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  • 1. Stereotypes in music videos -Beyonce: Run world By Nathan Clark and Kirshon Wilkins
  • 2. What are the men/women doing? • The women are riding horses, lying on the ground and standing on cars. • The men start to charge towards the women, and then they start to dance. • About 2 minutes into the video beyonce is shown putting her middle finger up to the camera. • The women begin to charge towards then men who then begin to retreat backwards. • The men then begin a counter charge, before the women start to dance again. • The women then start to walk towards the men who yet again begin to walk backwards. • At the end beyonce rips a badge off of one of the men and then salutes.
  • 3. How are the men /women dressed • The men are dressed as police officers and the women are dressed half naked. This is likely to attract men to the video to help sell the song and / or video • For example • -------------------> • And
  • 4. Describe the body language of the men/women • At the beginning of the song Beyonce is sitting on a horse. The video then cuts to someone kneeling on a car, then cuts to people charging at each other and then back to the person on a car before changing back to Beyonce on a horse. • The video mainly has everyone standing but sometimes has Beyonce crawling on the floor.
  • 5. Where is the video taking place? • the video takes place in some king of deserted wasteland under a highway
  • 6. What is the message of the song? • The message of the song is to tell the women of the world that they are not men's puppets and they have free will as well, and therefore should not do everything men tell them to.
  • 7. What is the story of the video? • The story of this video is that a group of women are having a dance battle with a group of men dressed as police officers for the right to rule the world.
  • 8. What objects are shown in the video? • Cars, horses, shield, chains, a bull, gas cans, cages, lion, gold jewelry, flags, a tree satellite dishes, shopping trolley, tires, crates and a bike.
  • 9. What is the general atmosphere • The atmosphere is loud and the star is always the lead of the pack.
  • 10. What is the general atmosphere • The atmosphere is loud and the star is always the lead of the pack.