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Leveraging social media
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Leveraging social media


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A brief overview of what is social media and how it is changing the landscape from traditional marketing methodologies. …

A brief overview of what is social media and how it is changing the landscape from traditional marketing methodologies.

Presented at Navyam 2012, the annual Marketing Summit of Shri Ram College of Commerce.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. A look at how social media marketing is transcending boundaries
  • 2. What are we going to discussAGENDA
  • 3. TraditionalMarketingHow was it done?What’s wrong with it?
  • 4. Social MediaWhat is it?How does it help?Network, Reach andViralityLeveraging Social Media
  • 5. The way we used to do itTRADITIONAL MARKETING
  • 6. “the activity, set of institutions, and processes forcreating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large”
  • 7. Product PricePromotion Place
  • 8. Identify Engage Keep the the the CustomerCustomer Customer
  • 9. Market Customer After SalesSegmentation Engagement Initiatives
  • 10. Attract • Mass MediaCustomers • ATL/BTL Create Interest Activities • Personal Create Desire Interactions at Channels Desired Customer Action
  • 11. What’s wrong with it?
  • 12. Not Real-time
  • 13. Layered Communication
  • 14. Time Lag
  • 15. Mass-centric
  • 16. Analytics Missing
  • 17. Huge Spends
  • 18. Social MediaWelcome to the Knowledge Economy
  • 19. Set of People-centric Media
  • 20. Social in nature
  • 21. With reach and accessibility to the TargetConsumer
  • 22. Traditional Media New MediaBrand Regional Brand Marketers Local Marketers Direct Contact Consumer Consumer
  • 23. What is Social Media?SOCIAL MEDIA
  • 24. Social MediaIncludes social channelslike:BlogsSocial NetworksContent-specific channelsWikisRecommendation Enginesetc
  • 25. Blogs: Mashable, Tech Crunch, Engadget, DigitalInspirations
  • 26. Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linked In
  • 27. Content-specific channels: YouTube, Flickr,Slideshare
  • 28. Wikis
  • 29. Recommendations Engines: Digg, Reddit
  • 30. Similarly many more
  • 31. How does Social Media help?
  • 32. Takes away the middlemen
  • 33. Provides cutting edge metrics and analytics
  • 34. New models of interactions and engagements
  • 35. New paradigms for conversations
  • 36. Is Real-time!
  • 37. It is Social: It comes from people you trust
  • 38. NetworkYour social capital
  • 39. ReachHow many people can you engage through your network
  • 40. ViralityInteractions vs Reach
  • 41. How are organizations doing it?LEVERAGING SOCIAL MEDIA
  • 42. Some examples of Indian institutions usingsocial mediaCASE STUDIES
  • 43. Interactions Conversations Engagement Metrics Event based Regular Network: Witty Updates opportunities Discount Deals 26,89,566 Updates related Talking about Ads to Sports and the brand: Winning 65,472 Daily UpdatesFastrack Facebook Channel
  • 44. Facebook Twitter Linked In Youtube Product & Bank Deals Service Formal Updates brand presence Limited & Financial Event Infrequent Advise Information TV Ads 10K+ Financial Followers Bank Deals NewsHDFC Bank
  • 45. Winning Factors• Consistency• Consumer-focus• Key Engagement elements• Interactivity• Variety• New models of engagement
  • 46. About the SpeakerKINSHUK SUNIL
  • 47. What I DoFounder & CEOHashstash StudiosFounder & CEOUberfolks Labs
  • 48. My InterestsFounderIndie GameDev IndiaLyricist and Composer,Ctrl Alt DelhiCreated many nichesOSScampsBuild Your Own GamesCommunityHACKS
  • 49. CommunitiesMozilla Representative (India)Mozilla StudentsRepresentatives, RegionalCoordinator (India)WebFWD ScoutMozilla FoundationContributor atMozilla FirefoxDrupalLibreOfficeCreative CommonsWikipedia
  • 50. GBO Batch of 2008Alumnus of PGDGBO, Batch of 2008
  • 51. Have a Question?Great!Reach out atkinshuk@hashstash.inOr catch me
  • 52. Thank YouLive long and prosper