Cloud computing


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Cloud computing

  1. 1. Cloud ComputingRunning Head: Cloud computing helps reduce E-wastes Cloud computing helps reduce E-wastes Customer Name University Name
  2. 2. 2 TABLE OF CONTENTSAbstract 3Project Overview 4Project Description 5Personal Resources and Project Plan 8Implementation Plan 9Project Budget and Business Plan 13Conclusion 16References 17Appendix 18
  3. 3. 3 AbstractThe Vancouver City Council recently approved a policy requiring all new building rezoningto meet the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold standard. Thischange is expected to be implemented from January 31, 2011 onwards, and is estimated toresult in creating new green buildings annually, thus automatically creating new green jobopportunities in the city. Hence, keeping the city council’s plans in mind, this project isaimed towards creating Sustainable Community Development, Faculty of Environment. Thetopic chosen for the business plan is based on the concept of Cloud Computing and how ithelps in reducing emissions of electronic waste (E-wastes). The entire project is based uponinstalling of an integrated cloud computing system to a 36 level high-rise condo Burnaby,BC.Upon approval, this project will not only be beneficial to my real estate company, but alsoprove to be a great asset for the Canadian Government along with other well known bodiessuch as Environment Canada (EC) and Waste Reduction and Management Division(WRMD) Moreover, I expect complete support from these environmental bodies as theyhave been involved in the Basel Convention Law, an international treaty which aims toreduce the amount of e-waste being transported to developing countries. However, on thecontrary the Electronics Stewardship Association of British Columbia (ESABC) and WesternCanada Computer Industry Association (WCCIA), these two organizations may not be quitehappy for my project, because they receive a monthly fee from the computer producers basedon the number of item sold.
  4. 4. 4 General Project OverviewProject OverviewTo install an integrated cloud computing system to a 36 level high-rise condo named CentreStrada near Metrotown, Burnaby, BC. This project will be in line with Vancouver CityCouncil’s policies towards building establishments that meets the Leed Gold Standards.Mission and VisionVision: To be the pioneers in providing cost efficient standard of living.Mission: To reduce the emission of E-Wastes and raise the living standards of clientstowards a 21st century high-end technologyStrengths and Core Competencies  A reduction in demand for purchasing new electronic devices.  A reduction in the emission of e-wastes thus protecting the global environment.  Owner’s own commitment and dedication towards the project.  Lower costs in comparison to competitorsChallengesAs Cloud Computing is a relatively new technology and still in its testing phase, thus it has todeal with pressure from competitors within the existing field. Nevertheless, the project willbe strongly supported by the Vancouver Government and the BC Government.
  5. 5. 5 Project DescriptionIntroduction“Cloud Computing” is one of the recently growing niches gaining popularity around the world. Itis a type of a technology that permits users to access certain applications on any of thecomputers. These applications however need not be installed on their computers, instead theusers can easily avail them at their disposal through the Internet.Electronic waste, or more commonly referred to as e-waste, is electronic equipment that nolonger serves a useful purpose and is thus discarded. Many e-wastes contain lead, cadmium,beryllium, mercury and brominate flame retardants, which are all not only significantlydangerous to recycle workers, communities but are also deadly toxic to the entire globalenvironment. According to the United Nations Environment Program estimates more than 20 to50 million tones of electronic waste are generated each year worldwide, as North America andEurope are known to be the largest exporters of e-waste to the developing countries.Additionally, cloud computing allows researchers to handle challenges in genome research andenvironmental modeling etc. It also enables researchers to access multidisciplinary researchneeded to better understand ecosystems, global climate change, ocean currents, and othercomplex phenomena. (Nelson, Michael. 2009)Thus, as a result, cloud computing allows you to send almost all of your computing tasks awayfrom your computer, making it clutter-free and at the same time sending you back the results thatyou desire. (Gozzi 2010)
