Extending word press


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Presentation given at WordPress Birmingham April 11th

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Extending word press

  1. 1. Extending WordPressUsing custom post types, taxonomies andcustom fieldsWordPress Birmingham April 2013
  2. 2. Who am I?‣ Web developer / designer‣ Specialise in WordPress websites(aka WordPress nut)‣ Organiser of Shropgeek- Shropgeek Rebellion- Shropgeek (R)Evolution‣ Occasional Speakerand I ‘~ grin!’ alottwitter.com/kirstyburgoinekirstyburgoine.co.ukWordPress BirminghamApril 2013
  3. 3. WordPress is awesome!twitter.com/kirstyburgoinekirstyburgoine.co.ukWordPress BirminghamApril 2013
  4. 4. WordPress is stillawesome!twitter.com/kirstyburgoinekirstyburgoine.co.ukWordPress BirminghamApril 2013
  5. 5. twitter.com/kirstyburgoinekirstyburgoine.co.ukWordPress BirminghamApril 2013What are post types?Post types are different typesof content.The defaults are:• Post• Page• Attachment• Revision• Navigation MenuCustom post types are additionalcontent types you can specify.For example:• Case Studies• Jobs• BooksMore information can be found in the codex: codex.wordpress.org/Post_Types
  6. 6. twitter.com/kirstyburgoinekirstyburgoine.co.ukWordPress BirminghamApril 2013What are taxonomies andcustom fields?Taxonomies are a way to grouptypes of content together.The defaults are:• Category• Tag• Link CategoryCustom fields allow additionalinformation about the contentto be specified.Example custom fields could be:• Event Date• Location Postcode• Latitude and Longitude of position• Videos• Related contentMore information can be found in the codex:codex.wordpress.org/Taxonomiescodex.wordpress.org/Custom_Fields
  7. 7. twitter.com/kirstyburgoinekirstyburgoine.co.ukWordPress BirminghamApril 2013Quick implementationPlugins.
  8. 8. Magic Fields 2wordpress.org/extend/plugins/magic-fields-2Custom Post Type UI / Advanced Custom Fieldswordpress.org/extend/plugins/custom-post-type-uiadvancedcustomfields.comtwitter.com/kirstyburgoinekirstyburgoine.co.ukWordPress BirminghamApril 2013Quick implementationPlugins.
  9. 9. twitter.com/kirstyburgoinekirstyburgoine.co.ukWordPress BirminghamApril 2013Magic Fields 2wordpress.org/extend/plugins/magic-fields-2Team Prime - Technologist Recruitmentteam-prime.comCustom post types for:• Projects• Clients• Jobs• Candidates• QuotesSome of the custom fields included:Projects• Related Client• Related QuoteClients• Related Project (can be duplicated)• Related Quote• Feature on HomepageJobs / Candidates• Salary• Company• Location
  10. 10. twitter.com/kirstyburgoinekirstyburgoine.co.ukWordPress BirminghamApril 2013Magic Fields 2wordpress.org/extend/plugins/magic-fields-2
  11. 11. twitter.com/kirstyburgoinekirstyburgoine.co.ukWordPress BirminghamApril 2013Magic Fields 2wordpress.org/extend/plugins/magic-fields-2
  12. 12. twitter.com/kirstyburgoinekirstyburgoine.co.ukWordPress BirminghamApril 2013twitter.com/kirstyburgoinekirstyburgoine.co.ukWordPress BirminghamApril 2013Magic Fields 2wordpress.org/extend/plugins/magic-fields-2
  13. 13. twitter.com/kirstyburgoinekirstyburgoine.co.ukWordPress BirminghamApril 2013Custom Post Type UI / Advanced Custom Fieldswordpress.org/extend/plugins/magic-fields-2advancedcustomfields.comFreshtl - Collaboration Softwarefreshtl.comCustom fields included:• Main Carousel• Featured Pages on Homepage• Flexible Content
  14. 14. twitter.com/kirstyburgoinekirstyburgoine.co.ukWordPress BirminghamApril 2013Custom Post Type UI /Advanced Custom Fieldswordpress.org/extend/plugins/magic-fields-2advancedcustomfields.com
  15. 15. twitter.com/kirstyburgoinekirstyburgoine.co.ukWordPress BirminghamApril 2013Custom Post TypeUI / AdvancedCustom FieldsMagic Fields 2VS+ Can be used in query_posts()- Needs two plugins by different authors to be ableto create both custom posts and custom fields+ Can specify whether custom field displays on allpages / posts or specific post types+ Can drill down to allow custom fields to onlydisplay on specific pages+ Allows a much wider variety of field types thanMagic Fields 2 including flexible content,integration with Gravity Forms- Can only select a specific field type as repeatable- Allows conditional logic+ Can be used in query_posts()+ Can create and manage custom post types.taxonomies, fields all within the one plugin+ Can specify whether custom fields display onposts / pages / or specific post types- Can’t drill down to allow custom fields to onlydisplay on specific pages+ Allows a wide variety of field types includingdate picker, upload image / media, radio buttons,related content+ Allows all fields to be repeatable- Doesn’t offer conditional logic
  16. 16. twitter.com/kirstyburgoinekirstyburgoine.co.ukWordPress BirminghamApril 2013Cue shameless plug ...Thank you.
  17. 17. • shameless plug!• 2013.shropgeek-revolution.co.uktwitter.com/kirstyburgoinekirstyburgoine.co.ukWordPress BirminghamApril 2013Shropgeek presents(R)Evolution - web conference2013.shropgeek-revolution.co.uk twitter.com/shropgeek #revolutionconf facebook.com/groups/shropgeekSeptember 2013