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Kiowa newsletter3

  1. 1. KIOWA NEWS KIOWA TRIBE OF OKLAHOMA July 16, 2010 Carnegie, Oklahoma Volume 1, Issue 3 BULLETIN- Kiowa Tribal Chairman Ronald “Dawes” Twohatchet has called a special Kiowa Indian Council Meeting to present the tribal budget. The meeting is set for 10am, Saturday, August 28th, 2010 in Red Buffalo Hall at the Kiowa Complex in Carnegie, Oklahoma. Braving hot August temperatures, the Kiowa Tribe kicked Kiowa Tribe Leads the Way Photos by Tonya Hartline off the 79th American Indian Exposi- cruised thru the streets of tion Parade with an impressive array Anadarko. Several members of of floats in downtown Anadarko. tribal royalty were dressed in Members of Kiowa royalty, complex buckskin despite the near 100 employees, organizations, clubs and degree temperatures on the enterprises made their way up Main street. and down Broadway. Smiles still prevailed when the This year’s theme was “Our War- always popular Apache Fire riors, Eagles in Flight” and most of Dancers came into view. the floats stayed true to that military Surprisingly there was no ap- theme. pearance by popular favorite, the Kiowa Princess Ellen Toyekoyah led “Mud Men”. the way and was followed by a large The Apache, Cheyenne, Ft. Sill replica of the Kiowa logo designed Apache, Comanche, Pawnee, by “Duke” Thomas of the Kiowa Wichita, Caddo, Delaware, Os- Property department. age and Ponca Tribes were rep- Kiowa Chairman Ronald “Dawes” resented. Twohatchet threw candy to delighted The opening day parade was children in the crowd. broadcast live on “Kiowa Almost every Kiowa Tribal program Voices” radio show, hosted by was represented in the event. Keith Vasquez and Jame Eskew. Satanta, White Bear Descendants en- joyed the shade of an arbor as they (More pictures on inside pages.) Higher Education’s tribute to fallen heroes Kiowa flag that was flown in Iraq. Ellen Toyekoyah, Kiowa Princess Satanta, White Bear Descendants Inside: *Cozad receives award *Births 1 *Obits *Kiowa Royalty *BIA decision *More Expo Parade Pictures 1
  2. 2. LETTER OF RECOGNITION BY ANADARKO AGENCY SUPERINTENDENT (The following is a summary of a 3 page letter sent by Superintendent Robin Phillips. The full story can be found at kiowa —————————————————————————————————————————————————- On July 20, 2010 Mrs. Robin M. Phillips, Superintendent of the Anadarko Agency issued a letter notifying the government to government relationship with the Kiowa tribe. In the letter Mrs. Phillip states: “Be advised that the Superintendent of the Anadarko Agency recognizes the results of the Recall Election of May 29th and the results of the Kiowa General Election of June 19, 2010. The Anadarko Agency recognizes the following individuals of the Kiowa Business Committee: Ron Twohatchet, Chairman Dr. Ted Lonewolf, Vice-Chairman Sharon Cozad Pena, Secretary June Artichoker, Treasurer Sherman Chaddlesone, Committee Member Ernest Redbird, Jr., Committee Member Herschel Sahmaunt, Committee Member VACANT, Committee Member Due to the tie in the election results, either Richard Kauahquo or Dave Geimausaddle will continue to serve as the fourth committee until the runoff election is held.” Agency Superintendent Mrs. Phillips cites the July 28, 2010 Court of Indian Offense Case which issued an Order in Case No. CIV-10-A44, “ Don Tofpi vs. Helen Poolaw, et al” stating “ the CFR Court had no jurisdiction in this matter and that the tortuous acts alleged to have been committed are ancillary to the primary issue of the Recall Election dispute.” The CFR Court judge Phillp Lujan in his rulling states that the case be “dismissed without prejudice.” The CFR Court’s dismissal of former Chairman Don Tofpi’s case, resulted in the Anadarko Agency determining with whom it would recognize in the government-to-government relationship between the Kiowa Tribe and the United States. Superintendent Phillips outlines the Kiowa Tribe mechanisms in the Kiowa Tribal Constitution that were folowed by the Kiowa Hearing and Election Boards to determine the Recall Election of May 29, 2010 and the June 19,2010 General Election. Consequently, “the Anadarko Agency recognizes” the results of these elections in recognizing the individuals of the Kiowa Business Committee. Former Chairman Don Tofpi has a right to appeal Agency Superintendent Phillips decision to the Southern Plains Regional office within 30 days. This decision will become final if an appeal is not filed by former Chairman Tofpi. Births Lexie Sue Ernette Thompson was Zachary H. Parker was born on Caden Mitchell LaPierre was born on Thursday , July 22nd at 10:16 Friday, July 23rd, just seconds after born on Monday, August 9th at pm at the Comanche Memorial Hos- midnite. 