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Kinura Newspaper

  1. 1. the video explosionhas occurred andwe’ve been makingit happen the best seats in the house
  2. 2. who’s in the driving seat? kinura peoplea blissful mix of digital knowledge, with a little bit of magic...
  3. 3. sit back and relaxwe know video inside out YouTube consumes more bandwidth today than everywhere. Today you can beam yourself live to the entire Internet did in the year 2000. The video anywhere in the world on a next-to-nothing budget: explosion has occurred – and we’ve been making the opportunities are mind-blowing. it happen. The Kinura team have been developing But all that aside, what we do at Kinura is work expert skills in video streaming since the turn of the on the detail, the low-down nitty-gritty of coding, millenium so, to be perfectly honest, we really do cables, cameras and connectivity. We focus on know all there is to know about web video! knowing the technology and making stuff work. We A select group of creative media professionals, handle everything, so you can sit back and relax (or we share a passion for delivering high quality, at least get on with all the other things that you have thoughtful solutions, celebrating the magic of today’s to do in your daily life). technologies. Yes – we make video work. We deliver it reliably, The company was founded in 2007 by Sarah Platt globally, cross-platform; live or on-demand. We create and Ben Styles who, between them, have worked on great content, turn ‘real’ events into online resources hundreds of webcasts and digital media commissions. and add all the funky interactive bits that make your Kinura love web video, and are completely focused on web video project successful. making it work for you and your organisation. We are hard-working and friendly, and our clients Video is global, social, interactive, engaging. keep coming back. Please do read on to find out more It represents people, brands and organisations about all the lovely video things we can do for you. Because we love what we do, we have lots of happY clients.
  4. 4. pull up a chairthere’s a lot to talk about “…Kinura have helped us to deliver to work with presentations fortheir stuff. and conferences. great online press briefings They are great and really know ” sophie hulme, Director – Communications Inc. engage your audienceGive your business stream your events. Reach new places. it’s in the planning. Make it accessible. Get your videothe edge! Our clients stream It’s a well known fact There are numerous Flash-based videos are out there!It’s estimated that moments, like lunch that video blogging types of business model, the number one format Create, upload, embed,about 75% of internet time learning talks, that and social media can but great content is on the web – that’s why syndicate, track, create.users regularly watch were once ephemeral really help to drive what will make people we love Flash. That said, We can work with youvideo online. It goes – lasting only for the traffic to your website. subscribe. We will help we love cross-platform to create a videowithout saying that few hours they existed Enhancing search engine you plan productions delivery too. If your marketing campaigna captivating web in the real world. They optimisation, through to get maximum ROI audience are on iPhones that really grabsvideo will be shared stream a vast array of seeding video content, in terms of engage- or iPads, we can stream attention. We once– having the potential ideas, from conferences, will help promote your ment and audience your video in html5. live-streamed a manto influence, persuade to round table discus- product or message, development. in a phone box in theand inspire an ever sions – even live Q&A putting you right out middle of nowhereincreasing audience. sessions with film stars. there, in places you non-stop for a week! It’s now possible to do would never have Talk us through your almost anything online reached before. idea, however ambi- – so let us help you tious. We’d really love to make it happen. hear it.
