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Kcrc Project Plan, Phase I And Ii, Oct, 2009[1]
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Kcrc Project Plan, Phase I And Ii, Oct, 2009[1]


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. KCRC PLAN OF ACTION Completed Area(s) of Focus % Complete Start Date Due Date Resource Date Notes Phase I Community Meetings Surveys were handed out to Anadarko/BIA Conference room 100% 3/14/2009 KCRC 3/14/2009 members in attendance Los Angeles, CA Surveys were handed out to Dallas, TX 100% 5/7/2009 KCRC 5/7/2009 members in attendance Surveys were handed out to Lawrence, KS 100% 9/3/2009 KCRC 9/3/2009 members in attendance Surveys were handed out to Albuquerque, NM 100% 2/14/2009 KCRC 2/14/2009 members in attendance Surveys were handed out to Lawton/Lawton Memorial B.C. 100% 2/7/2009 KCRC 2/7/2009 members in attendance Surveys were handed out to Mt. Scott/Meers 100% 2/7/2009 KCRC 2/7/2009 members in attendance Surveys were handed out to Hobart 100% 1/24/2009 KCRC 1/24/2009 members in attendance Surveys were handed out to Elders Luncheon/Carnegie 100% 1/14/2009 KCRC 1/14/2009 members in attendance Community Meetings 90% KCRC Revised Articles Preamble Ted Accepted Article I (Name, Section 1. Name, Section Savings Clause Ted Complete Article II Federal Regulations Henry Complete Article III, Territory & Jurisdiction Anita/Henry Complete
  • 2. KCRC PLAN OF ACTION Completed Area(s) of Focus % Complete Start Date Due Date Resource Date Notes Article IV - Membership No Changes Complete Article V - Organization of Government Henry/ Davetta Complete Article VI - Kiowa Nation Council Anita/Chuck Complete Article VII - Legislative Branch Chuck/ Henry Complete Article VIII - Executive Branch Ted/ Davetta Complete Article IX - Power & Duties of the Executive Branch Ted Complete Article X - Cabinet Ted Complete Article XI - Judicial Branch Henry/ Anita Complete Article XII - Elections Ted Complete Article XIII - Removal, Recall, and Vacancies Henry/ MJ Complete Article XIV - Sovereign Immunity Henry Complete Article XV - Bill of Rights Henry/DG Complete Article XVI - Kiowa Culture and Language Warren Complete Article XVII - KCA Intertribal Land - Use Committee Anita Complete Article XVIII - Code of Ethics Ted Complete Article XIX - Oath of Office Henry Complete Article - XX - Referendum KCRC Complete Article XXI - Amendents HW/MJ Complete Article XXII - Severability Anita Complete Article XXII - Adoption KCRC Complete
  • 3. KCRC PLAN OF ACTION Completed Area(s) of Focus % Complete Start Date Due Date Resource Date Notes KCRC Revised Articles 100% Retreat/OKC July 15 and 16, 2009, Saddleback with KBC and Robert Lyttle 100% Monthly Meetings KCRC Meeting/Norman campus 100% 10/24/2009 10/24/2009 KCRC 10/24/2009 consult report with Robert Lyttle to edit revisions. KCRC Meeting/Kiowa Community Office 100% 10/6/2009 10/6/2009 KCRC 10/6/2009 Constitution revisions;strategy plan;surveys. KCRC Meeting/Norman campus 100% 9/30/2009 9/30/2009 KCRC 9/30/2009 review & edit; discuss Kiowa Culture resource. KCRC Meeting/Kiowa Community Office 100% 9/15/2009 9/15/2009 KCRC 9/15/2009 report of Kansas KIC meeting; PR; comparision info. KCRC Survey Mtg/Haskell Indian University, Kansas 100% 9/3/2009 9/3/2009 KCRC 9/3/2009 Informational/KIC survey meeting. KCRC Meeting/Norman campus 100% 8/26/2009 8/26/2009 KCRC 8/26/2009 District discussion. KCRC Meeting/Holiday Inn Express/ Chickasha 100% 8/19/2009 8/19/2009 KCRC 8/19/2009 edit KCA districts; culture; legislator power. KCRC Meeting/Kiowa Community Office 100% 8/12/2009 8/12/2009 KCRC 8/12/2009 edit recommendations; discuss Kiowa culture provision. KCRC Meeting/Kiowa Community Office 100% 8/3/2009 8/3/2009 KCRC 8//3/2009 Review recommendations; discuss districts. Work on corrections/edits as KCRC Meeting/Chickasha Library 100% 7/25/2009 7/25/2009 KCRC 7/25/2009 suggested by Robert Lyttle.