10:30am at Baptist Integris Hos- pital in Lawton. He was 10 pounds and 4 ounces. pital in Oklahoma City, OK. She was nine pounds and six ounces Zachary’s parents are Adam and He was 8 pounds and 1 ounce. and 22.5 inches long. Crystal Parker. Caden’s parents are Jeremy Lexie’s parents are Anna Sue Johan- He is the grandson of Lois Tsatoke (Keahbone) and Christy LaPierre. toberns and D. J. Thompson. Parker. 2 2
  3. 3. AMY COZAD RECEIVES TWO AWARDS OF MERIT by Phyllis Bohannon Director of the Indian Health Service. staffed by Cozad, Phyllis Bohanan- KIPP/KTSP Program Manager She received the Merit Award for Program Manager and Glen Beaver - Tribal work and also the Area Direc- Community liaison. Amy Cozad, Kiowa Tribe Injury Pre- tor’s National Impact Award. These At the end of the Award Ceremony, vention/Teen Suicide Prevention Direc- awards go to individuals or groups of Rear Admiral Kevin Meeks stated he tor was recently rewarded for her hard employees whose special efforts and wanted to honor the spirit and motiva- work at the 7th Annual Oklahoma City contributions beyond regular duty re- tion for each Awardees contribution Area Director’s Indian Health Service quirements have resulted in significant and that he is grateful for the opportu- held it’s Tribal Urban and Indian Health benefits to the programs or customers nity to work alongside such dedicated Service Awards Ceremony. It was held of IHS. Amy has been the KIPP Direc- individuals. on July 22, 2010 at the National Cowboy tor since 2005. She started as the Injury and Western Heritage Museum in Okla- Prevention Specialist under the Com- homa City. munity Health Representative Program. More Births This ceremony is held to honor individ- She then got concerned after seeing the uals for their distinguished service and rising teen suicide rate. Joseph Lee Hobbs, Jr was born tireless efforts toimprove the health and In September of 2009, she applied for on Wednesday, August 11th at well-being of American Indian and and received a 1.5 million dollar grant 9:30am. Alaska Native patients and communities. for teen suicide prevention, a program He was 7 pounds and 11 ounces. Because of Amy’s work and personal Amy helped pioneer in Oklahoma. sacrifice in the Injury Prevention/Teen She is one of only two Suicide Preven- Parents are Sara Ahdokobo and Suicide Prevention Programs, she was tion Specialist/Trainers in the state. Joseph Lee Hobbs Sr. presented with two awards from the KIPP/KTSP has an office in Anadarko KIOWA ROYALTY Despite being only 5 years old, fitting because she, like most sib- Erminajane Iruegas keeps up a lings, likes to fight with her hectic schedule dancing at pow brothers. They are Praizen, wows and performing at events. Daniel and Santos. Erminajane, a member of the The 5 year old princess is a stu- Kiowa Tribe, is the 2010 Lil dent at Cache Primary School and Miss Indian Ft. Sill. is active in school activities. She has performed the “Lord’s Her parents are Santos and Patti Prayer “ for various activities (Hall-Zotigh) Iruegas, Grandpar- both Indian and non-Indian in- ents are Carol J. Hall and the late cluding Lawton’s 4th of July Silas (Cy) R. Hall-Zotigh, Great- Lil Miss Indian Ft. Sill, Erminajane Celebration at Elmer Thomas grandparents Marvin and Sarah Iruegas , is pictured with Ft. Sill’s Park. Saddleblanket, Rogers and May Her Kiowa name, “Bay-Hoodle- Tofpi, Ruby Hall (Mary Ella Dah”( Beats Them Up Fast), is Aunko), Harry Hall Zotigh. Kiowa Parade Float Wins At the American Indian Exposition Awards presentation on Saturday night August 7th, the first place award for “Non-profit Organization Float”, was presented to the Kiowa Indian Child Welfare Program and the Kiowa Emergency Youth Shel- Gloria Huffman, one of many ICW ter. & KEYS staff members contributing to the float that won the trophy. Kiowa ICW/EYS float. 3 3