  5. 5. keeping you glued to your seat create great content ferences Vox - Pops & vents & Con Intervie ws E On Locat ionWebT Shows V Product Demos Te Studio In h & Promos Short films Tp T s... o ip Our focus is on creating compelling up of film-makers, editors, vision content that looks amazing on your mixers, streaming experts and digital lanning. Careful It’s all in thesap s you time and money. site, plays perfectly every time, and producers. We cover everything 1. prepar ation ve gets your organisation noticed. As you from concept and storyboarding, to d direct. know, 21st century audiences are fickle uploading the final version on our and fast-moving, so it pays to get your global streaming network and getting Keep the m essa ge simple an message across and make an impact. it out there on webTV platforms and 2. e rd on screen, , and what’s ohrya. If you’re investing in a video project, devices. 3. What’s seen he sa me st m ust tell t we’ll help you get the most from it, Talk to us about producing webTV to convey recise soundbites and make the process from concept to chat shows, filming interviews, events delivery as hassle-free as possible. and presentations, or making a short 4. Use p ge. Kinura’s creative team is made film that gets your business noticed. your messa “ We wanted to create some short films to capture the key messages from our Digital Business events. Kinura worked with us from the outset to develop, capture and edit the interviews, vox pops and general scenes around the venue. They produced two great films that we used on our site, and on video platforms across the web. sam Michel, CEO – Chinwag ”
  6. 6. powerful online preLive, on-demand, anywhereKinura creates high-quality, interactive online own slides during a webcast. Any live presentation ispresentations, giving information maximum impact. available on-demand shortly after the live broadcastGlobal companies rely on us because we make the is over. We understand the need for flexibility andprocess simple, and our technology “just works”. fast turn-around so you can get information out to Instead of sitting in a conference watching a your audience quickly.Power Point presentation, our system lets users The result? Users get a simple, seamless,watch the same presentation wherever and whenever synchronised video & slide presentation they canthey want. No travel costs, more engagement and a revisit whenever it suits them. resource that can be used again and again. Whether it’s staff training, showing off your latestproduct or sharing the latest research – our onlinepresentations help businesses reduce costs andimprove the way they communicate. So, isn’t it timeyou did it online? Slides We film at conference venues, your office or in astudio – the result is the same. Our production teamscales from single camera to multi-site internationalconference coverage. You can also film your owncontent if you prefer. And it not just on-demand. You can broadcastpresentations live, and speakers can publish their slides We take your slides and convert them so that they look great on the web. Then we synch the video with the slides, build the interface to your specification – et voila! Your presentations are ready, and we’ll just Key Benefits send you the embed code. » flexiBle sYsteM: We create the video or you can send us your own. » fast tuRn-aRound: We build the presentations and then send you the embed code to add to your own site. » ReliaBilitY: Global video hosting means they work every time. » Bespoke: It’s not a platform so we can timeline sorter customise everything – just ask. The timeline shows thumbnails of all the slides and allows users to skip through or go back to key points » siMple: designed with the user in mind, in the presentation. Our network means users can no third party account set up needed. select the parts they want to watch, without nasty buffering, so they won’t get distracted. » Create a lasting archive of presentations. » Allow people to learn online. » Cut down on carbon emmissions. Here are a few screenshots » Create virtual conferences. from our clients’ » Generate revenue around online events. projects. » Track user interaction. » Gauge audience opinion.
  7. 7. esentations customised branding Your presentation is yours – we just build it for you. We can add any branding and logos you need. Our templates are customised exactly to your requirements: so long as it fits on the page you can have it! We don’t brand our players. We don’t spam your users with emails promoting our own wares. Your Companyʼs Online Presentationcompany/presentation-1.html high quality video – live or on-demand If we’re filming your presentation, the Kinura production team will guarantee that it looks fantastic. We can produce a live mix, or edit from a couple of cameras, and, because your content is streamed over our global network, it will play beautifully every time. Resource downloads & speaker information There’s plenty of room under the video for links, downloads, your branding and the presenter’s name and title. + live stream + build material archive + live interaction & comment + access globally + long term resource & value + personalised & targeted social Media “ Kinura provide crew to film and stream our conferences, creating live and on-demand There are LOTS of interactive tools you can employ to help generate traffic and engage users. Publishing to all the usual social media webcasts with synchronised slides and live platforms is standard (‘tweet this’, ‘like’ on facebook, etc). You can chat. We attract a professional audience who add polls to gauge audience opinion and get some useful feedback expect high quality content and working on specific topics, also users can ask questions live and email the with Kinura has meant we can meet their presenter. For users to communicate with each other it’s easy to expectations – no problem. ” Justin lebbon, Founder – VideoNet (Connected TV and Future TV Ads) embed a chat room on the page too. Our custom built chat room can be fully moderated and comes with a back-end archive of the entire conversation.