  6. 6. 6Proposed ProjectThe city of Burnaby is spread over 98.60 sq km, residing in the heart of the Great VancouverRegional District. Being the third most populated urban centre in British Columbia, with anestimated population of 202,799, it occupies almost 4 percent of the land area of the VancouverRegional District and accounted for approximately 10% of the Regions population in 2006.Burnaby is a maturing, increasingly integrated community that is centrally located within arapidly growing metropolitan area. Burnabys characteristic has shifted from rural to suburban tolargely urban. The City features high density residential areas, major commercial town centers,rapid transit, high technology research and business parks, comprehensive industrial estates andmajor post-secondary institutions.Moreover, under the insightful guidance of Mayor Derek Corrigan, the city of Burnaby, BC hasnow started taking active steps in developing a Social Sustainability Strategy in order to ensurethat Burnaby will continue to be a great place to live, work and learn.Keeping in mind, the lucrative range of benefits availed through “cloud computing”, theproposed project is aimed at installing an integrated cloud computing system in a 36 level high-rise condo building called Centre Strada, which is located near Metrotown, Burnaby, BC. Thisbuilding has gem room, and six levels of underground parking lot. Additionally, the key purposeof this entire project is to reduce the emission of E-wastes and at the same time simultaneouslyraising the clients’ standard of living towards a 21st century high-end technology.
  7. 7. 7Benefits and FeaturesThere is an old saying in China, “The first person to eat crab is a hero.” This means every newthing needs to have a starter, and usually the starter will gain the most benefits. We believe,applying the cloud computing system to resident community can lead towards creating anenormous revolution in the information technology market. From the sustainable environmentalaspects, adopting cloud computing system can successfully reduce the demand of purchasingnew electronic devices. That will effectively reduce the emission of e-wastes, in order to protectthe global environment. Due to the efficient use of the mainframe, there will also be hugeamount of electricity saved. Thus, this project is intended towards power saving, space saving, e-wastes reducing and modern highly technological revolution. Apart from this some of the otherprominent benefits and features of this project include: (Nelson, Michael. 2009)  Flexibility to use millions of software and databases for a variety of purposes.  Increased security where users will not have to worry about their hard drives crashing or getting stolen.  Enhanced collaborations  The ability to access the data and tools they need anywhere by easily connecting to the Internet.  Use of simpler devices as both the data and the software being used are in the clouds.
  8. 8. 8Why people need this service?Keeping in mind the general increase in the level of prices in Canada, Vancouver, this projectwill now only help in cutting costs, but also open a whole new futuristic means of living for thepeople hence providing them with an ideal standard of living. (Appendix A) Personal Resources and Project PlanThe proposed project is intended to be a self funded project which I intend to lead as the projectcoordinator. Since my family is already associated within this field, thus I feel that I am quitewell-versed and equipped to handle the task. Additionally, most of the funds involved within thisproject will come from my father and his immigrant friends. Additionally, most of the groupmembers already have the real estate, construction, net work and engineering experience thusmaking the entire project quite straightforward and simple to pursue.Cloud Computing is a really new technology and it is still in testing period, there would not betoo much pressure from the competence in the same field. However, it may gain a little supportfrom all relative technology focused companies, because, as a trial test, the result of applyingCloud Computing in resident community is also very important for these companies who want todevelop on the Cloud Computing System. Nevertheless, the project will be strongly supported byVancouver Government and BC government, even the Canada Federal Government, because thisis a giant step of the human beings toward sustainable modern technology, it would also be agreat honor for Canada to perform this project, no matter it successes or failed.