  4. 4. TWOHATCHET RECOGNIZED AS KIOWA CHAIRMAN By Scott Rains Pictured are June Artichoker, Staff Writer , Lawton Constitution Kiowa Princess-Ellen Toyekoyah, The Bureau of Indain Affairs has offi- Twohatchet, Kiowa Housing Au- cially recogized Ron Twohatchet as the thority Chairman-Marcus Kiowa tribal chairman following the Twohatchett and KBC member dismissal of the former chairman’s ap- Herschel “Ace” Sahmaunt. peal in the Court of Indian Offenses- Pictured was taken after new mem- Courts of Federal Regulations (CFR). bers were sworn in on June 30th, The tribe received it’s letter of recogni- 2010 at Red Buffalo Hall. tion from BIA Superintendent Robin Phillips on Friday, July 30th. Officers At its monthly meeting, the KBC elected during the tribe’s June 19 elec- will set a day to present a prospec- tion are now fully recognized in regards ”We’re going to handle the pressing is- tive budget to the KIC-most likely to the government-to-government rela- sues and establish a plan.” August 21, he said. An election will tionship between the Kiowa Tribe and The BIA recognizes the following officers follow within the following 30 days, the United States. for the KBC: Twohatchet, chairman; Ted according to the tribe’s costitution. “I don’t consider it a victory,” Lonewolf, vice-chairman; Sharon Cozad The tribe has adequate funds in it’s Twohatchet said. “It does give us the Pena, secretary; June Artichoker, treasurer accounts to keep operations running opportunity to begin conducting the and Sherman Chaddlesone, Ernest Red- and payrolls met until the budget is business of the tribe.” bird Jr. and Herschel “Ace” Sahmaunt, approved, he said. Business operations have been in a sort committee members. Twohatchet said one “We’re going to review what has been of limbo while awaiting the CFR appeal of the first matters on the KBC agenda is ongoing at this point and see how to result. to schedule a run-off election for the final continue and develop a plan for the In late May, former chairman Don Tofpi open seat. Alva D. Tsoodle and Rickey tribe’s affairs to be conducted, “ was recalled by a 63% margin by the Horse each received 255 votes in the June Twohatchet said. “The new KBC Kiowa Indian Council (KIC). The re- 19 election. needs to get oriented to what’s on the sults were certified by the Kiowa Elec- Twohatchet said the BIA’s recognition table right now.” tion Board and the election of new offi- has freed up the tribe’s funds to be drawn One of the projects that’s going to cers was held June 19 without Tofpi on down by the KBC to cover operations continue to completion is the estab- the ballot. costs. lishment of a casino in Verden, Despite the KIC’s removal decision, “We couldn’t conduct business of the Twohatchet said. He & I Construction Tofpi’s appeal was considered during a tribe until the letter was rendered,” of Lawton has been preparing the site hearing in mid-June that was continued Twohatchet said. “Now we can go forth and fabrication of the modular build- two weeks later. On July 26, Judge Phil with the things we have to do.” ing is complete and final installation Lujan issued a dismissal with preju- “We’ve (KBC) been awaiting the (BIA) and electrical wiring, plumbing, etc. is dice—meaning it cannot be brought letter before we could progress; the new expected to be accomplished soon and back to the court—for the appeal. officers are going to hit the ground run- delivered to the site within the next Tofpi has the right to appeal Phillip’s ning to catch up,” he said. couple of weeks. A grand opening is decision to the Southern Plains Regional The KBC’s top priority is to present a projected for Labor Day weekend, office within 30 days. budget to the KIC. The budget was sup- with a soft opening expected shortly “The new Kiowa Business Committee posed to have been on the June ballot but before