  8. 8. we set the benchmarkrock-solid video hosting Completely reliable global video hosting is at the core of everything we do. Whether your video is live or on- demand we guarantee it will play every time. Your audience won’t be left waiting for a jittery download. What’s more we give you detailed statistics showing how and where your video has been viewed. If we add a bit more web wizardry, we can also tell you if an individual user has tweeted or shared a link to your video. All this useful feedback can help you understand which content works, and how best to engage with your viewers. Brands, publishers, PLCs and educators all rely on our hosting, and we never let them down. Case Study #3 Case Study #6 bmi Business Class Topman CTRL Kinura works with Prospect, the design agency for Interactive design agency Bounce Digital have used leading airline British Midland International (bmi). Kinura’s video hosting for big brand websites since We manage and deliver high resolution video via 2007. One of their latest (and coolest) projects is our global streaming service for a rich media site, Topman CTRL, an inspirational site where the world’s targeting business class customers. Viewers are most exciting bands ‘take control’ for a month and provided with an engaging insight into the business “showcase all the music, places and other diverse class and lounge experiences on offer, and the videos things that inspire them.” have to stream perfectly every time. The site uses YouTube clips alongside video hosted We were able to handle a massive volume of users by Kinura. YouTube still has restrictions on length and as the site went live and it still receives thousands of size of video, so our service provides greater flexibility hits every month. The website was voted best airline and scope for creating full-screen viewing experiences. website by webzine Travelmole, and has been highly Potential rights issues with music or TV content can acclaimed for its use of video and social media. also be managed better using our bespoke service. video host video hosting bm i has been hig for the us hly acclaim e of Kinura’ ed ing case study #3 case study #6 s super hig quality str h eaming vid » Consult eo » Consult ancy on enco ding profi on its webs ancy on deve resolution lopment of les and tech niques ite. » Video man Flash play er full-screen, high CTRL, agement For Topman » Fast turn via FTP and -around from Kinura’s Med edit to onli ia Control ne streami Centre eo hosting for an Ad ng ded Ben we provided vid Kinura prov efits , ractive website ided hands-o the videos n support exciting and inte with the site, for uploadin the project and continue g and inte om, which progresses. s to work grating www.topmanctrl.c sic and presented The detailed with Pros by Kinura, viewing stat pect as Leading airli data for futu provide bmi istics, gath new mu ne British re developm and Prospect ered and showcases using tech Midland Inte ent and outr with cruc nology at rnational each. ial marketi ng Client ional. the internet all levels, (bmi) is com all things inspirat . Kinura wor from e-tic mitted to ked with bmi keting to Testimon manage and self deliver high ’s design agen check-in via ial service: able resolution cy, Prospect Prospect say to handle video via , to The website a massive their glob “…we wer al streami was voted volume of users as the ng e asked to Benefits hosting account for free, whilst Travelmole, best airline site went shoot a set Kinura’s video had access to a as needed and has been website 200 live. of videos Digital have used Bounce Digital for as much testing social med highly accl 9 by webzine to engage agency Bounce g the site, to allow ia. aimed for its use of users in Interactive design since 2007. they were buildin video and the business brand websites ts is Topman CTRL, www. class hosting for big pre-launch. s files, via an online The Chall experience. (and coolest) projec world’s most excitin g to all their client’ ng audience enge One of their latest site where the They also have access ics reports, showi Prospect com That prov ed so, an inspirational the music, places run their own statist missioned and showcase all interface, and can and referring sites. that would Kinura to successful l’ for a month geographical data reliably deliv er the bmi provide a global stre that commissione bmi bands ‘take contro inspire them. viewing figures, users wer aming e things that e to be prov ided with videos at high resolutio service d us to do and other divers class and shot, edit another one ial Client Testimon Kinura as our streaming partner for nts are lounge expe an engaging n. End ed and uplo for the loun these riences on insight into