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Research & Planning
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Research & Planning


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Aims & Objectives
  • 2. Aims & Objectives Aims  Initial Objectives• To appeal to the possible client for the type • Im going to make an video introducing of art works and explaining what I did and how I made it to the final object by using pictures/photos• To develop student’s understanding of of the steps I did. website • To make the website creative by using• To be appropriate of web publishing different pictures and bright colours. • To make the website work properly without• To make it appealing and eye catching any problems. • To create a interesting video that catch people attentions using bold words. • To create an eye catching video using the special effects. • To create a lively video using different fonts. • To create a simple video transitions using the pixelate effect.
  • 3. Existing Solutions Research Name: Mao Hayashi 11D
  • 4. Geninne’s Art BlogTarget Audience: Peoplewho loves art.URL: GeninnePurpose: To show her skillsto her audienceElements of the design youlike: Photographs taken bythis person/Art works that shehas done.Elements of the design youdislike: N/AAny feature you think ismissing: More annotations isneeded
  • 5. i like this artTarget Audience: Peoplewho likes creatingsculptor/abstractURL: Different artistPurpose: To express theirskills on websitesElements of the design youlike: PhotographsElements of the design youdislike: Too plainAny feature you think ismissing: videos andannotations are needed
  • 6. VandalogTarget Audience: StreetArtURL: Different streetartistsPurpose: To express howstreet art is likeElements of the designyou like:Photograph/picturesElements of the designyou dislike: N/AAny feature you think ismissing: Videos areneeded on website
  • 7. Possible Tools Comparative Research
  • 8. LinksPurpose: To let as muchpeople to know this blogFeatures: link to fackbookor links to amazon.comEase of Use: difficultbecause they used theirown drawing logoPluses (things you thinkare good about thistool): People can easilyclick on facebook ‘like’.Minuses (things youthink are not so goodabout this tool): N/A
  • 9. LinksPurpose: To get this blogknown by people(facebook plugin)Features: links tofacebook, search boxEase of Use: search boxis easy to use becauseyou can customize it fromyour own blog.Pluses (things you thinkare good about thistool): use of differenttypes of social websiteMinuses (things youthink are not so goodabout this tool): N/A
  • 10. LinksPurpose: To make thepage easier to find.Features: search box,icons with links to socialwebsitesEase of Use: Easy -customize by own websitePluses (things you thinkare good about thistool): convenient, moreimpact on the viewersMinuses (things youthink are not so goodabout this tool): it is smallso it’s hard to locate.
  • 11. Client Contact
  • 12. Client Contact Client Communication  Client Objectives My client for this Art portfolio/Art blog is Ms.  To make an eye catching website Palmer. I emailed her to ask what I can do  To display striking pieces, using bright but I still haven’t received a message from colours her. However it is still on going so I will regularly post conversations on website.  To create a side menu for convenience of viewers  To use a font size 16, eye-catching font type to appeal to the customer.  To use 7-8 different colour schemes as part of my colour theme.
  • 13. Planning
  • 14. PlanningWebsite: OngoingVideo: After MocksContact with client: OngoingWebsite template: Designs
  • 15. Planning Roles and  Other Planning Responsibilities for Group work  Website: Ongoing  Video: After Mocks Working by myself  Contact with client: Before Role: Christmas - Writer - Editor - Producer