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Evaluation Q1

  1. 1. Q1. In what ways does your mediaproducts use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. CostumeTo some extent I have developed the traditional costume foran artist of the acoustic genre as I have chosen to dress myperformer in some forms of androgynous clothing. Forexample my performers coat and jumper are unisex itemsand therefore do not hold any specifically femaleconnotations. This is not usually the case when looking atpop culture, female artists are often overly represented asfemale through the focus on their bodies and small, tightitems of clothing. Although this is not necessarily applicableto female artists of the acoustic genre they still somewhatdefine their femininity through their costume choices offeminine colours and cuts without being too revealing.Furthermore my performer being in high street fashion allowsthe audience to more easily identify with her. The artistsfollowing of fashion can also make the audience look up toher a style icon. Hairstyle is also important when looking atcostume in the video Billie’s hair is styled naturally whichreflects the tone and setting of the music video.
  3. 3. Acoustic/singer/songwriter genre Pop genre Examples of the Lucy Rose – Middle of the Bed difference Beyoncé – Naughty Girl between costumes in the acoustic genre and those of artists in the pop genre. Also supports how natural hair Lucy Rose – Middle of the Bed Beyoncé – Naughty Girl styling is used in acoustic genre video appose to pop videos Gabrielle Aplin – Panic Cord Katy Perry – California Girls 3
  4. 4. LocationA generic convention of the acoustic genrewhen it comes to location is filming outside.This is not the case for all music videos ofthis genre however there are many which dofollow this convention. I have chosen theplantation gardens as my location for it’smagical and dream like feel which is what Iwanted to be associate with Kal as an artist.Locations such as fields and the countrysidein general are often used in these types ofmusic video. Also the natural greens andbrowns of the location fits with the organiccolours I have used throughout myproductions both music video and ancillary.
  5. 5. Benjamin Francis Leftwich - ShineBen Howard – Keep Your Head Up Ben Howard – Old Pine Examples of outdoor locations in acoustic genre music videos 5
  6. 6. Editing‘Music videos use a wide range of styles and This quote taken from Wikipedia is an example of how I haveuse a non-narrative approach. Many musicvideos interpret images and scenes from the used conventions when editing in my music video. Throughsongs lyrics.’ editing my footage I created a music video with a non- narrative, this is because I chose to create a performance based video rather than tell a story to the song. Furthermore I have interpreted the song’s lyrics to create a music video that reflects the meaning behind the lyrics, this links to Goodwin’s theory as I have created a loose link between the lyrics and visuals in my production. In order to make it personal for the audience to watch I decided to include mainly close up shots of my performer as this creates an intimate video where the audience feels the performer is speaking directly to them and this enables them to empathise with her more easily. As my song is very slow paced I edited my music video smoothly to have a large proportion of slow transitions and slow fades to keep with the tone and pace of the track. Because my video is slow paced I edited in a way which provides the audience with a variety of shots of my performer to bring energy to the video and track. 6
  7. 7. Editing Gabrielle Aplin - Home Gabrielle Aplin - Home http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pLsb1YMsKEThis music video has many similarities to mine, the slow pace of this song is givenlife through the editing of a variety of shots of the artist. It is also a non-narrative production based on the artist performing and directly singing to the audience, aconvention I used in my music video. Furthermore the many close up shots of the female artist face is a strong link between my music video and this one as I have included many close up’s of Billie. 7
  8. 8. PropsI used the convention of an acousticguitar in my music video. This kind ofguitar is used in a large proportion ofmusic videos of the same genre. With thefocus of the genre being on talentedmusicians it is a basic convention to havean acoustic guitar featured in the video,failing that a piano is often used howeverI chose not to use a piano as from seeingKal perform live I know her strength isplaying the guitar.
  9. 9. Lucy Rose - PlaceExample of acoustic guitar prop use in music videos of the same genre as Kal Ben Howard – Only Love 9
  10. 10. Performer In my music video I am using the generic convention of having the production based on the artist performing. This is common in a large proportion of music videos of the acoustic/singer songwriter genre. As they are often talented musicians as well as singers they showcase this through a performance based video. My music video challenges the traditional representation of women in the music industry. Rather than presenting my artist as a sexual object I have presented her in a respectable manor. This is common within the acoustic genre however when looking at pop culture it is clear that women are often objectified in music videos and are often seen to sell their body rather than their talent.