aded to the The Challenge perfectly helpful in ge experien every time offer, and the business getting the web in just ce. We for web video have to g accou . the videos videos onli 3 days. Kinu use YouTube clips “It’s really useful helpful, the hostin » 100% relia had to stre been com ne quickly ra were very site needed to g service. This is are always really ble global am pletely relia ble.” and the stre The TopMan CTRL ke video hostin types of sites. They ing always works .” » Viewing video stre aming has also needed a bespo of video, and – and the stream statistics aming Links marketing, but on length and size easy to set up per view and still has restrictions via region because YouTube bespoke Flash player s, etc. Bounce Digital Check out designing of file size the high qua is less flexible when unlimited in terms http://ww lity, LARGE g service is totally g full-screen FORMAT streaming Kinura’s hostin scope for creatin Link Kinura Ltd /bmi/en-gb/t here: r flexibility and or TV content and provides greate he-experience Suite 404 /better-for-b issues with music http://www.topman , 324-326 Potential rights . viewing experiences. Regent Stre px our bespoke service et, London ed better using — www.kinura.c om W1B 3HH can also be manag — Tel: + 44(0 + 44(0) 2031515870 ) 203151587 , London W1B 3HH — Tel: 0 — www 404, 324-3 26 Regent Street m Kinura Ltd Suite “ Iahave bit of research, Irecommending the services ofcompetitive After fair no hesitation in found their pricing the most Kinura. compared to other quality streaming hosts, and the initial contact the most reassuring of all those that I contacted. Michael sharp, Digital Development Manager – Newsquest Specialist Media ”
  9. 9. who’s in the hot seat? know your audience an a lytics d ata capture le ad gener ati on un ique users geo gr aph ic trends e-m a i l add resses survey res ults referr a ls f ro m facebook comments re ferr a ls f rom tw itter aver a ge time watc he ds c hives of c hat conversati on arif you’re streamingvideo, you‘ll wantto know who’swatching itTo help you get to know your audience, we buildcontent-driven websites, with lead-generation toolsand clever analytics. User registration, combined with a few widgets,plug-ins and clever back-end reporting, gives you allthe marketing tools you need. Social media increasesthe reach of your videos and webcasts by drivingtraffic and raising awareness. User comments, surveys,polls and live chat can all be integrated to bring yourcontent to life. We can help you to build up a picture of youraudience, so that you can concentrate on building afantastic (and fruitful) content strategy.
  10. 10. best seat in the house posh webcasting Kinura’s webcasting service is legendary. Clients who use us are always impressed, so we must be doing something right. We offer multi-camera filming and vision mixing, streaming your event worldwide at the highest quality possible. As well as high production values and a tried and trusted workflow, we offer lots of funky extras like live chat, social media, live subtitling and big screen link-ups. We know events are the culmination of many hours of work, so we do our best to make the technology seamless and the workflow simple. We’re used to working alongside in-house teams, external suppliers and venue staff. We’re prepared for almost anything. Whatever you want to stream, we’ll make it a success. Link Fast post-p Expert vision-mixin g c hives Syn in g am to bi c hr res’ a r onis stre g scre ms e obal slid t high roduction A dd for ens plat es – le gl socia eliab live V Instan lm ed ia ly r ebT t oW o l Tta g a d in in g HD st U plo strea m rea mi y Fl ash n g qua lit High in g Multi-venue strea mStrea m from a field Live subtitles temRobot ca mer a sys g Live c i l m in hat ro m er a f oms Mu lti-ca test in g Str ea m y ivit into nect face Con book “As well astoproviding a and managed to findKinura are a pleasure work with totally great service solutions for all we asked. They were friendly, helpful and totally reliable. The webcast they provided for Power to the Pixel was the smoothest I’ve ever seen. liz Rosenthal, Director – Power to the Pixel ”
