Carrie, claire... and tess the diva1
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Carrie, claire... and tess the diva1






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Carrie, claire... and tess the diva1 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Carrie, Claire… and Tess The Diva 1: Room Spy By Kinpey Productions
  • 2. Carrie, Claire… and Tess the Diva To start you out, this is Carrie, and I am 9 years old, my sister Claire is 10 years old, and last, Tess, the diva. She is 16. Next week she will be 17. Now, Tess never lets anyone into her room. Not even her friends! So one day I decide to take the chance! I tried to take a picture of it before she came home and I taped it on here.
  • 3.  
  • 4. A little different Well my sister is in high-school so now she has a “ boy friend”, yea, its really a boyfriend. Yup, the lovey lovey type of boyfriend. Okay, well my sister comes home with her “boy friend”. She left him there and went in her bedroom. She has this felt thing that blocks it so you cannot see in, I think that doing that is pathetic. She comes out, screams, yells, and grabs me and asks her “boy friend” do this to me, I glued it on this time-
  • 5. I think she knows that I went in her room, well she probably saw the feet impressions in the carpet, but wow, only two people in the world who have seen her room! Exciting! Not really at the end. They put me in the bathtub. Period end of story, well not really. I glued it on again. I didn’t have my camera at this time, so I took a picture later.
  • 6. Big Fun- for me (Carrie) So I was a big tattle-tale on my sister, when all of a sudden like magic, my mom said, “Tessondra, you are grounded for a month.” Tessondra is her REAL name but she said that she would drive me to a tree far away and tie me to it and give me dog food everyday to eat. So my mom wanted Tess to be jealous, so she said we were going to go to JoJo’s tonight. JoJo’s is a Japanese restaurant where they cook the food in front of you, and JoJo’s is Tess’s favorite place to eat- awesome! So I win, TESSONDRA loses!
  • 7. Up next on…..
    • Will Tess try to get out of trouble?
    • Watch next time to see what happens on
    • Carrie, Claire,… and Tess the Diva
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