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Revised newsletter

  1. 1. KIOWA NEWS KIOWA TRIBE OF OKLAHOMA September 14, 2010 Carnegie, Oklahoma Issue 4 Tribe receives check from FEMA The Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma as- the Tribe. That percentage was sisted many tribal members affected based on documented expenditure by the ice storm in early January. reports prepared by Ross Harris, Although the event is now just a bad Dennis Kopepassah and Ramona memory in many people’s minds, Goombi of the Kiowa Tribe. the event recently turned into a posi- They submitted 4 project work- tive for the Tribe. sheets, one for debris removal and Sherry Chandler from Oklahoma 3 for protective measures which Emergency Management visited included the food packages, Carnegie and presented the Tribe propane and various emergency with a check for $40,917.69. shelters that were set up. Pictured: Dennis Kopepassah, Ross Harris, Ernest This money was for FEMA Disaster The original money used came Redbird, Ramona Goombi, Sherry Chandler, Sherman Declaration #1883, which covered from the Kiowa Tax Commission Chaddlesone, Ron Twohatchet and Walter Ahhaitty. the ice storm from January 28th to account (the Tribes general fund). the 30th. 6 counties in Oklahoma There will be a proposal to earmark were declared disaster areas. the money for a special emergency The Tribe spent approximately fund that will be available for pos- $51,000 assisting tribal members sible future natural disasters. during the storm. Another check for labor contracted, 75 percent of that money spent was approved by OEM to be returned to at that time, is expected in the near future. OPENING The first day of Autumn will also be the first Kiowa Health & Safety Fair day for the Kiowa Casino-Verden. The much- INSIDE: awaited event will be on Wednesday, September The Kiowa Tribe wil host it’s 2nd An- 22nd, 2010 at 10am. nual Health and Safety Harvest Festi- The Casino is located on Oklahoma Highway 9 *Kiowa veteran val. The event is co-sponsored by the and County Road 2740, 1 mile west of Verden. honored Kiowa Head Start, Injury Prevention Originally the day was going to be designated and CHR Programs. as “Kiowa Day”, set aside for members of the *FY 2011 Kiowa The Festival will be held on Thursday Tribe, and have another opening for the general Tribal Budget October 28, 2010 from 10am to 1pm public. at Red Buffalo Hall. But after considering the great anticipation of *Blackleggings October Cere- A fun and safe evironment will be pro- the Casino by the public, planners decided to mony vided for children and their families to just have one opening on the same day. “trick or treat” and get information on The Kiowa Casino-Verden will initially house *Nammy nominated Kiowa health and safety. 100 slots. It is open to all ages and everyone is The modular building format is designed for *National Arts Education Week encouraged to wear Halloween cos- optional additions to enlarge the facility as busi- Celebration tumes. There will be a contest. ness grows. The event hopes to include BIA, Business hours for the Casino are yet to be an- WCD-WIC, Fire and Police Depts., nounced. *Kiowa author has book Native Americans for Injury Preven- 18 years is the age requirement. published tion Coalition and Riverside Indian Kiowa leaders as well as dignitaries from sur- School. rounding towns are expected to be present for For more info contact Melody Red- the opening. bird at (580) 450-1039. 1
  2. 2. KIC MEETING RESPONSE UPCOMING The Kiowa Business Committee an austere budget of 3,814,400.00. EVENTS (KBC) appreciates the Kiowa Tribe We (KBC) tried to maintain pro- members who attended the Kiowa grams and activities reported on the Kiowa Black Leggings Ceremony Indian Council meeting on Saturday, FY 2010 expenditure reports. We will take place on October 9th and August 28th, 2010. Your participa- increased allocation for: Burial funds 10th, 2010. The ceremony will be tion, discussions and suggestions and Elder (65 and older) payment held at the dance ground at Indian during the presentation of the FY ($500 each). The elder payment in- City south of Anadarko. 2011 Budget strengthened our crease allocation is a result of an For more information call Kiowa Kiowa Tribal Government. increase number of tribal members Black Leggings Warrior Society Also, we want to thank the Kiowa turning 65-”baby boomers”. You can Chief Tugger Palmer at (580) 450- Business Committee, the Kiowa review the proposed FY 2011 Bud- 0214. Gaming Commission, the Kiowa get on the official Kiowa website and ———————————————- Hearing Board and the Kiowa Elec- local newspaper. The Kiowa Tribal Chairman, Ron tion Board members who attended Your vote in support of the Kiowa Twohatchet will be riding in the the KIC meeting. The board mem- Tribe FY 2011 Budget is important opening parade at the Comanche bers contribution to the discussion for the