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Mr1 pt10

  1. 1. H Dangi, FMS <br />1<br />Introduction to Marketing Research Lecture 1 <br />Hamendra Dangi <br /><br />9968316938<br />
  2. 2. H Dangi, FMS <br />2<br />Session Break Up<br />Out line of Sessions <br />Internal Assessment <br />Text Book <br />Introduction to Marketing Research <br />EVPI<br />
  3. 3. H Dangi, FMS <br />3<br />Session – Break Up <br /> Imparting Instruction with Software Example<br /> ( SPSS , Mini Tab , E-view )- 1 Hour 30 minutes <br /> Case discussion /Class activity : 30 Minutes <br />Case Study ( One Group in Each lecture )<br /> ( 20 Minutes ) <br />
  4. 4. H Dangi, FMS <br />4<br />INTERNAL ASSESMNET <br />Synopsis submission : After Two weeks ( 2 marks)<br />Written Test (A) - 8th September 2010 ( 10 Marks)<br /> Mid Term review of project : One week after minor test (5 Marks ) <br />Final submission and Viva Voce on Projects –2 Weeks before final exam ( 8 marks) <br /> Case Presentation/ class activity - 3 Marks <br /> Participation in Class – 2 Marks <br />
  5. 5. H Dangi, FMS <br />5<br />Text Book <br />Business Research – Donald Cooper <br />Research Method : C.R Kothari <br />Marketing Research – Naresh Malhotra <br />
  6. 6. H Dangi, FMS <br />6<br />Software<br />Statistical Package for Social Science <br />Mini Tab <br />E – View <br />R <br />
  7. 7. H Dangi, FMS <br />7<br />Definition of Marketing Research<br /> Marketing research is the systematic and objective <br /><ul><li>identification
  8. 8. collection
  9. 9. analysis
  10. 10. dissemination
  11. 11. and use of information </li></ul> For the purpose of improving decision making related to the <br /><ul><li>identification and
  12. 12. solution of problems and opportunities in the area of marketing </li></li></ul><li>H Dangi, FMS <br />8<br />Management Decision Problem Vs. Business Research Problem<br />Management Decision Problem Business Research Problem <br /> <br /> Should a new product be To determine consumer preferences<br /> introduced? and purchase intentions for the<br /> proposed new product.<br /> <br /> Should the advertising To determine the effectiveness<br /> campaign be changed? of the current advertising<br /> campaign.<br /> <br /> Should the price of the To determine the price elasticity<br /> brand be increased? of demand and the impact on sales<br /> and profits of various levels of price changes.<br />
  13. 13. H Dangi, FMS <br />9<br />Question for Discussion <br />Discuss the management decision problem for which following research problem might be useful <br />Determine the number of tenants and their annual income in a particular region<br />Evaluate the effectiveness of commercial in a Mall <br />
  14. 14. H Dangi, FMS <br />10<br />Classification of Marketing Research<br />Problem-Identification Research<br />Research undertaken to help identify problems which are not necessarily apparent on the surface and yet exist or are likely to arise in the future. Examples: market potential, market share, image, market characteristics, sales analysis, forecasting, and trends research.<br /> Problem-Solving Research<br />Research undertaken to help solve specific marketing problems. Examples: segmentation, product, pricing, promotion, and distribution research.<br />
  15. 15. H Dangi, FMS <br />11<br />Distinction between Risk and Uncertainty<br /> Risk: A decision making condition under which a manager can list all outcome and assign probabilities to each outcome<br /> Uncertainty : A decision- making condition under which a manager cannot list all possible outcome and/ or cannot assign probabilities to the various outcome <br />
  16. 16. H Dangi, FMS <br />12<br />Important Term <br />Decision Alternative : There is finite number of decision alternative available with the decision maker at each point when decision is made<br />State of Nature : A possible future condition resulting from choice of a decision alternative depends upon certain factors beyond the control of decision maker <br />
  17. 17. H Dangi, FMS <br />13<br />Pay off : A numerical value resulting from each possible combination of alternative and state of nature is called Pay off <br />
  18. 18. H Dangi, FMS <br />14<br />Conditional Pay off table <br />A retailer buys an article at Rs.2 per case and sells the same at Rs.5 . He incurs a loss of Rs 2 for every item which is not sold.Previous experience shows that demand varies from 13 to 15 cases a day . Construct Conditional Payoff table <br />I<br />I<br />
  19. 19. H Dangi, FMS <br />15<br />Conditional Pay off Table <br />I hear, I forget I see, I remember I do I understand<br />
  20. 20. H Dangi, FMS <br />16<br />Example<br />A physician purchase a particular medicine n Monday of each week . The medicine must be used within the week following otherwise it will become worthless . The medicine costs Rs 2 per order and physician charges Rs 4 per dose . The past 50 week records are as follow:<br /> Dose per Week 20 25 40 60<br /> No of weeks 5 15 25 5<br />Find : I) EMV ii) EOL iii) EVPI <br />I hear, I forget I see, I remember I do I understand<br />
  21. 21. H Dangi, FMS <br />17<br />Pay off table <br />
  22. 22. H Dangi, FMS <br />18<br />EVPI<br />EPPI=40x.10+50x.30+80x.50+120x.10<br /> = 71<br /> EVPI = 71-54<br /> =17 <br />I hear, I forget I see, I remember I do I understand<br />
  23. 23. H Dangi, FMS <br />19<br />EOL<br />I hear, I forget I see, I remember I do I understand<br />
  24. 24. H Dangi, FMS <br />20<br />Question for Discussion<br />Relevance of EVPI?<br />
  25. 25. H Dangi, FMS <br />21<br />Decision Tree Analysis<br />A Decision tree is nothing but a graphic exercise of showing the sequence of decision to be made and the possible events that may occur <br />
  26. 26. H Dangi, FMS <br />22<br />Example<br />A company has leased an oil mine . It may sell it for Rs 25000or drill it for oil . The various possible drilling results are given as under along with probability dist. <br />
  27. 27. H Dangi, FMS <br />23<br />A company has leased an oil mine . It may sell it for Rs 25000or drill it for oil . The various possible drilling results are given as under along with probability dist. <br />
  28. 28. H Dangi, FMS <br />24<br />Question for Discussion <br />A business man has two investments A and B available to him: but he lacks the capital to undertake both of them simultaneously. He can choose to take A first and then stop, or if A is successful then take B, or vice versa. The probability of success of A is 0.7 while for B is 0.4 .Both require an initial outlay of Rs 2000 and both return nothing if it fails. Successful completion of A will return Rs 3000 while B will return Rs 5000 .Draw the decision tree and determine the best strategy. <br />
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