building Online Business
    Team of 8 specialists and growing fast
    More info
    Me? Remco van Buren
    Social Media Marketing
  • 3. Disclaimer
    Kittyhawk states: There is not one online truth!
    But succes formulas exist, online, somewhere…
    This course doesn’t contain asimple instruction for social media succes.
    But is meant to: challenge, ask questions, share experiences, discuss visions and opinions.
    … but most of all, it’s to co create food for thought…
    Social Media Marketing
  • 4. 4
    Or is it the biggest shiftsince the Industrial Revolution?
    Is social media just a newdevelopment?
  • 5. Social Media Marketing
  • 6. 6
    Think of all the great opportunities…
    …more channels to use in marketing mix
    => more reach!!
  • 7. 7
    Social Media is not a revolution in new channels in the marketing mix,
    Social media thrives a revolutionin (consumer)behavior!
    And therefore in marketing approach!
  • 8. 8
    Economy based on Commodity
    Consumers bound by Availability
    Companies focused on Delivery
  • 9. 9
    Economy based on Goods
    Consumers choose for Price
    Companies focus on Cost control
    “Any customer can have a car painted in any color that he wants
    as long as it is black”
    Henry Ford
  • 10. 10
    And mass production created COMMODITIES …
    Economy based on Services
    Consumers choose for Quality
    Companies focus on Improvements
  • 11. 11
    And we promote our brands, products and services by shouting as hard as we can why everybody should purchase our products.
    And when it doesn’t have any effect?! Shout louder and more often! Just as long as it takes to convince the costumer…
  • 12. 12
  • 13. 13
    And then there was the
    World Wide Web
  • 14. 14
    The world became smaller…
    …and it became larger.
    And it became more transparent.
    Availability, price and quality under pressure.
    Users experience information overload.
  • 15. 15
    Users are searching for relevance, start creating their own social platforms.
    People are participating, sharing ideas, searching for interaction and starting conversations…
    …with Friends!
    World Wide Word to Mouth
    Users experience information overload.
  • 16. 16
  • 17. 17
  • 18. 18
    The marketing and communication landscape is changing fast, yesterdays successful methods, are becoming less and less successful nowadays…
  • 19. 19
    And now we enter the era in which…
    Economy is based on Experiences
    Consumers choose for Authenticity
    Companies must Generate
  • 20. 20
    People don’t believe what companies are shouting anymore.
    But they do believe what friends tell them about their brand or product experience.
    And they don’t want interruptions during their conversations. Or even during any other activity.
  • 21. 21
    People are searching for special ideas, remarkable movements, visions and leaders. To follow…
    People want to be part of a tribe, are searching for authenticity within that tribe.
    People are searching for stories, stories to tell and talk about, stories to share.
  • 22. 22
    Don’t be a company that is selling products or services…
    …but be a group talented individuals.
    Who are sharing an idea and creating something remarkable…
    …something they believe the world needs.
    Something that makes them feel happy and warm inside.
  • 23. 23
  • 24. 24
  • 25. 25
    You will be invited in someone else life…
    …because you give something they need…
    …something to talk about.
    You make them feel better…
    …because you enhance the quality of their connections and role within the tribe.
  • 26. 26
    And if you do it right…
    … they will return something very valuable.
    They will become a fan, promoter or even superpromoter.
    And instead of being a guest you will become a friend. About who they talk with other friends and who they like to introduce!
  • 27. 27
  • 28. 28
    And if you ask your friends what they need…
    …then your friends will be eager to help you to stay remarkable.
  • 29. 29
    Interruption is becoming less effective, the future is about permission.
    Organizations with remarkable ideas can win, but it’s not only the idea that counts, also the way it is spread.
    Instead of marketers searching for customers for their products, they should find products for their costumers!!
  • 30. 30
  • 31. 31
    beinggood at talking
    beinggood at doing!!
  • 32. 32
    Companies often start showing commitment after proven success…
    …but unwritten online laws states that:
    The early adaptor takes it all, so…
    Success follows commitment!
  • 33. 33
    Social media:
    Pro active attitude
    The launch of an idea, brand, product, vision etcetera.
  • 34. 34
  • 35. 35
  • 36. 36
  • 37. 37
    Social media:
    reactive attitude
    Sudden publicity puts you in the social media spotlights.
  • 38. 38
  • 39. 39
  • 40. 40
  • 41. 41
  • 42. What to do?
    Determine your target groups (i.e. friends, fans etc.) and goals for each group.
    Focus on how those people use your content, servicesand products and how they can even use it better.
    Make sure people want and start to talk about it, enable the conversations.
    Focus on the long term, instead of brief interactions.
    Focus on saleswhich are initiated by current users.
    Social Media Marketing
  • 43. 43
    Determine targetgroups with the funnel
  • 44. 44
    Determine goals per targetgroup
  • 45. En where do you do this?
    Use any social media that seems useful!
    Move your content to those social networks. And not just as a link to your website!
    Facilitatethe networks and conversations between the people.
    Move your story into their world.
    And let them tell it and talk about it!
    Social Media Marketing
  • 46. 46
    Social Media Marketing
    Cause word of mouthdependson:
    The relationbetween the brand and the person (stranger, acquitance, follower, fan, friend, promoter)
    Ifhe is willing to tell the story about the brand or the product.
    And how the companyfacilitateshim in telling the right story!
    De mate waarin hij gefaciliteerd wordt in het doorvertellen.
  • 47. 47
  • 48. 48
  • 49. The do’s
    Use your website as a starting point for all the companies activities.
    Show people everything you do and where you do it!
    Focus on one strong story, but decentralize your network.
    And be there where your friends are.
    Make sure your internal workflow and processes are connected.
    Make sure your social environment is easy to manage.
    And be transparent and honest.
    Social Media Marketing
  • 50. The don’ts
    Forgetting that your website is just an information platform. Online conversations about your brand are held somewhere else.
    Forgetting about technologie and the rapid developments.
    Forgetting about traditional marketing.
    To get something between you and your friends.
    And most of all: loosing patience!
    Social Media Marketing
  • 51. En something you should definitely not do….
  • 52. En wat je zeker niet moet doen….
  • 53. For more information:
    T: 0413 38 70 56
    Social Media Marketing