continued daily operations of Nation Fair which will be October provided clarity and abetter under- the Kiowa Tribe. The Kiowa Tribe 1st thru 3rd on the Comanche Na- standing of the FY 2011 Budget. Ms. will be unable to draw down our tion Complex Grounds north of June Artichoker, Treasurer, gave an yearly funds from the Anadarko Lawton. excellent presentation and explana- Agency if the FY 2011 budget is not For more information contact (580) tion of the details of the budget. She approved. Those tribal programs 492-3384 or (580) 357-6545. allowed KIC members to examine, supported by Kiowa Tribal funds review and discuss each line item of would not be able to operate to pro- AUGUST, 2010 the budget. The KIC’s suggestion of vide services for our Kiowa Tribal more detail in each line item will be members. included in the preparation of the If you have any questions concern- IN MEMORY OF 2012 Budget. ing the FY 2011 Kiowa Tribe bud- Because of limited projected get, please contact the Kiowa Busi- FY1012 revenue, the KBC prepared ness Committee at (580) 654-1729. ——————————————— Connie Sue (Hanner) Robey Born Kiowa Princess, Ellen Died August 11, 2010 Toyekoyah recently repre- ———————————————— sented the Tribe at the Barona PowWow on the Byron Toppah, Mt. Scott Community Barona Indian Reserva- Born August 25, 1952 tion in California. Died August 23, 2010 She is pictured here with ———————————————— “Apocalypto” star, Rudy Youngblood , who portrayed “Jaguar Hines Tee, Anadarko,OK Paw” in the movie. He was Born contesting in the Grass Died August 25, 2010 Dance category. ———————————————— Members of Ms. Toyekoyah’s family have Virgil J. Tartsah, Anadarko, OK been making the journey Born July 28, 1939 to the California powwow Died August 29, 2010 for 40 years. ———————————————— Everett G. Akoneto, Ft. Cobb, OK Born January 3, 1932 Died August 30, 2010 2
  3. 3. IOWA NEWSLETTER KIOWA TRIBE FISCAL YEAR 2011 BUDGET (The proposed budget as it will appear on the ballot. The election date has not yet been set.) Kiowa running for office right direction. She also sees Southwest Oklahoma Maya Torralba is an enrolled member of the Tribes and rural communities benefiting Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma. by working together as Oklahomans. Maya, a former co-host of “Kiowa Her work includes serving as an aca- Voices”radio show, is running for Okla- demic tutor at East Elementary in homa State House District 56. Anadarko. Maya is the mother of 3 children: her 8 year In 2008, she founded the Anadarko old son Chado and a twin daughter and son Community Esteem Project, a self- Kateri and Matthias, age 5. esteem and community building pro- She is deeply committed to family and is gram for young ladies in the Anadarko aware of the challenges facing District 56. area. Challenges such as substance abuse, suicide, Maya is the granddaughter of the late child abuse and gang violence. Issues she John and Agatha Paddlety Bates and the believes can be overcome through develop- late Jesse Torralba and Geraldine ment of programs for families and law en- Davilla Torralba. forcement. Maya is married to Brian Daffron, a She is also aware of many rural town dying professor at Comanche Nation College. due to the economy. She believes that rein- For more on Maya go to: 3 vigorated tourism in this area is a step in the 3
  4. 4. MUSEUM CELEBRATES ARTS “Native Talent On Stage” IN EDUCATION WEEK OnTuesday, September 7th, the Kiowa Tribal Museum celebrated National Arts In Education Week with “Native Talent on Stage”. The event happened at Red Buffalo Hall with 50 or so people in attendance. Ermina Jane Iruegas opened the evening with “The Lord’s Prayer” in sign language followed by Miss Indian Lawton, Kimberly De Jesus doing an acapella version of the National An- them along with two more songs, The cast of “June-A-Vee’s Blessing”: Kyla Tsoodle, Er- “Colors of the Wind” and I Hope You mina Jane Iruegas, Judea Valenzuela, Alyssa Granado, Dance”. Miss Indian Lawton, Aloni Taylor, Racey Satepeahtaw, Noah Valenzuela, Ri- Lucinda Poahway, Ms. Oklahoma All Kimberly DeJesus ley Munoz and author Lynn Gachot Munoz. American Lady, did a lyrical ballet to “The Journey Road”(flute accompani- > Ms. Oklahoma ment by Terry Tsotigh). This is the All America dance she will perform as her talent at Lady, Lucinda the national All American Lady contest. Poahway per- There was also a live performance of forms ballet. “June-A-Vee’s Blessing”, written and <Little Miss In- directed by Kiowa member Lynn Ga- dian Ft. Sill chot Munoz. Ermina Jane Irue- National Arts in Education Week began gas. when California State Representative Jackie Speier saw a need to support the arts in schools, mainly in the elementary and secondary levels. She then authored a resolution that was approved on July 26th 2010. The event is to be held every second week in September. Event planner, Jame Eskew of the >Royalty on the Runway