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Internet Safety

Internet Safety






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    Internet Safety Internet Safety Presentation Transcript

    • Internet  Safety Guidelines for Parents Jeff Dungan Dan Everett Kris Sheehan
    • Safety Tips for 5 - 7 Year Old Children
      • 5 to 7 Year Old Children:
        • should not be online alone
        • may be exposed to inappropriate sites through hyperlinks or search results
      • Safety Tips:
        • Always sit with your kids when they are online
        • Use kid-friendly search engines (like yahoo kids)
        • Keep Internet connected computers in an open area
        • Start teaching your kids about privacy and teach them not to give out information about themselves
    • Safety Tips for 8 - 10 Year Old Children
      • 8 - 10 Year Old Children:
        • lack the critical thinking skills to be online alone
        • are vulnerable to online marketers and predators
        • begin to communicate with online acquaintances they may have not met in real life
      • Safety Tips:
        • Create a list of Internet rules with your children
        • Sit with your kids when they are online and keep the computer in an open area.
        • Establish a shared family email account
      • 11 - 13 Year Old Children:
        • feel in control when it comes to technology
        • lack the critical thinking skills to judge accuracy of information
        • are interested in building online relationships
        • may be bullied or may bully others
      • Safety Tips:
        • Create a list of Internet rules with your kids
        • Keep Internet connected computers in an open area
        • Talk with your kids about online friends and activities
        • Teach kids to never give out personal information when using email or other online activities
      Safety Tips for 11-13 Year Old Children
    • CYBER-BULLYING: Using technology to harm another student's emotional or social well-being.
        • Threatening or insulting emails or text messages.
        • Rumors or hateful things about a victim spread via email, blogs, websites.
        • Unwanted pictures taken, then sent to many or posted online.
        • Harassment using instant messaging (chatting).
    • Why Cyberbully?       Other Factors:
        • Internet gives the freedom to to say things online that they would not say in person.
        • Bully cannot see the consequences of their actions. (facial expression of victim)
        • Less chance of getting caught
        • Victims may not know who the bullies are. (anonymity)
        • Victims may not report for fear of adults "freaking out" and removing internet privileges.
        • Difficult to enforce at school.
      • What we are doing here at SAS to keep your kids safe online?
        • All 3rd-5th graders and their Parents have signed the SAS Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
        • When introducing Blogging or other online collaborative spaces tech integrators focus on staying safe and Appropriate Use.
        • Encourage students to self regulate/moderate online activities of themselves and others in the class
      • What can you do with your child to ensure they are practicing good online behavior?
        • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate
        • Play online games with your kids
        • Communicate with your kids by email (you set up their account)
        • Come up with a username that keeps your child's identity hidden for use in online games, chat rooms, etc.
      • Do you know of any good sites I can use?
        • Woogi World is a great online, virtual space dedicated to helping parents and kids learn more about responsible internet use and safety   
        • Go to YouTube and search for"Internet Safety". Watch and discuss some of these vids with your kids
        • Have your kids get their "Web License" from PBSkids.org
      • Websites and Resources
        • http://www.woogiworld.com/
        •   http://www.kidzui.com/ is a "parallel" internet space just for kids with parent approved material
        •   http://pbskids.org/license/
        •   http://www.ikeepsafe.org/
        • http://www.isafe.org Click on "Parents and Outreach" link at the top.
        • http://4kids.org/safesurf/
        • http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/kidsonline/ This is an excellect Documentary on keeping kids safe online
    • Web Sites and Resources, Continued
      • Age Appropriate Guidelines
      • Information taken from:
      • WebAware:
      • http://www.bewebaware.ca/english/default.aspx
      • Other sites:
      • Microsoft
      • http://www.microsoft.com/protect/family/age/stages.mspx
      • GetNetWise
      • http://kids.getnetwise.org/safetyguide/