President Attack Ad!

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  • 1. President Attack Ad Assignment A.P. U.S. Government Nicole Kirkpatrick Period 3 March 9, 2009
  • 2. What I like about you…
  • 3. … your lack of reason in a time of need, As the U.S. economy grew worse in the late 1970’s, Carter persisted in additional regulations and taxes despite their crippling effect on the middle class. This lead to climbing inflation, interest, taxes, and unemployment during a critical time period, leading our economy to shambles.
  • 4. … your cowardice, When Afghanistan underwent Soviet invasion, Carter balked at confronting the communist menace, punishing U.S. Olympic athletes and U.S grain farmers, people who work hard to accomplish things, unlike himself.
  • 5. As Iran descended into chaos, the U.S. embassy feared for their futures, requesting Carter to close the embassy and pull them out until a safer time. Carter left them to their fate, spending over 400 days as captives. His only effort to free the embassy was a half-hearted raid having little chance of success, only killing several U.S. soldiers along the way. … your lack of commitment to our country,
  • 6. … and your lack of leadership upon taking the role of president of the most powerful nation in the world. From the Soviet War to our nation’s failing economy, the country called upon a leader to pull them through in their time of need. This man was unable to lead his country, always afraid to take a needed risk of change. His poor actions throughout his first term became apparent as a public opinion when he was not reelected in 1981 for his second term.
  • 7. A vote towards a president similar to that of Jimmy Carter is a vote towards a nation without a leader once again. What do I even like about you?
  • 8. Sources
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