  11. 11. Lucy Rose - Place Lucy Rose – Night Bus Screenshots examples of performance based music videos Lucy Rose – All I’ve Got 11
  12. 12. Beyoncé – Naughty Girl Nicki Minaj - StarshipsExamples of pop performance videos supporting the sexual representations of women Rihanna – Rude Boy Jessie J - Domino 12
  13. 13. Representation of Women in the Music Industry Women are represented differently in all genres however the Hip Hop has the seemingly universal element through the majority of lyrics and videos is the objectification of women. They are treated as lesser than men through having them featured in music videos dancing around the male artists whilst they drool over them and the camera shoots the men from low angles empowering them and portraying their control over women. This is event in many Lil Wayne and Chris Brown music videos. This way in which they perceive women is not only controlling but also degrading. This representation of women as objects is not solely a trait of the hip hop genre but other genres too such as rock and pop. These representations warp audiences views about gender roles and the worth of women. This can me linked to the idea of the ‘Male Gaze.’ This explores the idea of women being shot as objects to be looked at. It argues that audiences are put in the viewing position of a heterosexual male and just accept the portrayal of women they are shown. 13
  14. 14. Examples in Hip Hop Shots from 50 Cent – Candy Shop Shows the difference between the portrayal of male and female characters Low angle shot of male artist High angle shot of female extras portraying him as powerful suggesting they are powerless Shots from Kanye West – Gold Digger Shows the objectification of female extras Example of objectifying lyrics Extremely sexual and objectifying Another shot of the female body, “Shawty wanna humpshot of female’s breasts. Her face is minimal clothing highlighting ‘assets’ You know I like to touch your hardly even shown lovely lady lumps” Lil Wayne - Lollipop 14
  15. 15. Examples in Rock Shots from Marilyn Manson – Tainted Love These shots show the difference between men and women in this rockWoman is shown as an object to be Low angle shot portraying the power music video. These looked at of the male artist images can be linked to the theory of the ‘Male Gaze’ – also links to feminist view of Laura Mulvey Example of objectification, showing Showing the wrong message, especially to woman as a toy which males can children as the objectifying of women is control and ‘play’ with linked into childrens stuffed animals 15
  16. 16. Examples in Pop Shots from two Pussy Cat Dollz videos. These demonstrate representations of females to please a heterosexual male audience and also how young boys view Example of how the provocative dancing Taken from ‘I Dont Need a Man video the women and how of a Pussy Cat Dollz video can effect yet presenting themselves as sexual this could effect them childrens perception objects for men Pussy Cat Dollz – When I Grow Up “When I was young I wanted attention And I promised myself that Id do anything”Showing women as objects/toys for men to Representation of Rihanna as a control in Justin Bieber - Baby sexual object in ‘Umbrella’ video Self objectification through the lyrics 16
  17. 17. Ancillary product - LayoutI have developed the conventional layoutused in digipaks. Rather than create a 4panel pack I chose to create my digipak with6 panels. The 6 panel structure is used in theindustry however the more conventional andwidely used method is 4 panels.I have used the generic convention in panel 1 6 panel digipak templateby having the artists name and face on thefront. This is mostly done in debut albums asthey are used to establish the artist andintroduce them to audiences. 4 panel digipak template Panel 1 Front panel real example
  18. 18. Ancillary product- Layout The panels 2,4 and 5 of my ancillary product are in some ways develops generic conventions of digipaks. This is due to the ‘notion of looking’ a theory constructed by Goodwin. This can also be linked to the concept of Narcissism as through editing I have created Middle panels 2,4&5 the illusion that Billie is looking at herself and therefore this relates to the story of Narcissus drowning from being obsessed by his own reflection. I have used the generic convention of a barcode and track-list on my back panel (panel 6). This is used in albums from various genres as it is an ideal form of layout and allows audiences to easily locate the information they are looking for.Narcissus – looking at own reflection 18 Panel 6 Back panel real example
  19. 19. Ancillary product- Layout of Magazine Advert I have used the generic conventions of magazine adverts. I have achieved this by having the artists name and album title at the top of the advert. Another convention I have used is to include text explaining the release date of the album. I have stuck to using the generic conventions of layout and content of magazine adverts as I am marketing a new artist meaning a simple yet informative advert is best to establish the album. A further convention I have used is the image of my performer. These are often used so audiences can immediately identify who the advert is marketing and again it is important for the success and recognition of my new artist that audience can easily identify her and understand that the advert is advertising her debut album.Magazine advert 19
  20. 20. Ancillary product- Layout of Magazine Advert Real examples of magazine adverts 20