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Media presentation

  1. 1. College Magazine ResearchTarget Audience For TheMagazineThe target audience of the magazine I will be producing will be aimed at 16-18 year olds.This is because this is the normal aged group in which are at college. These people willbe the ones buying my magazine therefore I must keep in mind what they would beinterested in to make my magazine successful.ResearchI asked 4 college students the same question, which was ‘ If there was a collegemagazine produced, what would you want to see in it, and what price are you willing tofor for it ?’Interview 1‘ If there was a collage magazine to be produced i would be willing to pay up to £2 if itwas worth it and had things inside i was interested in. I would like the magazine tohave a Varity of things like celebrity gossip, the important headlines from around theworld, and some news about are school college as well. I would want the informationin the magazine to be short and to the point so i can read through it quickly but still getall the information. ‘ Laura Brown 17.
  2. 2. Interview 2‘ If there was a school magazine produced i wouldnt want to pay more than£1 for it. I would like it to have information about every subject department inthe school with the important headlines. Also things like school trips andimportant dates for the school. I would also like news from around the worldin the magazine, important headlines that are making the news. Id also likesport headlines, and fixtures of games in there as well ‘ Hannah Jackson 16Interview 3‘ i would pay up to £3 for a school magazine as long as it had interest to me. Iwould like the magazine to have news about school in there, like important noticesand changes happening around the school. Id also like there to be the latest sportnews, with all the football fixtures and the big headlines to be in there. I wouldntwant information in there about religion or debates. ‘ Jordan Francis 17Interview 4‘ i dont think i buy a college magazine unless it was at a low price of around £1and had articles in which i am interested in. I would like there to be up to datenews from around the world, and a lot of celebrity gossip, and maybe some of theimportant updates or changes that are happening around school.’ Chantelle Synott 17
  3. 3. The name of the college is in large clearThe word ‘Global’ writing for everyone to see. They’ve used a picture of amatches the globe in the student who goes thecorner. The word shows collage. The girl is smilingthere’s education about clearly happy to be at theall around the world. Also school. This could promotemaybe that there’s the school straight awaystudents there from all and people will want toaround the world too. Its keep reading about thebold and a different school to find out about it.colour, so its animportant word that theywanted to emphases Are eyes go straight toThe word learning is in the girl in the middlea bold green, and is in seeing a current studentbig wording. They want who attends the schoolto emphases that the happy is a positive. Thecollege is a place of presentation draws thelearning, and the word readers eyes to the girl‘Global’ above it and then the large writingsuggests learning subtitles of ‘learning’ andabout other cultures. ‘global’. The readers before even opening the magazine get to A globe showing globalisation. know what’s inside, giving We get an insight to whats in the Intelligence. Suggests shes in them a taste of what’s in the magazine before we even open it ; it education therefore promoting magazine. It will appeal to will attract readers to open and read education. more people knowing that about this article. Readers can see the magazine has advice straight away a student who’s done well and information about the in life and went to Ridgewater college.
  4. 4. Gold medal for winners.Bright red title, bold‘Personal best’ so readerscould suggest people who A medal at thego this college achieve Olympics is round, sense oftheir personal bests. achievement and the achievers are The people whose inside of the circle achieving in their school on the magazine. are the focus point of the magazine, so readers can see they have awards and intelligent achievers. People from all round the world, different ‘world Olympic races are all inside the dreams’ we can circle, shape of the see the world maybe. students on the front page are future athletes Historic old maybe. rich colours.A map of the world underneath theglobe picture. Shows intelligencefrom around the world , mulit Bright red bold colour stating its acultures coming together. sports college so we know its going to have information about sport inside.
  5. 5. The schools aim is above the name of the magazine.The weather is perfect, blue And it gives the school a sense of community and asky. Could suggest good place people would want to be at.times, hope, happy times. Having a picture of children taking part in‘A successful year’ is sport and a teamin bold to bring the sport as wellreaders eyes straight encourages readersto that sentence that theyre a healthywhich is what the school where pupilsreaders would want get see.The girl is about to Parents are veryshoot the ball, interested in a schoolsuggesting her trying with opportunities. Soto reach her goal, or the children playingif she misses she and the clear sky helpsstill trying. them suggest this school is a good one.Bright bold coloursgrabbing the readersattention. Because sport is a successful thing at there school they have made it the centre point Straight away before even of their front cover. opening the magazine you England flag and a Disney get an insight to whats in character two different the magazine. countries.
  6. 6. Research : 7) Does the price of the magazine if expensiveQuestionnaire1) What is your gender ? Male put you off buying it? yes no Female 8) What sort of music do you like?2)How old are you ? Pop 16 Hip-hop 17 Rap 18+ Rock Indie3)Would you buy a school magazine if was produced? other Yes No 9) What genre of magazine do you buy? Celebrity4)How often would you like the school magazine produced? Hobby weekly Computer monthly Sport Collectable5) How much do you pay for your magazines on average? Personal 0-50p Interests 51p-£1 Other £1.01-£2 £2+ 10) What would you like to see if there6) How often do you buy a magazine in a week? was a school magazine produced? 0 latest updates from around school 1-2 Things happening around the world 3-4 Celebrity gossip 5+
  7. 7. Questionnaire Would you buy a schoolAre you male or female? Do the prices of magazines put magazine ? you off buying them? How many magazines do you buy a week ?How old are you ? How much on average do you pay for your magazines?
  8. 8. Questionnaire How often would you want the school magazine produced? What music do you like ? What would you like the school magazine to have in it? What genre of magazines do you buy?
  9. 9. Analysis From my research (questionnaire and interviews) i cansee that the majority of people buying my magazinewould be 16-17 year olds with the majority of them beingmale. However i am going to try and produce a veryunisex magazine to try and get more of a wider audience.From the results of the questionnaire i have made thedecision of my magazine to be produced on a monthlybasis and also have the cost of around £1.50. I wouldalso like my magazine to definitely not just be about theschool but have things like sport, celebrity gossip andimportant headlines hitting the news. Also quite a fewpeople said that if there was a college magazineproduced then they wouldnt buy it so I’ll have to makesure the magazine has interest to a wide variety ofpeople.