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How To Make A Fx Pedal
How To Make A Fx Pedal
How To Make A Fx Pedal
How To Make A Fx Pedal
How To Make A Fx Pedal
How To Make A Fx Pedal
How To Make A Fx Pedal
How To Make A Fx Pedal
How To Make A Fx Pedal
How To Make A Fx Pedal
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How To Make A Fx Pedal


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  • 1. How to Make a FX Pedal For a Guitar Kirk Smoot EDUC 373
  • 2. Experience
    • My experience with guitar FX pedals is that I use them often when playing guitar
    • Sense I use them so often I wanted to learn how to make my own
    • I have never made a guitar pedal before, and therefore have no idea what goes into putting one of these together
  • 3. Questions
    • What materials are needed to make a pedal?
    • How will it sound when finished?
    • What will work best to put the circuit in?
  • 4. Indicator Connections
    • 4.2.3 Make simple and safe electrical connections with various plugs, sockets, and terminals
    • 4.6.1 Demonstrate that in an object consisting of many parts, the parts usually influence or interact with one another.
  • 5. Materials
    • A Schematic
    • A PC board
    • 5 Resistors
    • 1 Transistor
    • 2 Capacitors
    • Metal Box incasing
    • 22 gauge wire
    • Soldering Iron
  • 6. Step 1
    • The first thing you will need to do is get all the materials need
    • Then you should assemble the circuit
    • Before soldering it together it would be a good idea to just line it up in the proper place or else you will have resistors burn up.
  • 7. Step 2
    • Take the metal box, and then drill the holes in it for where you will screw it in.
    • Also drill holes in the places where you will be putting the knobs and buttons for this pedal to work
  • 8. Step 3
    • In making this pedal you do not have to do this, but you can also make a design to put on the pedal.
    • It might be a fun idea to make it stand out as your own.
  • 9. Step 4
    • The final step is to place the circuit into the box, and screw the bottom of the box onto the top to make have your finished product
  • 10. References
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