Winners of HTML5 BYOG - InGDIn


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Winners of HTML5 BYOG - InGDIn

  1. 1. Winners ofBuild Your Own Game withHTML5Indie GameDev India
  2. 2. Indie GameDev India Indie GameDev India is India’s oldest community of independent game developers from India that strives to help create an ecosystem for the indie developers and enable them to innovate and invent awesomeness in the domain. We have been working over the last 3 years with these objectives and have built a strong community of 900 independent developers across the country. Other than BYOGs, InGDIn also organises regular Indie Meetups and has partnered with institutions such as the NASSCOM Gaming and Animation Forum to push game development forward in India. InGDIn also does a series of features on the gaming industry in India called the State of Indie, a media outreach program for indie developers to reach out to gaming media with updates called Stay in the Loop, a member directory and a game directory.
  3. 3. InitiativesEverything that InGDIn does yet
  4. 4. Games MembersDirectoriesA listing of indie games and developers from India
  5. 5. A series of interviews with independent gamedevelopers from India: their experiences, opinions and stories
  6. 6. 48 hour game development hackathons for independent developers to participate in
  7. 7. A press list with gaming media to share developer news and get visibility and exposure for game developers
  8. 8. Build Your Own Game withHTML5Games, Developers, Sponsors and Winners
  9. 9.  Build a game prototype within 48 hours between April 14 2012 – April 16 2012 On one of the themes: Space, Sex, History and Energy Game has to be built using HTML5 and associated technologies only
  10. 10. GamesThe games that were made during the sprint
  11. 11. +ma  Made by Vidhvat Madan  +ma is a game about space, and the absence of it. Ma(間), or Negative Space in Japanese suggests interval, or gap, which depicts that which isnt present.  Occupy your town and notice how its slowly inhabited by more than what you put in.
  12. 12. Astrogravity  Made by Vamsi Krisna Veligatla  Simple game where you control a machine which can manipulate the path of asteroids which are on collision course with the planet.  Save the planet from the asteroid onslaught from space for as long as you can and achieve high score.
  13. 13. Defenders from Past  Made by Kushagra Gour  A tower defence game but ahemm...we dont have towers here. Insteaadd, we have characters from the history coming to our rescue.  So its a game where in you can deploy Einstein, Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi etc to battle the evil forces.
  14. 14. Moksha  Made by Kinshuk Sunil, Mayank Saini, Varun Rana and Yadu Rajiv  Moksha is a 2d side scrolling platformer game depicting the history of the Browser War. It is set in the Browser Wars era, and you play as Netty the Navigator, which was totally pwnd by Interwebz Exploder by various evil tricks.  Will you be reborn as the fiery fox? Will you free the web?
  15. 15. Neil Armstrong: Dancing on theMoon  Made by Tanmay Chinchkar  In an alternate universe where birds arent angry, Neil Armstrong laid the first dance step on the moon! Off course he was supported by Dj Collins and Rapper Edwin Buzz.  As Armstrong dances, just press the key which looks like the dance step he is doing and score the highest points to win!
  16. 16. Odd Boost  Made by Farhan Khan  This is a simple two button game, where you control the rocket or whatever it looks like, with the left and right arrow keys. Try to balance the rocket and move towards the top while collecting solar cells for energy and avoiding the comets to get the highest score!
