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  • 1. Code JamOpenSocial Gadgets Your Plans
  • 2. Team 1Vrije Universiteit & Universiteit Leiden
  • 3. CODE JAM OPENSOCIAL GADGETSRob van LeeuwenMichel JansenLucas van SchaikGADGET FOR STUDENTS
  • 4. Team 2 SARA
  • 5. BeeHub Gadget Scientific DropBox Quota Search scientific data (in BeeHub)  Show link to location Inform relevant groups when new data is shared  Automatically when ACL is changed
  • 6. Team 3DANS
  • 7. MyResearchPortal• Audience: Researchers• Connect existing services for creation of Enhanced Publications• Workflow: – Determine DAI – List My Publications (and datasets) – Deposit Datasets (or publications) – Connect publications with datasets using PIDs• Question: how to interact between gadgets? – Copy/paste?
  • 8. MyResearchPortal – My Publications• Researcher with Digital Author Identifier• Use Narcis as datasource – RSS-feed – MODS-datarecord via UNAPI• Viewer – View list of publications – View details of publication – Retrieve PID (urn:nbn:nl:ui..)• Similar function can be built for My Datasets
  • 9. MyResearchPortal – Data Deposit• Researcher with DAI• Researcher has dataset on computer• Deposit dataset – User details provided via DAI – Enter required metadata – Upload data – Submit via SWORD-interface – View feedback from repository• Dataset available for durable linking with publication
  • 10. Team 4MediaMission
  • 11. MediaMission / Mediasite gadget• The Mediasite gadget is a gadget that – Fetches the Mediasite presentations via SOAP-webservices (EDAS) from Mediasite Server – The folder with presentations should ideally be configurable from the gadget preferences – A click on a presentation in the gadget opens the presentation in another window or tab – Allows the user to read details about presentations before opening them
  • 12. Team 5Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen
  • 13. Architecture domaindata iGoogle Gadget AD Schoolplan HAN4me internet webserver IMAO HAN-SIS Client Webservice Database JSON/REST SQLHTML5/CSS3/Javascript/… C# / WCF / EF SQL Server
  • 14. Team 6Hogeschool Utrecht
  • 15. • student tracking system (Osiris)• timetable system (Syllabus)• intranet (Sharepoint)
  • 16. Team 7TU Delft / SURFnet
  • 17. Gadget Proposal We’ll create a dynamic light path using OpenDRAC’s web console (or if I can finish my work on OpenDRAC, create a path using a gadget) We’ll create a gadget to monitor the endpoints bandwidth usage We’ll create a gadget to get an overview of (active or all) schedules
  • 18. Team 8Radius College/ ROC West-Brabant
  • 19. Team 9SURFfoundation
  • 20. Team 10Avans Hogeschool
  • 21. Team 11eScience Center
  • 22. Molecule viewer Molecules on the internet are shown as static images. We plan to bring some interactitivity. During this code jam will try make gadget to show an molecule that can be rotated and downloaded in different formats. O=C(OC1Cc2c(cc(O)cc 2O)OC1c1cc(O)c(O)c(O )c1)c1cc(O)c(O)c(O)c1