Kiowa History Video Listening Sessions


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  • Wonderful project - don't forget those Kiowa elders that are not in Oklahoma! There is a lot of knowledge from some of those 'out west'. Also, look to those elders that are homebound.
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Kiowa History Video Listening Sessions

  1. 1. Kiowa History Video Sessions Kiowa Chronicles, Inc
  2. 2. KIOWA HISTORY VIDEO Kiowa Chronicles Inc. is in the early development stage of producing a high definition video to document the history, culture, and legends of the Kiowa Tribe. The storyline will trace the Kiowas epic movement and cultural transition from the northern Rocky Mtns. to their present location in southwestern Oklahoma.
  3. 3. (cont.) A series of “listening sessions” has been scheduled to encourage tribal participation and contributions to the finished product. The sessions are designed to assist in the ouline process and will add individual tribal accounts of the many topics being considered for the storyline.
  4. 4. (cont.) Two sessions have been held at Indian City in Anadarko and at the AOA Elders' Center in Carnegie, and subsequent sessions are being scheduled in February and March at the same locations. Public announcements of the up- coming sessions will be released at least a week in advance.
  5. 5. (cont.) Kiowa Chronicles Inc is a non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Oklahoma in 2008 and the officers are composed of Kiowa tribal members Sherman Chaddlesone, Lawrence Spottedbird, and Dewey Tsonetokoy. A list of Kiowa film makers, videographers, scriptwriters, editors, animators, etc. has been compiled and Kiowa technicians and administrators will be utilized throughout the video production and post- production.
  6. 6. (cont.) The ultimate goal of this project for the KCI is to provide a Kiowa account of our history, totally produced by Kiowas, and a quality product for future generations to study and learn from.
  7. 7. Sherman Chaddlesone explaining process of video.
  8. 8. Attendees take notes.
  9. 9. Sherman going over an outline of topics to be in film.
  10. 10. Outline of locations that will be featured in history film.
  11. 11. Kiowas listening to presentation.
  12. 12. Showing map of locations.
  13. 13. Explaining significance of locations.
  14. 14. Discussions and feedback from tribal members.
  15. 15. Attendees... • The following individuals were in attendance to observe, learn, discuss, and give their feedback on the Kiowa History film. • All tribal members are encouraged to attend these sessions to participate and contribute their knowledge.
  16. 16. Maya Torralba
  17. 17. Dewey Tsonetokoy
  18. 18. Dorothy Whitehorse Delaune
  19. 19. Thomascina Tsoodle Leader
  20. 20. Milton Otis
  21. 21. Ruth Otis
  22. 22. Sheri Hokeah
  23. 23. Krystal Green
  24. 24. Michael P. Jordan
  25. 25. THE END! • Thank you for viewing.