  • 4. KCRC PLAN OF ACTION Completed Area(s) of Focus % Complete Start Date Due Date Resource Date Notes Overview & review of Articles; KCRC Meeting/Saddleback 100% 7/15-16/09 7/15-16/09 KCRC 7/15-16/09 meet with Robert Lyttle and BIA. KCRC Meeting/Kiowa Community Articles I - XX; prepare for Office 100% 7/8/2009 7/8/2009 KCRC 7/8/2009 meeting. Review working document; KCRC Meeting/Kiowa Community prepare for meeting with Robert Office 100% 6/24/2009 6/24/2009 KCRC 6/24/2009 Lyttle; District discussion. KCRC Meeting/Kiowa Community PP presentation of progress; Office 100% 6/9/2009 6/9/2009 KCRC 6/9/2009 Districts discussion. comparison; Organizational chart KCRC Meeting/Holiday Inn Express/ current system and proposed Districts update; Cultural & Chickasha 100% 5/30/2009 5/30/2009 KCRC 5/30/2009 branch system. Traditional Values KCRC Meeting/Kiowa Community Article;remaining Constitutional Office 100% 5/13/2009 5/13/2009 KCRC 5/13/2009 articles; PR activities. KCRC Meeting/Dallas, Texas 100% 5/7/2009 5/7/2009 KCRC 5/7/2009 Survey-KIC Community meeting District Research;progress of KCRC Meeting/Kiowa Community Districts; Article X; Reconsider Articles;Constitutional Office 100% 4/29/2009 4/29/2009 KCRC 4/29/2009 Cultural & Traditonal Article. Convention;Surveys KCRC Meeting/Kiowa Community completed;future survey Office 100% 4/23/2009 4/23/2009 KCRC 4/23/2009 meetings. Districts; Enrollment Discussed Research; New KCRC member: KCRC Meeting/Satellite Office 100% 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 KCRC 4/9/2009 Warren Queton. Update and review: KCA Land use; severability;recalls, KCRC Meeting/Norman Church 100% 3/30/2009 3/30/2009 KCRC 3/30/2009 Survey-KIC Community meeting removals, and vacancies, judicial branch; kiowa culture & KCRC Meeting/Satellite Office 100% 3/25/2009 3/25/2009 KCRC 3/25/2009 language. Constitutional Reviews: Article KCRC Meeting/Satellite Office 100% 3/18/2009 03/18/09 KCRC 3/18/2009 III,VIII, IX KCRC Meeting/BIA Conference Room 100% 3/14/2009 03/14/09 KCRC 3/14/2009 Survey-KIC Community meeting Discussed Albq trip, minutes, KCRC Meeting/Satellite Office 100% 3/10/2009 03/10/09 KCRC 3/10/2009 Draft review and discussion. status of Constitution revision, additional community meetings, KCRC Meeting/Satellite Office 100% 2/24/2009 02/24/09 KCRC 2/24/2009 Plan of Action
  • 5. KCRC PLAN OF ACTION Completed Lewis Ray Paukei resigns from Area(s) of Focus % Complete Start Date Due Date Resource Date Notes KCRC, Ted returns, Community Minutes to be updated, meeting in stenographer, Co- E. discussed ALBQ discussed, KCRC Meeting/Satellite Office 100% 1/12/2009 01/12/09 KCRC 1/12/2009 Redbird potential member Chair election, survey, community Sovreign Immunity, Discussed meetings, PR, SWOT KCRC Meeting/Chickasha Library 100% 1/3/2009 01/03/09 KCRC 1/3/2009 analysisofficials, Article III, bonded KCRC Meeting/BIA Conference Jurisdiction, expand section 1 Room 100% 12/13/2008 12/13/08 KCRC 12/13/2008 -Territory, April deadline KCRC Meeting/Holiday Inn Express/ Discussed and reviewed Article Chickasha 100% 12/2/2008 12/02/08 KCRC 12/2/2008 assignments, issues, district reps KCRC Meeting/Satellite