  9. 9. 9Cloud Computing is the goal and orientation of the development of public and private computersin the future, which is already been proved to be true throughout decays of research ininformation technology field. Thus, it won’t be hard to find any partners who want to getinvolved in this project. Even though they may not gain much profit through it, this project itselfis a valuable experience for them. IBM China, HP China, Ultra power, Google and 360 havecooperated with my father’s engineering company in China. Due to the long history ofcooperation, it will be easy to get their technical supports on our project. IBM, HP, Ultra powerand Google had spent a lot of research and development on cloud computing system for a longtime. They have superior experience than other computer hardware and software companies.Besides that the most concern of net security issue has been solved by 360, who performed agreat job in China’s public and private net security, furthermore 360 had already proved who hasa better strength on Cloud Security than other companies. Thus technology is not a problem.Furthermore, it is also been proved through recent marketing research that although thetechnology provider may not gain much profit from this project, but it is true that the serviceprovider may gain some profit from proving cloud system as a service, as long as we didsufficient work on marketing and sales promotion. Implementation PlanFor the reason of it is more like a technological project than an architecture project, most of itstime may be consumed on technology synchronization. We need to gather all the techniqueproviders, hardware providers, service providers, electrical engineers, computer engineers, power
  10. 10. 10engineers, market and sales people and project managers together to discuss how we cancooperate together to finish this work. This period may cost around a year.After everyone has an agreement on each other, they may start on their own jobs. Hardwareproviders may start to design and make the mainframes, server machines, central control paneland terminal Clouds (clients’ terminal monitors and input/output devices). Technique providersprovide their techniques to all the Service providers should arrange the physical location andprepare the supplementary equipments and services in the Centre Strada condo building. Themarket people should start to do promotions and advertisements, make the project to be the focuspoint of the whole country, even the whole world. If necessary, a technique supervisor from theproject of SAP Business ByDesign is needed, which is a Cloud project has been started in China.All of these sectors should be controlled and coordinated by the project coordinator and projectmanager. This whole preparation process may take maximum six month.The initial implementation plan is to set a room in the building to hold all the servers, multipleCPUs and storage devices as a Local Area Network. The hardware might be expanded toincrease the performance of the entire system and satisfy terminal clients’ requirements.Terminal clients only hold a simple terminal monitor with touch screen or other simpleinput/output devices. Thus, clients will send all requirements to the center database to processtheir requirement and then the processed information will be sent back to the clients’ terminal.Any terminal client may purchase the necessary resources, such as functions and storage space,according to their needs. Applying the integrated cloud computing system may help people savemore time, physical space, energy and even money. The most importantly, significantly reducethe amount of e-wastes, because people won’t need to purchase many differentiated electronicdevices, and clients’ terminals will not have a short planned obsolescence.
  11. 11. 11During the course of the implementation, immense support is expected from Government ofCanada, Environment Canada (EC) and Waste Reduction and Management Division (WRMD),since in 1989, they had present and signed the Basel Convention Law, an international treatywhich aims to reduce the amount of e-waste being transported to developing countries. However,Electronics Stewardship Association of British Columbia (ESABC) and Western CanadaComputer Industry Association (WCCIA), these two organizations may not be quite happy formy project, because they receive a monthly fee from the computer producers based on thenumber of item sold.Once all the installations are done and the building is ready to run, an initial trial testing periodof approximately six months to one year will be implemented. Since cloud computing is still arelatively new concept thus, it seems not only imperative but also logical to properly carry out atest-run, before the project is exposed towards the general public. Moreover, it is only during thistesting period that the true worth and efficiency of the whole project can be judged and at thesame time any malfunctions or setbacks can be identified.Overall, after two to two and a half years, the whole project should be finished, and ready to facethe clients. After-sale maintenance service is required. This is the major part which generatesprofits, since clients purchase terminals and pay for the service fee monthly. More profits couldbe earned if clients require to updates their systems.Regardless of serving as a cost-effective solution, cloud computing may also pose a fewtechnicalities along the way, especially in terms of implementation. However, these hurdles needto be dealt with strategically before widespread adoption is possible. Some of the most obviousproblems that might complicate the implementation process include: Circadence. (2010)
  12. 12. 12• WAN performance• Data security• Central management of virtual resourcesAdditionally, one of the key problems associated with cloud computing, that might arise includeperformance, reliability, and security of connections to the cloud infrastructure. Due to theincreasing complexity and bandwidth the demands of software applications, will tend to becomemore and more crowded over time, especially when pressed into the service of cloud-basedcomputing. Circadence. (2010)Thus, as the project manager, I shall be dealing with each of these matters critically andstrategically in order to assure a steady implementation of cloud computing within the building.
