What Are You Reading January 2012


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What Are You Reading January 2012

  1. 1. Curious about all the good books out therethat havent made the bestseller list?Wonder about an interesting looking bookyou saw at the coffee shop or on the bus?Then join us for What are you reading?,at the Bothell Library. We want to hearwhat you and others are reading. Do youlike it, hate it, or want to vent about it? Didit make you cry or laugh? Bring it alongand share, and learn what others arereading too. Youll be sure to take homesome interesting reading suggestions!
  2. 2. Three sisters starta business. Lightreading aboutfamily relationships.It just kind of readsitself!
  3. 3. The author asks200 experts invarious fields if theinternet changeshow we think. Allthese differentperspectives makethe book easy todip into.
  4. 4. Starts in 1880, witha house built for abride, and thenfollows all thedifferent people wholive in the house overthe years. Based on areal house in George-town, Colorado.
  5. 5. True life historicalmystery of trackingdown the cause andspread of cholera in1854 London.
  6. 6. Very intense story,told from a workingfarm dog’s point ofview. Rose the dogkeeps the farm goingafter her owner isinjured. Hard to putdown.
  7. 7. Author took a taxrefund and used itas seed money tohelp women of ElSalvador, Nepal,and India markettheir handicrafts.Fascinating what shewas able to do.
  8. 8. Two Years Beforethe Mast:Amazing detailabout conditionsof sailing life inthe 1800s.
  9. 9. I hate it when amediocre bookcaptures me! Thefirst in an upcomingseries of JackieKennedy spy fiction.
  10. 10. Working as aninterpreter for NBCNews in war-torn Iraqputs Barrak and herfamily in danger. WithcorrespondentTeague’s help, sheescapes to Americaand starts a new life.
  11. 11. Really fun to readabout the places inthe south, aroundBirmingham, thatshe mentions. Tookawhile for me to getinto, but now it’sreally a go.
  12. 12. Fascinating look ata period of historywe don’t know muchabout. People fromthat time oftendestroyed romanticletters, but theysaved theirs.
  13. 13. Insightful story of acancer survivor andhow her friends shareher new lease on lifeby taking on difficulttasks. A good read.
  14. 14. Gup discovered asuitcase of lettersrevealing his grand-fathergave away $5.00 topeople during thedepression, when thatamount of money madea huge difference.Inspiring story of oneperson changing theworld in their own way.
  15. 15. A rich 19th centuryindustrialist’sdaughter marriesinto English aristoc-racy. Fans of PBS’“Downton Abbey”should like this too.
  16. 16. Enjoying life oftentakes a back seat tolife’s demands; thisbook reminds you toenjoy life and figureout what would makeyou happy.
  17. 17. Fun read, done asif the hero of TV’s“Castle” had writtenit himself. The char-acter is an authorwho solves mysteriesand interacts withreal life mysteryauthors.
  18. 18. True story of aphysician at NewYork City’s famouspsychiatrichospital. The chaosand stress of thejob took anincredible amountout of her.
  19. 19. The Hundred-FootJourney is awonderfully writtenstory of a youngman from Mumbaiwho becomes aFrench chef.
  20. 20. Two Baltimore menshare the samename, but haveentirely differentlives. The authorcontrasts their twodifferent life pathsand how they ledthem to differentends.
  21. 21. http://www.kcls.org/bothell/