Kiowa Museum said, “It was fun to see :Lucinda, Judeah, Kim- the talent and art forms available from berly, Aloni, Ermina members of the Kiowa Tribe and other Jane and Alyssa. area Tribes.” PROGRAMS KTEP OFFERS ROLLOFF SERVICES ber, furniture or large items (cars,etc.). Downloadable applications as well as these services will be available till the useful information for those Tribal The Kiowa Tribe Environmental Program end of September. members interested in Higher Education has announced that September is the Hours for dumping are 9am till 4pm. are available on the tribal website “End of the Summer Trash Clean-up” These services are sponsored and moni- month. Throughout the month of Septem- tored by the Kiowa Tribal Environmen- Higher Education Director Matt Koma- ber, there will be two rolloff containers at tal Program. lty added that if you need to speak to the old maintenance storage building area For more information contact 580-654- someone in the office, call (580) 654- behind the AOA building at the Kiowa 1975. 7109. Or e-mail Matt at mkoma- Complex. This is a service for Kiowa Tribal mem-, Charlotte at csilver- These are for household trash only. No bers only. or Randi at bulky whites (washers, dryers, refrigera- tors etc.) will be allowed. Also no lum 4 4
  5. 5. Kiowa Tribal Member and Hobart Native Honored For Military Service Photo and story by Sgt. 1st Class Claudia Bullard, Command Historian, Ok National Guard Office of Public Affairs HOBART, Okla.—Virgil Hovakah Wolf, the only remaining survivor of an all-Native American tank crew, was honored recently for his military service at a veteran’s powwow at Kiowa Tribal Headquarters in Carnegie. Virgil, of Hobart, served in the Korean War with Company C, 245th Tank Battalion, 45th Infantry Division, a unit of the famed 45th Infantry Division which is now the Oklahoma National Guard. I met him in Red Buffalo Hall with his youger sister Darlene. He was holding a photo of himself as a young enlistee in a khaki Army uniform—a young man in the dawn of life with a touch of mischief in his eyes. “You don’t hear of an all Indian tank crew very of- ten, do you?” he said chuckling. Perhaps not, yet the 45th Infantry Division had more Native Americans serving in World War II and Ko- rea than any other military unit. Virgil was one of Virgil Hovakah Wolf, the last surviving member of an all Native American many—like Medal of Honor recipients 2nd Lt. tank crew from the Korean War, in front of a shawl commemorating his Earnest Childers (Creek) and 1st Lt. Jack Mont- service. Wolf, 78 is a Hobart native and retired truck driver. gomery (Cherokee)—who were either drafted or vol- untarily enlisted in great numbers during the 1940’s “He was very special to her,” Darlene and 50’s. said. Like most of America’s World War II and Korean Virgil and four others—Harry War generation, Virgil and Darlene were shaped by Kauley, Spurgeon Satoe, Harold Starr Virgil, in uni- hard times, hard work and strength in family. The and tank commander Ed Water form in 1951. two of them are all that are left of seven children of a Onco—all Kiowas—left Hobart with Kiowa Baptist preacher and the daughter of a tradi- Company C, 245th Tank Battalion, tional Native American family during the Great De- then deployed to Ft. Polk, La. for pression. training, then to Sopporo, Japan and An honor guard posted the Ameri- Darlene—kind and soft spoken—remembers their finally Korea frontlines. can flag. mother as resourceful and hardworking, taking in Although the front lines were rela- To honor Virgil, there was a per- ironing and “teaching them to live off of the land.” tively stable, the 45th continued to formance of the War Mothers’ She bore 12 children, with five dying very young, engage the enemy at battles like Old Song—at traditional written by leaving Virgil as an only son. Baldy, Hill Eerie and Pork Chop Hill, Jimmy Anquoe, a member of the “She really knew how to survive,” said Darlene, adding to the Thunderbird legacy. 45th Inf. Div. and a member of the telling how her mother gathered wild greens for food While occupying the top of a ridge, Kiowa Tribe. He wrote the song and wild berries whch she would preserve by drying. Virgil said Company C could see as members of the 45th were leav- “Ahe did her ironing on a board Daddy put between lines of tanks and infantry engaging ing for the battlefields of Europe. two chairs,” said Darlene. “She had a wood stove in heavy battle. When the War Mothers’ Song and had her irons all lined up on top. When the one He said he and his fellow tankers held ended, Virgil looked down at his she was using cooled down, she would put it on the the ridge for much of their time in photo. stove and use another one.” Korea. “I sure miss ‘em, “ he said of his While their mother worked at home, their father To pass time tank commander Ed four crewmates whom he kept in preached in churches at Mountain View and Hobart. Waters