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Asbestos Learning Tool
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Asbestos Learning Tool


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  • 1. The Hidden Killer
  • 2. Learning Outcomes
    Demonstrate understanding of the dangers associated with asbestos
    Recall the 3 different sources of asbestos
    Identify where asbestos can be found in day to day use
  • 3. Asbestos – a brief overview
    The Hidden Killer!
  • 4. First task – 5 minutes
    On the piece of paper in front of you, I want you to think of the following questions and write your response – for all to see:
    What does asbestos mean to you?
    Can you state an example of asbestos that you have seen?
  • 5. What is Asbestos?
    Asbestos is a term given to a number of naturally occurring mineral fibres which have been exploited commercially for their useful properties.
    Asbestos is mined throughout the world - South Africa, Australia, Canada
    3 most common types:
    Amosite (brown)
    Crocidolite (blue)
    Chrysotile (white)
  • 6. Asbestos Fibres
    Chrysotile fibre bundle (image 600 x magnification) exposed on the surface of a weathered cement sheet.
    Amosite fibre bundle (image 2000 x magnification)
    Individual amosite fibres
  • 7. Asbestos Useful Properties
    High tensile strength
    Chemical resistance
    Good thermal insulation
    Flexible - can be woven
    Can be mixed with cement and plastic and retain its properties
  • 8. History of Asbestos Use in UK
    First imported ~1880s
    Main period of use 1950 – 1980
    1973 - Voluntary industry ban on spraying of asbestos
    1985 – Supply of amosite and crocidolite prohibited
    1999 - Use of all forms of chrysotile prohibited
  • 9. Advert from New Scientist
    June 1957
  • 10. Application of sprayed asbestos coating c1950-1960
  • 11. Asbestos Related Disease
    Pleural Plaques
    Fibrosis/scarring of lung
    Dose related (mod-high) and progressive
    Lung Cancer
    Specific cancer of inner lining of chest wall or abdominal cavity
    Nearly always fatal
    Onset can range from 10 – 60 years after first exposure to asbestos.
  • 12. What this means in ‘real terms’
    YouTube - Ian Wright's Asbestos Warning
  • 13. Group activity – 5 minutes
    In groups, discuss the video and facts on the use of asbestos.
    What have you learnt that has highlighted the dangers of asbestos?
    Note your findings down on the flipchart paper and choose a person to feedback
  • 14. Asbestos Exposure - Past and Present
    Manufacture of asbestos products.
    Installation of asbestos products.
    Removal of asbestos containing materials (ACMs) without suitable controls.
    Inadvertent disturbance of ACMs during maintenance activities.
    Past Exposure
    Present Exposure
  • 15. Release of Fibres from ACMs: Friability
    Loose-fill lagging
    Sprayed insulation
    Asbestos insulation board
    Asbestos cement
    Floor tiles
  • 16. Good Control v Poor ControlTypical Exposure Levels
  • 17. Real life account
    The Hidden Killer - Christopher Morgan's Story
  • 18. Group activity – 5 minutes
    I’m sure you will agree that what you have just seen was a very ‘moving’ video, with some very clear messages.
    Discuss what important message you will take away with you today?
    Nominate a person in your group to feed back.
  • 19. Asbestos insulating board used as a ceiling board for fire resistance, plumber wasn’t informed/aware when he fixed the leak
  • 20. Loose infill under floorboards exposed during central heating installation – Refurbishment survey not completed
  • 21. Non licensable ACMs
    Asbestos cement
    Textured coatings
    Composite materials
  • 22. Asbestos Essentials for Non Licensed Tasks
  • 23. Licensable ACMs
    Asbestos Insulating Board
    Sprayed coatings
  • 24. Individual Task
    Complete the task sheet –
    ‘The hunt for asbestos’
    Consider the areas listed and the ‘bubbles’ on the house picture – where are ACM’s situated?
    Good luck!
  • 25. Learning Outcomes
    Demonstrate understanding of the dangers associated with asbestos
    Recall the 3 different types of asbestos
    Identify where asbestos can be found in day to day use