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  • 1. A complete portal on Himachal Pradesh
  • 2. NEWS
    • Covers happenings across the state
    • First in reporting major events and when they happen (live blogging, covers news from the source as it happens).
    • First in detailed analysis.
    • Right now beating all newspapers covering Himachal stories.
    • News in 10 different languages, including Hindi and English.
  • 3. TOURISM
    • Largest database available on places of interest in Himachal
    • Largest single source of extensive travel journals
    • Information available in 10 different languages.
    • Guides visitors across the globe.
  • 4. Business
    • Compared to any website on Himachal, carries more detailed overview of potential of business in Himachal.
    • Promoters personally meeting international investors to bring investments across the globe.
    • Building a positive outlook of Himachal so as to interest future investors.
  • 5. Platform
    • Strong platform engineered for strength, flexibility and design
    • Latest technology used and unique Himachali design with state colors.
  • 6. HITS/visitors
    • Visitors from across the globe
  • 7. HITS
  • 8. Future plans
    • To connect to global Indians/Himachalis to build a large tourism, industrial and IT portal along with provider of services.
    • Promotion of local produce.
  • 9. Public Opinions
    • New platform, which myHimachal uses allows real time public opinion, discussions (not found on newspapers), which thus allows creating right awareness.
    • So far 1100 total articles on Himachal with almost 900 public views.
  • 10. Writers/Contributors
    • Ravinder Makhaik- Himachal’s leading journalist is Editor, regularly writes for major newspapers.
    • S R Pundir- Sr. Tribune Journalist and acclaimed writer of Himachal.
    • Chander Shekhar Sharma: Sr. Reporter.
    • Ravinder Sood- Sr. Reporter Tribune.
    • Jagmeet Ghuman-Sr. Reporter Tribune
    • Balbir Sharma- Sr. photojournalist as advisor.
  • 11. Contributors
    • Career Section by IIT Mumbai based professor
    • Another career section coming up by US based technocrat.
  • 12. Contributors
    • US/India based writer/artists Payson R Stevens.
    • US/India based, Harvard educated economic consultant.
  • 13. Promoter
    • US based, Avnish Katoch, who created Himachal’s largest membership based group http://www.myhimachal.com on Himachal.
    • Plays a yeoman's role in social service through NGO, raising funds for social work and connecting Himachalis across the globe.
    • Totally unbiased to any political outfit with strong desire to build Himachal as industrial state.
  • 14. Media Coverage for NGO activities
    • Detail articles on My Himachal activities on below link:
    • http://himachal.us/category/ myhimachal /
    • Times of India articles:
    • Health mela (fair) cheers Kullu
    • Himachal CM asks NRIs to invest in HP
  • 15. Media Coverage
    • Tribune articles:
    • News item1
    • News item2
    • Non-resident Himachalis to promote hill state
    • Set up units in hill state, CM to Himachali NRIs 
    • CM made patron-in-chief 
  • 16. Media Coverage
    • Others:
    • HP Govt. article
    • Mela of a different kind brings fun with health awareness
    • CM as patron in chief
    • Daily Pioneer
    • Jagran article
    • Amar Ujala article
    • Political and business daily
  • 17.