Nahc pm and curb appeal class 2011


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Nahc pm and curb appeal class 2011

  1. 1. Preventative Maintenance and Curb Appeal“Taking A Fresh Look at Your Cooperative” Presented by: Vannessa Davis Ware and Roger Hall
  2. 2. What is Curb Appeal?• PLEASE GIVE US YOUR IDEAS!• Is your perspective the same as management?
  3. 3. There are three types of Curb Appeal• Daytime – Monday thru Friday During Business Hours• Night - Monday thru Friday After-hours• Weekend – Saturdays and Sundays
  4. 4. Daytime Curb Appeal• Usually quiet during the business day• Trash and debris should be picked up at all times
  5. 5. Night Curb Appeal• Most residents are home• Children at play in the evening
  6. 6. Night Curb Appeal• All lighting should be burning• Entry sign should be well lit if possible• Clubhouse should be well lit
  7. 7. Weekend Curb Appeal• Property is usually quite active• Prospective new members are visiting the cooperative
  8. 8. Weekend Curb Appeal• Children busy at play areas• Trash should be picked up late in the day on Friday for weekend traffic• ** Most important time for the property to look its best
  9. 9. What is Preventative Maintenance?• PLEASE GIVE US YOUR IDEAS!Is your perspective the same as management?
  10. 10. Preventative Maintenance is…• Taking care of predictable • Examples are: maintenance needs. – Lawn Mowing• We know that certain – Furnace Filter Changes problems will occur, and – Exterminating often we have a good idea – Gutter Cleaning when they will occur. – Caulking – Elevator Service – Tuck Pointing – Painting Hall and Buildings
  11. 11. No matter what size or style of cooperative you are, a good preventative maintenance plan will help keep all systems going!• It will prevent major maintenance problems• It will help to keep wear and tear and breakdowns to a minimum• It will save you time and money• It will increases member satisfaction
  12. 12. When do you start apreventative maintenanceplan?Ideally in the beginning whenthe buildings are turned overfor occupancy. Yourmaintenance staff must haveextensive knowledge of allfunctional systems.Discipline is needed tomaintain the routine of a PMPlan. It the PM Plan is notfollowed and accomplishedon a yearly bases the longrange impact on themaintenance budget will besignificant.
  13. 13. Signage• Signage is one of the tools each property has to identify its self and attract a prospect to your office.• All signage, to be effective must always be professionally done.
  14. 14. • The entry sign must be easy to see and read from a distance. Many people are passing your property in a vehicle that may like your curb appearance and will need to be able to read your property name.• The entry sign must be well maintained. No peeling paint, pieces missing, letters missing and grounds around the sign well groomed.
  15. 15. Entry SignsNottingham Village New hours, over laid
  16. 16. Entry Signs
  17. 17. BannersBanners are temporary. They are attention getting!
  18. 18. Yard SignsWatch placement of added Too much fringe, Can you readsigns! the phone number?
  19. 19. Boot Leg SignsNo leaning signs Must be able to read
  20. 20. All signage isimportant. Makesure all stopsigns, streetsigns, informationsigns, parkingsigns, etc. are ingood readablecondition.Paint posts ifneeded.
  21. 21. Flags draw attention No leaning signs
  22. 22. Corporate Branding
  23. 23. Flowers• Flowers always add a sparkle to your curb appeal.• They should be planted in late spring or as soon as weather in your area permits. If your budget does not allow you to plant in several areas on your property; pick a key focal point to make a great impression.• This may be in front of your office or around the entry signs. Keep your flower beds weed free and don’t forget to water them.
  24. 24. • Mulch adds a nice touch and also helps hold moisture in the ground.• In the fall of the year remove dead flowers and trim back perennials. Re-mulch if needed.• If fall planting is done when winter arrives also pull dead fall plantings.
  25. 25. Beautiful! A member’s touch!
  26. 26. Landscaping• Shows prospective members that we go the extra step to keep the cooperative looking sharp.• Colorful flowers• Fresh mulch• Edged beds and sidewalks• Trim bushes regularly• Keep trees trimmed , for people and mowers walking under them• Dead flowers or bushes are worse than none at all• No weeds in bushes
  27. 27. • Long grass or weedy grass does not look good and will contribute to an overall negative impression.• In the fall do not forget leaf removal!
  28. 28. A well groomed lawn
  29. 29. Do you have a “Golden Pathway to the Office? Neat and Clean? Landscape well Groomed?
  30. 30. A “Golden Pathway” to the office!
  31. 31. High Rise Buildings Maintenance entry should lookGive attention to high rise entry. neat too!
  32. 32. High Rise BuildingsThe Golden Pathway Front Lobby Looks Welcoming
  33. 33. The Golden PathwayNot Much Land? Use Planters!
  34. 34. Lobbies
  35. 35. Lobbies
  36. 36. Lobbies Your lobby area does not have to be very large, to be attractive. • Add wall decorations or pictures to give needed spice.
  37. 37. LobbiesSmall area, but very nice. Mail area must be neat too!
