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Presentation adverts

  1. 1. Advertisement<br />By Kirstie Bird<br />
  2. 2. What is an Advert<br />Definition of an Advert: It is an activity that organisations use to attract public attention to a product or business. <br />- They try and sell there products in different ways e.g. humour, informative, action and many more. For example Snickers use humour and action in there advert, they make it look like when you eat a snickers you get nuts. They are just informing you what is in the bar as well as using humour and action to grab your attention on TV and on print adverts. <br />
  3. 3. Mise-En-scene<br />Mise-En-scene is and expression that people use to describe the design aspects of an advert. This includes CLAMPS! <br /><ul><li>Costume (The clothing that is being used has to appeal to the audience).
  4. 4. Lighting (The lighting either shows more of the actors that are being used).
  5. 5. Actors (The actors are picked for example: L'Oreal use Cheryl Cole for the dye).
  6. 6. Make-up (They use make-up to make the actors in the advert to look amazing so they have more chance of selling a product).
  7. 7. Props (They use props to make it look more of a scene for example: they sometime use the product as the main prop).
  8. 8. Setting/Scenery (The scenery around the actors and the product makes you look at the advert more as you think in your head I want to be there).</li></li></ul><li>AIDA Principle<br />A – Attention (The advert must grab your attention in some way for example making you think ‘WOW!’).<br />I – Interest (The advert must keep you interested so you look at the advert and make you want to read more about it).<br />D – Desire (The advert must appeal and make you want it enough e.g. Compare The Market).<br />A – Action (The advert will have a picture of the product so that if you are interested you have an image you can go on to find the product and buy it).<br />
  9. 9. L'Oreal <br />TV advert that is on scene shoot and is for ‘Casting Crème Gloss Hair Dye’.<br />The light is shining on Cheryl Cole’s face and hair. This photo is shot mainly to show her hair and that there is lots of it.<br />Red lamp – matches dress<br /><br /><br /><br />Costume is red – very bright colour to make you look at it. <br />White colour that contrasts with the dark brown flooring. <br /><br /><br /><br />She is sitting down showing that she is relaxed. <br />Celebrity person showing that her hair is dyed and tells you in small print that it was styled with some natural hair extensions.<br />
  10. 10. Content<br />The content on this advert for L’Oreal is meant to be based at a home that looks natural and relaxed.<br />Main characters of this print advert<br /><ul><li>Celebrity Endorsement (Cheryl Cole).
  11. 11. Homely feeling e.g. bedroom is behind Cheryl to show that she feels at home.
  12. 12. Lamp shade matches the dress colour that she is wearing.
  13. 13. White painted house shows that it is all natural.
  14. 14. Dark brown flooring showing that it is a natural colour and matches Cheryl’s hair colour.
  15. 15. Cheryl looks relaxed and natural.</li></li></ul><li>Style<br />The style used is to attract older teens and younger adults. <br />The style includes:<br /><ul><li> Interest – You can see that the colours and clothing is trying to grab your attention by making teenagers look and think ‘Wow, that looks amazing’. Some people do not find this advert interesting because it might look like a common advert. Keeping customers interested is the main point of the AIDA principle.
  16. 16. Fashion – You need to have fashion in the advert. Fashion is the main objective of this advert dying your hair colour to make you look good and stylish to your friends and have people saying nice things about you (peer approval – when you need people to say that you are looking good and stylish). The fashion is making you desire (D in the AIDA principle) and Action (the last A in the AIDA principle). </li></li></ul><li>Technique used<br />This is an advert that uses Celebrity Endorsement. Using Cheryl Cole making out that she uses it basically shows that if a celebrity uses this product so should you. When showing this on TV it is aimed more at younger people that are the age between 13 – 25 and the older celebrities that are in adverts attract the older people from about 26+ with this they seem to have more interest in the product. <br />Celebrity Endorsement is very common now to interest more people to buy more products as people think having something that celebrities use. Celebrities seem to do more adverts to increase the number of customers. <br />
  17. 17. Thank you for watching <br />