  13. 13. 13 Project Budget and Business PlanCosts(2.5 year = 30 month) Item Detail Amount Notes Technology provider 100,000$ Hardware provider 80,000$ Electrical & Computer 3,000$*5people*30month = 4500,000$ & Power engineers Consultant 20,000$ Centre Strada Room 500$*30= 15,000$ Renting Marketing and Sales 50,000$*2 groups= 100,000$ Project manager & 3,000$*5people*30month= 450,000$ (Provided by our Coordinator own organization) Service maintenance 500$ * 30 = 15,00$ (Provided by our own organization) Connection Fee(TV, 100,000$ (Connect our Phone) server to telephone and TV cables) Miscellaneous 50,000$ Total 100,000$+80,000$+4500,000$ 5,430,000$
  14. 14. 14 +20,000$+15,000$+100,000$ +450,000$+15,000$ +100,000$+50,000$=Profit:(First year, by 12 month, 250 terminals) Item Detail Amount Terminals 3,000$*250= 750,000$ Service Charge(monthly) 300$*12*250= 900,000$ Service maintenance and 1,000$*12= (12,000$) update Centre Strada Room Renting 500$*12= (6,000$) Total 750,000$+900,000$- 1,632,000$ (12,000$) -(6,000$)= 1000 800 600 400 Amount ($000) 200 0 Terminals Service Service Centre Strada -200 Charge Maintaence Room Renting (monthly)
  15. 15. 15Profit:(Second year, by 12 month, 250 terminals, same as the rest year till when the whole systemneeds major replacement) Item Detail Amount Service Charge(monthly) 300$*12*250= 900,000$ Service maintenance and update 1,000$*12= (12,000$) Centre Strada Room Renting 500$*12= (6,000$) Total 900,000$-(12,000$)- 882,000$ (6,000$)= 1000 800 600 400 Amount ($000) 200 0 Service Charge Service maintenance Centre Strada Room (Monthly) and update Renting -200
  16. 16. 16Payback CalculationsTotal budget cost – 1st year profit – (N-1)*2nd year profit = 05,430,000$ - 1,632,000$ - (N-1)* 882,000$ = 0N = 5.306 ≈ Five years and 4 month ConclusionHence, it is obvious from the above mentioned business plan that the entire project only needsfive years and four month to pay back all the cost. However, this is based on the assumptionthat marketing and sales groups does a great job, and 250 terminals all sold out and serviceproviders finely collected monthly service fees.Realistically, this project may not be a profitable project, because it is too new, and people mayfear to try these new technologies. However we should not be hold down by that, as long as thisproject’s goal and purpose is human centered and environmental- friendly, I believe, there willbe people jumping out and saying “Hey, I like your plan, it might works.” Since there is no betterand more efficient way to achieve reducing e-wastes emission, why not give this cloudcomputing system a try? Although Vancity or Cascadia may not fund it, there will be someonewho would like to fund it eventually, when people are facing huge amounts of e-wastes andcannot send them to Asia or Africa anymore. Please don’t judge me or my crazy project, becauseat least I dare to try it while I still can.
  17. 17. 17 ReferencesGozzi, Raymond. (2010) The Metaphor of Cloud Computing, Vol.67, Retrieved on May 30,2011 from, Michael. (2009) The Cloud, the Crowd, and Public Policy: A New Age of MoreFlexible, Less Expensive, and More Secure Computing Will Emerge Soon If Governments ActWisely. Volume.25, Issue. 4 Retrieved on 30 May 2011 from (2010) Building and maintaining effective cloud computing infrastructures.Retrieved on 31 May 2011 from Economics (2010) Retrieved on 30 May 2011
  18. 18. 18Appendix A