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Roads and Pavements
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Roads and Pavements


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Roads and pavements
  • 2.
  • 3. Facts and figures
    32,000 highway openings every year
    1,100 km / 683 miles of Public Rights of Way (PROW)
    170 sets of traffic lights (inc. crossings)
    150 crossings
    740 bridges
    440 km / 273 miles of walls
    1280m / 1960KM of road
    in a year we will empty 75,000 gullies (drains)
    Over 2633miles / 4334KM of pavements and channels (road side gutters) swept every week (which equates to over 140,000 miles each year)
    4000 litter bins in Kirklees (which equates to over 640, 000 litter bins emptied per year)
    Over 430,000 square yards of precincts and cobbles swept every week
    Over 850,000 square yards of grass verges litter picked every week
    Over 175,000 square yards of shrubs and flower beds litter picked every week
  • 4. How much things cost…
    Zebra Crossing : £35,000
    Pelican crossing : £80,000
    Pedestrian refuge : £8,000
    Typical signal junction : £150,000
    Repair a bridge: up to £1,000,000
    Retaining wall: £800 per square metre
    Winter Maintenance grit: £15,000
    A street light for 40 years: £5,000
    Build a new typical estate road (250m): £200,000
    Reconstruct an average road (250m): £100,000
    Resurface an average road (250m): £30,000
    Reconstruct a footpath (250m x 2): £50,000
    Resurface a footpath (250m x 2): £5,000
    Run a bus: £100,000 per year
  • 5. Top ten road and pavement related service requests in 2009/10
  • 6. What residents say / expect
    50% of Kirklees residents are satisfied with the way roads and pavements are looked after in Kirklees
    Looking after roads and pavements is one of residents top priorities.
    48% of Kirklees residents feel that road and pavement repairs most need improving in their local area
    Residents want roads and pavements that are well maintained, smooth surfaces
    Residents expect that road repairs will be done once and done well
    Residents expect joined up working between Highways and any utility companies who might need to dig up the road
    Residents expect that road works will start and finish on time
    Residents expect that if traffic signals fail, they will be repaired within a few hours
  • 7. Residents suggestions for roads and pavements (insight project)
    Spot checks should be carried out
    Provide only simple information on road closure signs
    Have a mini team of pot-holers who just go round and deal with potholes
    Instead of patching a job – relay it and do the job right the first time
    Keep checking roads and paths regularly
    Take the time to cut out a square, take it don to where it needs to be and fill it in, but also put the jointing edge in with liquid tar for a durable finish
    Road signs need checking every few years to remove inappropriate or obsolete signs
    (to help improve road safety) get a professional driver to go round, like a driving instructor who knows the roads really well.
    The Council should consult local people when they are considering installing traffic calming measures
  • 8. What residents say / expect (vox pops)
    Resident vox pops
    Councillor vox pops
    Visitors to the area vox pops
    Professional driver vox pops
    Partner vox pops (police, ambulance service)
  • 9. Residents suggestions for roads and pavements (your voice)
    Turn street lights off at night … (link)
    Why have so many road signs ….(link)
    Drastically reduce the number of road planners … (link)
    Stop putting in pointless traffic calming measures … (link)
    Cut the number of speed cameras in operation … (link)
    For full text of ideas and any linked comments see
  • 10. Video /day in the life (ideas)
    Repairing pot holes
    Street sweeping
    Road inspections team
    Road safety training
    School Crossing patrols
    From service request to repair
    Eco driving tips from driving instructors
  • 11. Games and quizzes
    Road safety game
    Road safety quiz