28 STATES : Wounded growth by terrorism/ naxalites
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28 STATES : Wounded growth by terrorism/ naxalites






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28 STATES : Wounded growth by terrorism/ naxalites 28 STATES : Wounded growth by terrorism/ naxalites Presentation Transcript

  • THEME : Wounded growth by terrorism/ naxalites and inefficiency of system to tackle this problem. India Sleeping over ‘SECURITY’ NAME : NIKUNJ KESHAV TECHKRITI ID : TECH53601
  • INCEPTION TERRORISM IN INDIA INTERNAL (Moist & Naxalite) EXTERNAL ( emerge from neighbouring countries) THE ORIGIN : It is after the communist party was formed in Russia, the Indian Communist Party of India was born. It began their work among Scheduled Castes and Scheduled tribes from 1946. They work against the injustice done to tribals, farmers by the landlords. Regarding terrorism, they started threatening the security of nation. People were misleaded on their religion grounds to work for ‘Jihad’.
  • TOXICITY OF TERRORISM/NAXALISM  Poor economic development of the region.  Loss of GDP and per-capita income.  Transportation is worstly effected which results in backwardness of the region.  Higher expenditure on defense at the cost of lower expenditure on education and health.
  •  Tourist inflow receives a severe set-back, thus less market share.  Bilateral trade flow is also greatly affected.  Education, Infrastructure, security of people, health, basic amenities of life etc. is also gets affected badly.  Peoples of the affected region losses their constitutional rights.
  • REASONS FOR THEIR DEVELOPMENT → Unequal distribution of cultivable lands, opportunities, wealth etc . → Lack of knowledge among people about their rights, religion and they are easily being misguided by few rebellions. → Stratification of the Caste system. → Exploitation of the tribals by officials and landlords. → Injustice to them such as ‘Land Ceiling Law’ was not enforced.
  • STATISTICAL DATA India Ranks 4th on Global Terrorism Index
  • Graph shows that terrorist attacks are more in Democratic countries
  • Major Terrorist attacks in India Regions of Naxalist-Red cover zone
  • This shows that Evening Hours are mainly chosen for terror attacks because of the rush
  • DATE INCIDENT FATALITIES INJURED March 12, 1993 1993 Bombay bombings 259 713 February 14, 1998 1998 Coimbatore bombings 58 200+ December 13, 2001 2001 Indian Parliament attack in New Delhi 7 July 11, 2006 2006 Mumbai train bombings: Series of 7 train bombing during the evening rush hour in Mumbai 209 July 26, 2008 2008 Ahmedabad blasts: 17 serial bomb blasts in Ahmedabad 29 110 November 26, 2008 2008 Mumbai attacks 171 239 25 May 2013 2013 Naxal attack in Darbha valley 28 32 List of terrorist incidents in India
  • TACKLING THE PROBLEMS  Implementation of ‘Land Ceiling Act’ immediately.  Recompensation to the tribals whose lands had been leased to various companies.  Mining companies should deal directly with ‘Tribes Advisory Council’.  Convicted Terrorist should be punished rather than wasting money on their security. Instead that money could be employed for country’s development.
  •  Modernization of police forces  India must spent sufficiently on security such as countries like China to strengthen their forces and arms.  Border Security must be properly watch out and strengthen through border management.  Anti-terror plans must be properly coordinated and implemented.
  •  Extremely strong administrative machinery is required which prevails in capitals and developed cities.  Law enforcement agencies must be made stronger and faster.  Technologies and communication skill must be employed to combat naxals.  Government must make all attempts to reduce Unemployment and illiteracy.
  •  Government must make people, specially teenagers and uneducated people, aware about their constitutional rights, freedoms, facilities etc so that they could not be brain-washed by someone for do wrong things.  At last Government and officials must understand the alarming rate of losses which our country faces due to such terror attacks and work efficiently in integrated manner, rather than blaming others and criticizing other countries. I am assure that any lawful and sensible citizen of India would agree to these solutions. These solutions are absolutely legal and practical to implement. I am also confident enough these mentioned solutions, if enforced even to some extent would leave Moist/Terrorist High and Dry.
  • BIBILIOGRAPHY  Development Challenges in Extremist Affected Areas : Planning Commision  Bureau of Police Research : Social, Economic and Political Dynamics in Extremist Affected Areas  John Harriss, 2010, “The Naxalite/Maoist Movement in India: A Review of Recent Literature,”  www.naxalwatch.blogspot.in