Therapeutic Diet Guidelines


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Handout created and presented for an inservice for Certified Nursing Assistants about therapeutic diets

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Therapeutic Diet Guidelines

  1. 1. June 2011 Patient Diet Guidelines:NPONothing by MouthRegular DietNo RestrictionsCarbohydrate ControlledAvoid SubstituteSugar Packets Sugar SubstituteRegular Syrup Sugar-free SyrupRegular Jelly Sugar-free JellyRegular Pudding/Jell-O Sugar-free Pudding/Jell-ORegular Desserts Half portion of dessert or sugar-free version*Each meal should have 4-5 carbohydrate servings. Examples of onecarbohydrate serving: 1 slice of bread, 1 dinner roll, 1 piece of fruit, 1milk carton, ½ cup potatoes, corn, or peas.No Added Salt (NAS)Avoid SubstituteSalt Packets/ Table Salt Mrs. DashCardiacAvoid SubstituteHot dogs/Sausage/Bacon/HamWhole Milk 2%, Skim MilkCream Soups Low Salt SoupTomato Juice Low Sodium Tomato JuicePasta with Cream Sauces Pasta with MarinaraRegular Salad Dressing Low-fat DressingSalt Packets/Table Salt Mrs. DashHigh Protein/RenalAvoid SubstitutePotatoes Whipped/Mashed PotatoesTomatoes/ Tomato Juice/Tomato Sauce Other VegetableOranges/Orange Juice Other fruits(no bananas)/ Apple Juice/ Cranberry JuiceBananas Other fruits (no oranges)Salt Packets/Table Salt Mrs. Dash
  2. 2. Enhanced FoodsFoods to Add on TrayEnhanced SoupEnhanced OatmealEnhanced Hot CerealEnhanced PuddingEnhanced PotatoesMechanical SoftAvoid SubstituteFruits with seeds or skins (grapes, Any other canned fruitblueberries)Salad Other cooked vegetableCorn Other cooked vegetableNuts/SeedsPretzels/Chips/ Popcorn Crackers- Saltines, GrahamsRegular Meat Ground MeatPotatoes with skin Potatoes without skinPureedAvoid SubstituteRegular Meat Pureed MeatPeanut ButterFruits with seeds or skins (grapes, Applesauce, any pureed fruitsstrawberries, raspberries, blueberries)Regular Vegetables Any pureed vegetableRed skin potatoes/Baked potatoes with skin Mashed potatoes/ sweet potato with skin removedCold or dry cereals Cream of wheatOatmeal Pureed oatmealNuts/SeedsNectar-Thick/Honey-Thick LiquidsAvoid SubstituteNormal-Consistency Beverages Appropriate Thickened Beverages: Milk, Juice, Water, Coffee, TeaSoup Appropriate Thickened SoupIce cream ,sherbet, Jell-O Pudding or Frozen Nutritional TreatIce
  3. 3. Fluid Restriction *See Beverage Worksheet in MAR or Chart in Dietary Section*Milk/Coffee/Tea: 8 ouncesJuice container: 6 ouncesPrune Juice: 4 ouncesAvoid SubstituteJell-O Salad or baked dessertIce cream, sherbet, popsicles Pudding or baked dessertSoupVegetable Juice Whole vegetableFruit Juice Whole fruitClear LiquidAvoid SubstituteMilk Apple/Cranberry/Grape Juice, Coffee without Creamer, Tea, LemonadeCream Soups/Soups BrothDesserts Jell-O, PopsiclesFull LiquidAvoid SubstituteRegular Soups Pureed soups/ brothOatmeal Cream of wheat, thinned with milkDesserts Pudding, Jell-O, Ice cream, Sherbet, Popsicles Milk products are allowed: All milk, creamer, milkshakes, hot chocolate, yogurtRight to Refuse: Patients may refuse to comply with their prescribed diet,however, please encourage patients to follow their diet order. If any patientrefuses or is non-compliant with their diet, please let the dietitians, Theresaor Elizabeth know (ext. 2422).Those that are on mechanically altered diets (mechanical soft, pureed,thickened liquids) cannot be liberalized unless ordered by speech therapy ordoctor. It is important that they receive the appropriate consistency of foodfor safety reasons. If the patient is refusing a mechanically altered diet,please contact speech therapy.