  17. 17. Saturn Speed  Made by Jalay Bhatti, Avichal Singh, and Pramod Nautiyal  A 2d Side scroller game free run survival game inspired from Canabalt which is based on the theme space.The player is playing the role of the russian dog Laika who somehow survived in 1957 and now has reached Saturn and must survive the meteor shower
  18. 18. DevelopersFolks who made them
  19. 19. Avichal, Jalay,PramodAvichal,Pramod and Jalay arestudents of GameDesign inDsksupinfogame.Avichal and Pramod did theLevel Design and Build the levelfor BYOG and Jalay did theArtwork.All three look forward toparticipate in more Gamejams.From: DSk Supinfogame, PuneMade: Saturn Speed
  20. 20. Farhan KhanIm a technology enthusiast anda hobby game developer.Ive been into programmingand web development since theage of 12; Game Developmentis a recent interest, that is,when I first came across theSDL library in 2009. Imbasically into the programmingpart and a little bit of gamedesign. Art, however is not mycup of tea.From: HyderabadMade: Odd Boost
  21. 21. Kinshuk, Yadu,Varun, MayankKinshuk and Yadu are thefounders of InGDIn.The four of them co-foundedHashstash Studios together.From: Delhi (Yadu is inBangalore)Made: Moksha
  22. 22. Kushagra GourAn Indie Game developer whois a big fan of creativity andlikes mixing it with everythinghe does. Make Games. PlayGamesFrom: DelhiMade: Defenders from Past
  23. 23. TanmayChinchkarCurrently a student, studyingabout Game Design and ProjectManagement.Interested in AugmentedReality, Movies, Baking , SpecialEffects and stuffAmbition to make games ,Movies, Trailers, and cakes -awesome awesome cakes.When did i make my firstgame? When i was like 14/15(Using gamemaker). Neverstopped since then !From: DSK Supinfogame, PuneMade: Neil Armstrong
  24. 24. Vamsi KrisnaVeligatlafrom Hyderabad, IndiaInterested in ProgrammingFavoriteGames Quake3(Arena, Live),Borderlands, RaymanOrigins,Age of Empires, League ofLegends, Dota, WarCraft3,Shank, GodOfWar Series, GearsOf WarMade: Astrogravity
  25. 25. Vidhvat MadanA student of Computer Scienceand an aspiring gamedeveloper, I spend most of mytime designingand programming small gameson my own quite a few of whichget published for everyone toenjoy.I also like to read and writeabout games and gamedevelopment in general.Other than that, if Im notwasting my time debuggingugly code, Im either lost insome fantasy world hunting forloot, or spraying bullets atrandom blokes on the internet.From: DelhiMade: +ma
  26. 26. SponsorsAll those nice people giving away nice prizes
  27. 27. Best Best BestDesign Innovation Gameplay IronCode Gaming Mpowered India OverCloud9 & Google Phantasm Games Mozilla Developers Pyrodactyl Rolocule Yellow Monkey Studios
  28. 28. Best DesignSony PSP Nintendo Foosball E1004 DS Lite Tables
  29. 29. Best InnovationWinners will be invited by Google on an all expenses paid2-day trip to Google Bangalore.Over the two days, the participants will also get anopportunity to interact with the Google Developer Relationsteam.They will also be invited at a Google Technology User Group(GTUG) Developer event in Bangalore - DevFestX and willbe featured in the HTML5 track to talk about their gameand their development experience.
  30. 30. Best GameplayA Sirius Game (OverCloud9 Carmella the Flying Flick Tennis: College Wars & Phantasm Games) Squirrel (Mpowered) (Rolocule)Its Just a Thought (Yellow Pahelika: Secret Legends Will Fight for Food Monkey Studios) (IronCode Gaming) (Pyrodactyl)
  31. 31. ResultsAnd the results are…
  32. 32. Best Design VotesDefeders from Past 1 Astrogravity 3 ma 4 Moksha 13 Neil Armstrong 18
  33. 33. Best Gameplay Votes Neil Armstrong 5Defenders from Past 5 Astrogravity 9 Odd Boost 209 Saturn Speed 231
  34. 34. Best Innovation VotesDefenders from Past 0 Astrogravity 0 ma 11
  35. 35. RewardsSo who wins what?
  36. 36. Best Design Neil Armstrong Ma Moksha Astrogravity
  37. 37. Best Innovation All three get invited to Bangalore by Google Developers:  Vidhvat Madan (+ma)  Kushagra Gour (Defenders from Past)  Vamsi Krisna Veligatla (Astrogravity)
  38. 38. Best Gameplay Everyone gets the Indian Indie Pack Saturn Speed (Winners) also get the bonus Pehelika: Revelations
  39. 39. Participation All participants will get some nice steam games giveaways too
  40. 40. Congratulations and Best!Developers will be contacted soon. Watch out for our communications as we start shipping stuff