Office 100% 11/25/2008 11/25/08 KCRC 11/25/2008 Reviewed articles Gv Flyingman, Robert Little KCRC Meeting/OKC Saddleback discussed w/the KCRCw/C&A to Discussion to proceed and KBC Inn 100% 11/21/2008 11/21/08 KCRC/KBC/C&A 11/21/2008 the C&A Constitution come and review their constitution with KCRC and KBC Review draft, articles III and V, KCRC Meeting/Chickasha Library 100% 11/15/2008 11/15/08 KCRC 11/15/2008 in Oklahoma City review other surveys, read and KCRC Meeting/Kiowa Housing Tribal consitutions, Henry and Authority 100% 10/14/2008 10/14/08 KCRC 10/14/2008 Marsha become official members Copy of Indian Civil Rights were Discussed inviting Gov. KCRC Meeting/Kiowa Housing brought by to speak to the Flyingman Henry, discussed Authority 100% 9/30/2008 09/30/08 KCRC 9/30/2008 future work meetings KCRC, discussed past KCRC Meeting/Kiowa Housing Constitutions, Civil Rights, Authority 100% 9/23/2008 09/23/08 KCRC 9/23/2008 Ordinances Monthly Meetings 100% Public Relations Anita interviewed with Keith Vasquez regarding the KCRC Shannon Smith, KGOU Kiowa Voices/Radio Talk Show interview100% 9/17/2009 Anita Onco activities. Programmer wanted to share Indian Times/Radio Talk Show how the Kiowa Tribe was interview, 106.3 FM 100% 9/19-20/09 Davetta G. revising their Constitution. set up access for KIC to Internet survey/Survey Monkey 100% 9/1/2009 Hazel Lonewolf complete survey online. gain set up access for KIC to updated information on KCRC Facebook 100% 8/1/2009 Warren Queton Facebook.
  • 6. KCRC PLAN OF ACTION Completed Area(s) of Focus % Complete Start Date Due Date Resource Date Notes Kiowa Voices/Radio Talk Show Henry will be guest for Kiowa Ted, Marsha, Davetta, Anita, interview 100% 3/7/2009 Henry Ware Voices were interviewed on Kiowa Kiowa Voices/Radio Talk Show Voices, show toarticle tofollowing Deadline to get run the Caugai interview 100% 1/14/2009 TL, AJ, DG, MJ 1/14/2009 Sunday, 1/16/09 Jones News met, Marsha submitted article for Cauigu Newsletter 3/10/2009 03/10/09 KCRC 3/10/2009 February/March newsletter Columized Constitutions Kiowa revision draft needs review 100% 10/6/2009 KCRC reviewed by Robert Lyttle combined both constitutions, sent to committee via email Kiowa/Revised 11/15/08 2/24/09 Phase II Strategic Plan & PR pending KCRC: submitting updated information regarding KIC issues for Nov 7, 2009 vote. Strategic Plan & PR 100% 10/24/2009 KCRC: Working on Answers for the FAQ as an information format to share with KIC Strategic Plan & PR 100% 10/20/2009 KCRC: Working on FAQ from Surveys. KBC BIA KIC Original Project
  • 7. KCRC PLAN OF ACTION Completed Area(s) of Focus % Complete Start Date Due Date Resource Date Notes Add-On Projects
  • 8. Barriers No copies of Constitution were taken
  • 9. Barriers
  • 10. Barriers tle to edit revisions. y plan;surveys. Culture resource. g; PR; comparision info. with KIC community. islator power. ss Kiowa culture provision. scuss districts.
  • 11. Barriers
  • 12. Barriers can no longer meet at the KHA office Office not yet open can no longer meet at the KHA office
  • 13. Barriers needs editing. 2003 conversion to 2007 computers 009 vote. e with KIC
  • 14. Barriers