Onco—who Virgil pro- touch with after the war ended. “We grew up in church,” said Darlene, “but Mother claimed a “true soldier—used a “I served my country and I thank took us to the powwows.” pasteboard box for a drum and they God he brought me back home.” Virgil said joining the National Guard in 1949 sang traditional songs which helped Virgil, who now uses a walker, seemed like a good way to see the world and find a them keep a connection with home. said of the powwow, “I sure miss little adventure. Virgil’s mother didn’t see it that ———————————- dancing a lot like they do here.” way. “We once had an elder who said if “I convinced my mother to sign me up,” said Virgil, At the veteran’s powwow in Red Buf- you don’t feel happy or good, lis- adding that after his mother left the recruiting office, falo Hall, a prayer was said for those ten to the drum and you’ll feel bet- she was ill. serving and those who had passed. ter.” 5 5
  6. 6. KIOWA IS HOPES TO BE IN NAMMY COMPETITION IN NOVEMBER Kiowa member, Cecil Gray, like many On this particular tune, the Kiowa blues- other native musicians around the coun- man is joined by Tara Cargill, Kiowa/ try, anxiously awaited the announce- Comanche singer from Cache, OK. ment of the 2010 Native American Mu- When asked why he thinks this particular sic Award nominations. But of course song stands out, Gray’s answer is, “I they were on...Indian time. think it’s because of the strong structure He submitted his new CD “Shades of that makes it stand out and it seems to Gray” to the NAMMY’s in the “Best have more appeal and appreciation by Blues Recording” category. the general public.” His band is called Cecil Gray and the The Flying Eagle Blues Band is made up Flying Eagle Blues Band. Gray, Cargill, Carl Gray (bass) and Troy The Flying Eagles Blues Band: Troy Sim- Gray is a longtime musician and a past Simmons (drums). mons, Tara Cargill, Cecil Gray and Carl recipient of the coveted NAMMY in Gray says we appreciate the support Gray. 2004. we’ve had over the years and I want to “Shades of Gray”, a 12 song recording, urge all Kiowa’s to show their support in at a later date. features the song “I Need You”, in my and other tribal members musical For a copy of the “Shades of Gray” CD, which Gray steps slightly out of the endeavors”. call (580) 917-3210. blues box for a more melodic love song. The Native American Music Awards In the meantime, the NAMMY The song is held together nicely by take place in November to celebrate Na- wait........continues. blues licks evenly distributed through- tionalNative American Heritage month. out the song . The date and location will be announced ———————————————— “June-A-Vee’s Blessing” , was not KIOWA WRITER IS PUBLISHED Munoz first book, but was the first to be published. Author House Publishing While looking through some personal Lynn Gachot Munoz did the honors “June-A-Vee” reflects things Lynn Gachot Munoz happened is an enrolled mem- Munoz childhood and experiences with upon a shoe box in which she had place ber of the Kiowa her grandparents. some of her writings in 5 years earlier. Tribe of Oklahoma She is the daughter of Thomascina The shoe box contained a story she had and writes about Tsoodle and Les Gachot, the Grand- written about a young Native American native culture and daughter of the late Oscar and Hattie girl named June-A-Vee. tradition from expe- Tsoodle and the late Louise’ and Lola June-A-Vee’s parents passed away be- rience. Mae Gachot. for she knew them. She is raised by her She is a wife, The published story should be on the loving grandparents who teach her the mother and licensed bookstore shelves by the end of ways of Native life. minister, and has September. She doesn’t know it, but soon she will been involved in Kiowa cultural activities Munoz also plans a book signing event encounter one of the creator’s messen- all her life. She also worked with children soon in the Kiowa Tribal Museum. gers. This will cause something great to for over 15 years in the Kiowa Head Start A new book is already in the planning take place in hr tribe and change her Program and has been a Foster Parent to stages. live forever. many native children. When asked where she got her inspira- The Kiowa Public Relations office is request- tion, she says, "God”. ing information from tribal members to be used on the tribe’s official website NEWSLETTER NOTICE Stories concerning Kiowa events or accom- ALL ITEMS, INCLUDING STORIES plishments in your area will be greatly ap- AND PHOTOGRAPHS, IN THE preciated. KIOWA NEWSLETTER ARE THE The website will soon have more information PROPERTY OF THE KIOWA on services offered to our Tribal members, as TRIBE OF OKLAHOMA. DUPLICA- well as downloadable applications. TION OF ANY MATERIAL IN THIS The Kiowa Newsletter is also available on PUBLICATION IS PROHIBITED the site. WITHOUT APPROVAL OF AN AU- Submit info to THORIZED STAFF MEMBER. or CALL (580) 654-2300 6 6