  38. 38. Elevators, keep them clean and polished.Carpeted Floor Tile Floor
  39. 39. Low rise building entry
  40. 40. Streets and Parking Lots• Streets and parking lots are important too.• Patch pot holes.• Keep parking lots and curbs free of litter, gravel and leaves. Re-stripe parking lots as needed.• Paint fire hydrants (according to city codes & colors) when paint fades or starts to peel.
  41. 41. Patch pot holes Nice and clean
  42. 42. Keep Parking Garages Maintained
  43. 43. Buildings• Keep roofs and gutters cleaned of debris, especially in heavily wooded areas• Where possible remove window A/C units when not being used.• Keep patio areas clean and tidy.• No stickers on entry doors or windows.• Window coverings• Shutters & Mailboxes• Front Doors
  44. 44. BuildingsAre window coverings Do you have patiosneeded? like this?
  45. 45. • Patio inspections every six months will help avoid cluttered patios.• Window and door inspections every six months also aid in keeping your cooperative looking good!• Graffiti should be removed from any surface on property immediately. This includes buildings, hallways, playground equipment and sidewalks.
  46. 46. No Graffiti is Good
  47. 47. Well Maintained Buildings
  48. 48. What do you look for on unit inspections?Did you Change the filter? Are your water heaters working?
  49. 49. Fences• Keep perimeter fencing and patio fences in good repair.• Replace missing boards and no peeling paint.
  50. 50. Poor FencingPeeling paint Needs repair
  51. 51. Beautiful Patio Fence
  52. 52. The Dumpster Area• The dumpster area should never be ignored. Clean these areas daily.• Do not let large discarded items pill up in this area. Shopping carts should be returned to the business they came from.
  53. 53. Keep dumpster areas clean at all times Does large trash accumulate ?• If your trash containers do not accommodate your property’s needs, talk with your regional property manager.• Review the size of your containers and the frequency of their dumping.
  54. 54. • A bi-annual heavy trash pick up week, where large roll off dumpsters can be on property for a short period on time helps with large items.• This is also a good time to clean out maintenance shops and garages.
  55. 55. Vehicles Owned by Cooperative Keep Clean Keep Neat
  56. 56. Staff Appearance• The most visible people on your property is the maintenance department.• Maintenance Staff must be in clean uniforms or site shirts everyday.• The office staff must also look professional.• Business casual attire is fine, but no jeans.• If your cooperative allows “dress down" Fridays, jeans must be neat and clean.
  57. 57. Never, no under shirts!
  58. 58. Maintenance Uniforms
  59. 59. Uniform Shirt Uniform, Maybe…Maybe Not!
  60. 60. Office Attire
  61. 61. The Sales Office
  62. 62. The Sales Office• The office should be clutter free and inviting.• Make sure that the office and any public area that may be viewed by a prospect is clean and odor free.• The office should be smoke free.• No cooking in the office.• Your information table should neat and only have up to date information on it. Do not over load your display/information table.
  63. 63. Manager’ OfficeDoes your manager’s desk look This manager is busy, butlike this? neater.
  64. 64. Neat Message Board Cluttered Message Board
  65. 65. The Clubhouse
  66. 66. Clubhouse
  67. 67. Clubhouse
  68. 68. The Model• The model should be opened and closed each day.• Like the office it should be odor free and inviting.• The model gives the opportunity to showcase your product.
  69. 69. Mini Models
  70. 70. Playgrounds• Playground equipment must be in good condition.• Repair or replace broken items.• Seating areas are good to add for parents to sit and watch children at play.• Add playground mulch when needed.• Check edging and replace as needed.
  71. 71. Playgrounds• Playground equipment must be in good condition.• Repair or replace broken items.• Seating areas are good to add for parents to sit and watch children at play.• Add playground mulch when needed.• Check edging and replace as needed.
  72. 72. Holiday Decorating• Holiday decorating is encouraged if tastefully done.• Sometimes “less is best”. If you do not have enough funds in your budget for a lot of elaborate decorations, select a focal point that is highly visible to the public and decorate that area.• Holidays do not last for months, so your decorations should come down within a few days after the holiday ends.
  73. 73. Curb Appeal & Advertisement• A. Brochures • E. Newspapers• B. Letterhead • F. Apartment Guides• C. Business Cards • G. Site Flyers• D. White/Yellow Pages • H. Internet
  74. 74. What’s Next?
  75. 75. What Can You Do To Improve Your Preventative Maintenance and Curb Appeal?• Review your budget to • Review you office what is covered for stationary. landscaping. • Review or create• Review your budget to see brochures. if you need to add other items. • Inspect playgrounds.• Do patio inspections. • “Weed & Feed” your lawns• Do window inspections. to build turf and prevent• Start a Grounds weeds. Committee. • Plant Flowers!
  76. 76. • Get Members involved. • Review and update property policies.
  77. 77. Short and Long Term Goals Short Term Goals Long Term Goals• New Letter Head • Adding a pet walk• New Brochures • New signage• Adding Maintenance • Upgrade Playgrounds Uniforms • Physical Improvements:• Add Flowers Beds – Paving Streets• Mulch – New Siding – New Fencing• Paint Signs – Enclosing Dumpsters• Update PM Plan
  78. 78. What have you done on yourproperties to improve curb appeal?Suggestions, ideas, comments.
  79. 79. Who reviews your preventativemaintenance plan and makes sure it is being followed?