5 tips to get started with social media marketing

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  • 1. 5 Tips To Help You Get Started With Social Media Marketing www.interimbusiness.com.au
  • 2. Not Sure Where To Begin with Social Media Marketing? Here Are 5 Great Tips…. … to stop you procrastinating and just get started with social media! www.interimbusiness.com.au
  • 3. 1. You Don’t Need To Be Everywhere It’s about finding where like-minded people and your target market, are most likely to be ‘hanging out’ and joining them. www.interimbusiness.com.au
  • 4. 2. Finding Connection • Find people you already know • Click on the social media icons of the blogs you follow • Watch for engagement of those you already follow and join the conversation www.interimbusiness.com.au
  • 5. 3. Enjoy the Platform You Choose In order for the social media to work for you, you need to enjoy being in that space. Engage. Engage. Engage. www.interimbusiness.com.au
  • 6. 4. Be An Authority And Make Yourself Memorable Become the “go-to” person, offer tips and share content so people will keep coming back to you. www.interimbusiness.com.au
  • 7. 5. Just Do It! Select one platform you think is for you. Create an account, optimise it and start building an online presence. www.interimbusiness.com.au
  • 8. If you would like further information on how a VA can help streamline your daily workflow, follow the link below to view our PDF article... 60 Ways a VA Can Support Your Business Or read this blog post in full... 5 Tips to help start Social Media Marketing www.interimbusiness.com.au
  • 9. For further information please visit our website or contact us to chat about how we might be able to assist you with your business administration and social media requirements. Phone: 1300 377 427 Skype: interim.business Email: info@interimbusiness.com.au Website: www.interimbusiness.com.au Twitter: @kirsty_wilson Facebook: Interim Business Solutions LinkedIn: Interim Business Solutions www.interimbusiness.com.au