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Line  s14 Line s14 Presentation Transcript

  • LINE WHAT IS LINE in an artwork? How can we talk about line, in the context of visual art? Alice Neel drawing
  • Nasca Lines, Nasca Desert, Peru (moved, scraped earth ) 400 – 650 AD Pablo Picasso (photo of moving flashlight) A line is a point moving in space.
  • Pablo Picasso Carolyn Staehle Line(s) can describe form in different ways.
  • The EDGE of a form, or the directional movement of a form itself, may also be thought of as LINE in both 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional art. Matt Shlian origami sculpture Balthus Rod Arad chair
  • What QUALITIES might a line have? How can we describe line in art?
  • Unknown artist, Manzanar Camp Sumi ink Paul Fabozzi Line has “weight”: thickness or thinness. Guache and colored pencil on paper and mylar layers
  • Brice Marden Line has SHAPE--- it might be straight, curvy, or angular … Juan Gris
  • continuous or interrupted… Oskar Kokoshka
  • Dr. Laka Kathe Kollwitz Line can have COLOR, VALUE, and TEXTURE.
  • LINES ARE DIRECTIONAL. HORIZONTAL lines in an artwork may contribute a sense of restfulness, stability, stillness. Pablo Picasso
  • VERTICAL lines or directional movement can suggest power, forceful stability. Hong Chun Zhang charcoal and graphite
  • DIAGONAL lines best evoke motion, energy, dynamism. Gomedia Lebbeus Woods
  • Most compositions contain a variety of directional lines, whose energies play off against one another, and lead the viewer’s eye around the composition. Hokusai wood-block print
  • SOME TYPES OF DRAWN LINE: CONTOUR LINE is a simple, more or less continuous line, which follows contours, or edges . Pablo Picasso
  • HATCHING and CROSS HATCHING are ways of using lines for shading to create darker values, often to show dimensionality or space. George Seurat Kathe Kollwitz
  • Line can also show SPACE and dimensionality with perspective lines, cross-contour lines, and overlapping lines. CROSS-CONTOUR LINES follow contours across a surface, to show dimensionality. Moises Mahiques
  • Calligraphic line refers to line having the flowing and expressive quality of calligraphy (decorative, handwritten lettering.) Henri Matisse Sufi Calligraphic Art Chinese Calligraphy
  • GESTURAL LINES, made with energy and speed, evoke direction and movement of form (whether abstract or representational form.) Julie Mehretu Honore Daumier
  • Some line, repeating its movement or gesture, may be thought of as RHYTHMIC. Gabriel Orozco
  • EXPRESSIVE line may suggest mood, emotion, tension or energy. Egon Schiele
  • IN A COMPOSITION, LINE FUNCTIONS TO: • Describe form; create shapes. • Lead a viewers eye around the composition. • Establish directional movement within the composition. • Through shading, create darker values, and a sense of space or volume. • Express energy and mood through line quality and direction.
  • A definition of DRAWING: lines and marks made on a surface. Ernesto Caivano
  • Lascaux Caves, France 15,300 BCE (charcoal, earth pigments on stone)
  • Charcoal Edgar Degas (black and white chalk on paper)
  • Kulvinder Kaur Dher
  • Odilon Redon PASTEL (colored chalk)
  • GRAPHITE Serse David Musgrave
  • D.L. Alvarez (graphite drawing based on photo)
  • COLORED PENCIL Judy Chicago
  • Leonardo Da Vinci PEN and INK Charles Dana Gibson
  • Robert Crumb sketchbook pages FELT PEN
  • Tom Friedman (ink pen)
  • Fang Lijun INK WASH George Baselitz
  • Peter Jellitsch uses wind analysis software (used by builders of skyscrapers) to generate fluid surfaces that he renders by hand.
  • Thread, Paper Sarah Lucas
  • Hair drawing on handmade paper Mona Hatoum
  • Body Art
  • Graphite Pencil on Skull Gabriel Orozco
  • Gunpowder and Ink Cai Guo-Quiang “Footprints of History” @ 2008 Beijing Olympics Fireworks
  • Neon, Glass Bruce Nauman
  • Bruce Nauman