  11. 11. from where I’m sitting the best of both worldswhen it comes to live webcasting, kinura has the b, who are pioneers in using a three screen set up who use a big screen to create a ‘LiveCast Lounge’very best credentials. we haven’t jumped on the at the conferences they produce – one showing the accommodating overspill for their sell-out conference.bandwagon – we’ve been doing it for years. sarah video mix, one the presenters’ slides, and one showing An interesting concept, because delegates can stillplatt, co-founder of the company, has worked on comments coming in via a chat room or twitter. At take part, but the slight separation, and way themore webcasts than she can remember. here she one event we also beamed in multiple webcam feeds room is set up with comfy chairs, low tables and plugtalks about her experiences and outlines a few from children in schools all over the UK. points, means people can easily work, tweet or blogthings you need to know if you are thinking about Working on these events taught me a lot about throughout the event.going live. moderating audience feedback in a live environment. Also, streamed a conference called “I used to talk to people about my job and they It’s one thing to show tweets, but what do you do TEDWomen from Washington DC in December 2010.didn’t quite get it, but it’s a different story now. The if your hashtag gets hijacked? And how do you get People organised events all over the world whichterm ‘webcasting’ has become part of the language several audiences in remote locations to talk to would feature the live webcast – and they paid $100and, whilst not everyone is doing it, most people each other at the same time without it becoming a to watch it. Our client Power to the Pixel streamedhave an idea that it’s possible and what’s more, they confusing cacophony?! their Cross-Media Film Forum (held at bfi Southbankbelieve it will work. If you want to run a webcast, you need to consider in London) on cinema screens in Manchester and Financial pressures and the need to find cleaner, a few key things – the main one being to make sure Birmingham. They ran local spin-off events, wheregreener ways of doing things have driven many the venue has a solid and dedicated broadband line people could hear talks at their local venue; thenorganisations to take their communications online. to get a quality video stream out. watch a couple of sessions from the conference inIndividual corporations need to increase their You also need to plan your web updates, so that London via the webcast; then switch back to theirsustainability, so streaming meetings and conferences the audience knows when the stream will be live, local event for more real-life networking etc. This kindis now an obvious, almost essential, thing to do. and take time to plan what happens to the content of thing is just great in my book: mixing the virtual Most of the webcasts we produce happen afterwards. If you are using chat rooms or twitter, with the real to get the best of both worlds.alongside ‘real’ events. Our clients have a lot to you need to have someone who will manage the All of these new ideas are just the beginning.think about and plan, so they rely on us to look after conversation. It sounds obvious to say, but make Years ago, around 2002, I helped Amnesty Internationalthe webcasting and make it all run as smoothly as sure this person knows a thing or two about social stream a live video report from Kabul to their websitepossible. Many clients stick to straightforward video, media – it does have its own rules and language. via a satellite video phone. It seemed like pure magicand even then there’s a lot going on behind the Your moderator needs to know their LOLs from their at the time.scenes to make the webcast happen. However, in WTFs! To think that now, (broadband speeds permitting)the last year or so, clients’ briefs have become more One thing that really excites me at the moment anyone, anywhere can stream themselves live, andcreative, sophisticated and complex. As virtual worlds is the trend towards using webcasts on big screens. post continual live updates via social media, keepingand social media are now used before, during and Moving away from the ‘single user at a computer their followers following. It’s powerful and excitingafter events, I find myself becoming an ‘online event’ screen’ and back to a shared experience makes stuff, so my job is getting more interesting. Peopleperson, rather than just dealing with video. sense, because we are all human, and we like doing love moving images, and more people than ever are We work with an innovative company called Just- things together. An example of this is ThinkingDigital, doing it live.
  12. 12. wonderful webcastery digital knowledge, experience and skill, with a little bit of Kinura magicHERE ARE A FEW OF OUR SPELLBOUND CLIENTS: bmi | Tate | FILMCLUB | TopManCTRL | DCMS | Haymarket | Discovery Channel | ChinwagPR Week | Codeworks | MediaMind | FutureTV | The Viral Factory | Power to the Pixel | Clicksoftware | Interserve | RPS Group | bTWEEN kinura – experts in online video +44 (0)20 3151 5870 15 Queen Street, Colchester email: Essex CO1 2PH twitter: @kinura If you’ve finished with me, please recycle me. Thanks.