that, he said. (KBC) needs to get oriented to what’s has been delayed as the other matters Twohatchet worked as a teacher and on the table now,” Twohatchet said, were worked out, Twohatchet said. coach for Lawton Schools. IN MEMORY OF KBC Announcement NEWSLETTER NOTICE William “Bill” Ware, Anadarko, OK Requests to be placed on the agenda Born June 17, 1935 ALL ITEMS, INCLUDING STORIES for the Kiowa Business Committee’s AND PHOTOGRAPHS, IN THE Died July 30th, 2010 monthly meetings must be made no KIOWA NEWSLETTER ARE THE Mickey Max Longhat, Mt. View, OK later than noon on the Thursday prior PROPERTY OF THE KIOWA TRIBE Born April 6, 1967 to the meeting. KBC meetings are OF OKLAHOMA.. DUPLICATION Died July 31, 2010 held on the 1st Saturday of every OF ANY MATERIAL IN THIS PUBLI- month, unless otherwise announced. CATION IS PROHIBITED WITHOUT Terry Kodaseet, Call the Kiowa Business Office at APPROVAL OF AN AUTHORIZED Born December 26, 1953 STAFF MEMBER. 580-654-1729. Died August 11th, 2010 4 4
  5. 5. EXPO PARADE photos by Tonya Hartline August 2nd, 2010 5
  6. 6. THIS ‘N’ THAT Kiowa Comments: The Kiowa Public Relations Office is “Good Job! Glad to see some literature on our tribe.” requesting information from tribal mem- Silas Satepauhoodle, Pawhuska, OK bers to be used on the tribe’s official website “Send my father a copy of the Kiowa Stories concerning Kiowa events or ac- Newsletter. He’s been anxious to hear infor- complishments in your area will be mation on the tribe.” greatly appreciated. Daysha with her parents Danielle Gardner, Wisconsin Rapids, WI The website will soon have information Dustin and Synthea Tofpi on services offered to Tribal members, ——————————— “This is the best newsletter I have seen in a as well as downloadable applications. Daysha Tofpi won the 0-11 long time. All the upbeat news gives me hope months category in the for the Kiowa Tribe. Thanks for the good The Kiowa Newsletter is also included “Beautiful Baby” contest on news.” on the site. Mary Ellen Deer, Oklahoma City, OK August 2nd at the Anadarko Submit stories, info or events to: High School Auditorium. or Vintage Ball By Jeff Crawley Staff Cannoneer Soldiers and Indians met in bat- tle, but instead of fierce fighting it was a friendly rivalry that dates back to the late 19th cen- tury. The game held in mid-July at the Old Post Quadrangle on Ft. Sill, pitted the fort Soldiers against the local American Indians. Ware, of Anadarko said he’s The original game featured played the game every year since Frontier Army soldiers (The Fort it’s inception to support Troop L, Sill Cannonballs) playing Troop the Soldiers and fun. Edwina Stumblingbear Amos, an employee L, 7th U.S. Cavalry (Fort Sill “It was a chance to share basic at the OKC Indian Clinic enjoys reading the Indians) which consisted of brotherhood and chance to show Kiowa Newsletter and helps to circulate it Kiowa, Apache and Comanche everybody that we can play a lit- among her Kiowa friends in the OKC area. soldiers. tle bit of baseball,” he said. “It’s a recreation of the history Cannonballer Remulus Herrien of Fort Sill, where we had all- said he couldn’t play in last native teams playing against mil- year’s game, so he made it a point itary teams,” said Towana to play this year. He added he Spivey, Fort Sill National His- learned a lot about Indian tradi- toric Landmark director and cu- tions and their historical role in rator, and the games organizer. U.S. history. “We have researched and have Following the game, the teams obtained all the correct equip- exchanged congratualtions, posed ment, clothing, rules and even for group photos and listened to a descendants of the original play- tribal dance song. Fort Sill’s Ma- Kiowa Voices ers.” jor General David Radio Show Music and info from the Kiowa Tribe Indians’ coach Lupe Gooday Sr. “Hellcat”Halverson, who played, and other area tribes. and Wilson “The Warrior” Ware presented all the ballists with Jr. performed a traditional Fort sportsmanship medals. Every Sunday at noon on Sill Apache celebrations song The Cannonballers beat the Indi- 98.5fm KACO Anadarko before the game. ans 7-6 in nine innings. 6 6