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Indicator #3 Indicator #3 Presentation Transcript

  • How to Live Like an Alien Kirk Smoot Standard Indicator Study #3 EDUC 373 11/1/09
  • Standard Indicator
    • 6.3.4 Explain that we live on a planet which appears at present to be the only body in the solar system capable of supporting life.
  • Definitions
    • Organism- a form of life composed of mutually interdependent parts that maintain various vital processes.
    • Planet- a similar body revolving about a star other than the sun.
    • Characteristics- a distinguishing feature or quality.
  • Background info
    • Earth is at this point in time the only planet known to sustain life.
    • Life is sustain due to factors such as
        • Water
        • Oxygen
        • Plant life
        • Climate
  • Step 1
    • Pick one of these planets
      • Mercury
      • Venus
      • Mars
      • Jupiter
      • Saturn
      • Uranus
      • Neptune
  • Step 2
    • Research the planet that you have chosen.
      • What is it composed of?
      • What is the distance from the sun?
      • How hot is it?
      • What are the surface features of the planet?
  • Step 3
    • After you have researched your planet; use this information to create an organism that could sustain life on your planet.
    • Be as creative as you like.
    • Use whatever craft materials you would like
  • Step 4
    • After creating an image of your organism.
    • List all of the characteristics it has that makes it possible for your organism to survive on the planet you chose.
  • Step 5
    • After you have created your image and listed its characteristics
    • Take a poster board and paste the image with the list onto the board.
    • Finally, present to class when teacher instructs to do so
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