Project 2-Meth


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Project 2-Meth

  1. 1. Methamphetamine By:Hannah Kish
  2. 2. History of the drug Methamphetamine was first created in Japan, in 1919. During WWII, it was originally used to keep troops awake and was given to Kamikaze pilots before their suicide missions. After the war, the product was leaked to the public. Pretty soon it spread to the rest of the world. In 1970, the U.S. declared its usage illegal, and ever since then, secret trafficking and production of the product occurs mostly in motorcycle gangs and laboratories in California.
  3. 3. How the drug can be taken Methamphetamine can be taken either by injecting, inhaling, or smoking the substance. But sometimes, it can also be taken orally in pill form.
  4. 4. Street names of Methamphetamine - Meth - Glass - Crystal - Speed - Ice -Quartz
  5. 5. Level of the drug Meth is classified as a Schedule II drug. This means that the drug is at high risk of being abused and can be provided legally through a prescription. Though, the prescription can not be refilled.
  6. 6. Chemical break down There are many chemicals in meth, several being poisonous and toxic. A main ingredient is pseudoephedrine, which is in many cold medicines, but there’s also chemicals such as antifreeze,ammonia hydroxide, and battery acid. Each one of these chemicals can put a person to death.
  7. 7. Harmful effects Physical- decreased hunger, increased wakefulness, rapid heart rate, increased blood pressure, and extreme weight loss. Mental/emotional- this drug can cause a person to become very addicted, very quickly due to the chemicals that the drug forces the brain to release. Delusions of power, hallucinations, confusion, paranoia, anxiety, and insomnia are all effects.
  8. 8. Harmful effects cont... Social- Since meth can cause a person to become suddenly violent, relationships can be threatened. People may not want to be around a person that does meth anyway. Legal consequences- Sentencing and fining vary state to state when it comes to possession of meth. Basic sentencing among all states though are five years in prison for ten grams, and for 100 grams, ten years in prison
  9. 9. Short/Long term effects Nervous system- Since meth forces the brain to release increased amounts of the chemical dopamine (chemical that is normally released as a “pleasure” one), this can trigger altering effects on the brain. After long use of Meth, the person may suffer from memory loss, impaired learning, and reduced motor skills. They also may be prone to insomnia, paranoia, and hallucinations. Cardiovascular system- The person may have an increased heart rate or high blood pressure for the rest of their lives. Blood vessels may be damaged which can lead to stroke and even death.
  10. 10. Short/Long term effects Digestive system- Starting from the mouth, rotten teeth is an effect associated with the digestive system. Since often times the brain releases chemicals that make the body ignore its own digestion system, the person can become malnourished and emaciated. Nutrients aren’t absorbed and often times the user experiences constipation and diarrhea. Respiratory system- Breathing problems associated with smoking are present. Meth can also cause increased respiration when taken recently.
  11. 11. Possible medical uses Meth can used in medical circumstances but only in very small doses. A doctor may prescribe someone with Methamphetamine if they have deficit hyperactivity disorder, but that’s truly it. But once again, the prescription can not be refilled due to the potential risk of it being abused.
  12. 12. When mixed with other substances what are the effects? When mixed with alcohol, the person might be prone to an increased risk of binge drinking or alcohol poisoning, since meth can impair a person's judgement when it comes to drinking.
  13. 13. Effects on family/society Methamphetamine users not only destroy themselves, but also the people around them. relationships may begin to break, and family members may be shaken from the fact that there is an addict in the family. On a bigger scale, meth has affected society largely. It has become a part of pop culture (Breaking Bad). Ever since the show had aired, meth production has increased dramatically. Society sees it as a “cool” thing to do, but really it’s not.
  14. 14. Game
  15. 15. Sources... drugs.html http://www.drugabuse. gov/publications/drugfacts/methamphetamine ua/methamphetamine/methamphetamine-legal- consequences of-mixing-crystal-meth-and-alcohol/