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Published in: Technology, Sports
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  • 1. Once upon a time long ago, there lived a Girl called Little Red Riding Hood. She was seven years old and lived with her Mother and Father. They lived in a very old house with a straw roof and wooden log walls. This family was very poor because two years ago their house burnt down and they spent all of their money on building a new one.
  • 2. One sunny Saturday morning Little Red Riding Hoods cousins, Hansel and Gretel came over for a play. Little Red Riding Hoods Mother and Father decided that they have to go and cut some trees down in the forest so they could sell them and make money. Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel had to come too because no one was home to look after them.
  • 3. Little Red Riding Hood’s Mother and Father were actually making up a plan. First they would take the children all the way into the woods until they wouldn’t know the way home. They would then tell the children to have a sleep while they cut down the trees. While the children were sleeping they would start walking home and leave them in the woods. They were doing this because they think that the children are the ones using up the money. zzz.. ......
  • 4. At 11:00 they left for their walk. The children had heard every word because the had been listening through the key hole. So they decided to take some bread from the pantry and drop them along the way, so that way they could just follow the bread home. The children stayed at the back so Little Red riding Hoods Mother and Father wouldn’t know that they were dropping the. They eventually got their and they fell asleep as soon as they got their because it was such a long walk. When they were deep asleep Little Red Riding Hoods Mother and Father started walking home. 12 3 6 9 1 2 4 57 8 10 11
  • 5. Dorothy took all the patients to the wizard of oz. They had to go through a forest where a witch lived but no one was scared. Half way through they met her. They quickly made up a plan. The lion attacked her and she fell down then the scarecrow pulled out some of his straw and tied her hands behind her back with it after that the tinman pulled of a loose tin and stuffed it on her head. They then carried on towards the wizard of oz. After an hour of walking they eventually got there.
  • 6. Dorothy told the wizard what the patients wanted. Before the wizard helped the patients they had to balance along a tightrope. Dorothy went first. She stepped onto the tightrope and tiptoed right across they all cheered. Next up was Hansel he had a different technique he cart wheeled along the rope and he made it across then all the other patients went an it and they all made it. The wizard fixed all of the patients his magical powers sent Hansel, Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood home there Mother and Father were so happy that they were home because they figured out that it was to lonely without them.