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street lighting
street lighting
street lighting
street lighting
street lighting
street lighting
street lighting
street lighting
street lighting
street lighting
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street lighting


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Street Lighting
  • 2. Facts and figures
    £1.8m each year is spent on electricity for street lighting (The equivalent of 1700 kettles running 24 hrs a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year)
    This includes:
    51,000 streetlight columns
    6,100 lit signs & bollard
    3,500 traffic signal heads
    Also included in that cost are 150 CCTV cameras
  • 3. Top street lighting related service requests in 2009/10
  • 4. What residents say / expect
    Looking after Street Lights is one of residents top Highways priorities
    72% of residents are satisfied with the way street lights are looked after in Kirklees
    Residents prefer white light to yellow / orange light
    Residents expect street lights to be well maintained and kept in good working order
    Residents expect that any faults will be repaired within 24 hours and definitely no longer than one week
  • 5. Resident suggestions including your voice and climate change research
    Have a rolling inspection programme because Kirklees shouldn’t rely on residents to report problems
    Turn street lights off at night … (your voice link)
    Solar or wind powered street lighting
    Turn off alternate street lights after 10pm
    Movement sensitive street lights
    Street lights activated by infra red
  • 6. How colours look in white and yellow/orange light
  • 7. What residents say / expect (vox pops)
    Resident vox pops
    Councillor vox pops
    Visitors to the area vox pops
    Partner vox pops (community safety)
  • 8. Video /day in the life (ideas)
    Street lighting gang
    Maintenance inspection
    From report to repair
    Trial of remote dimming technology
  • 9. Report a faulty street light
    Test out our new online reporting system …
  • 10. New technology
    Solar bollards
    No need for an electrical supply so we save energy and reduce carbon. They are flexible and designed to self right after a collision
    LeafNut total control system for street lights
    Uses ground-breaking wireless technology to monitor and dim street lights. The LeafNut system allows us to reduce light levels at particular times, rather than switching lights off.
    LED lights
    Offer low energy and carbon emissions compared to traditional light sources as well as reduced maintenance. They also have a longer lifetime than other street lights mention increased lifetime - they are built to last for 100,000hrs!