Website Research by Daniel Michel, TP Professional Services Specialist

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This file portraits Research Summary presentations being delivered by Teleperformance Professional Services Team.

This file portraits Research Summary presentations being delivered by Teleperformance Professional Services Team.

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  • 1. TeleperformanceTeleperformanceWebsite FeedbackApril 20136/1/2013Presentation prepared for CLIENT X / Confidential 1
  • 2. TeleperformanceFrontline IntelClosing the loop*Source: Playbook Research – Aug 21, 2012 – Sample of 1863 US Consumers –6/1/20132Presentation prepared for CLIENT X / ConfidentialIntroductionThroughout 2013 first quarter, CLIENT X invested in website improvements in order to offer a better service to their customers.Nevertheless, calls from customers needing support because they failed getting answers online have been detected.A research conducted by Playbook in August2012 showed that most consumers whoattempted to get support from a company’swebsite and failed to do so, ended up reachingup to customer service.As for CLIENT X, Customer Satisfaction Index(CSI) report shows that 21% of satisfactionsurvey respondents tried the website beforereaching the call center.According to CLIENT X April 2013 report, callsreaching a CSR after using the website arerelated to:o Billing 63%o Programming 30%o Technical 6%o Other reasons 1%5%4%9%11%11%23%37%0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40%OtherWent to the branch or storeDid business with another company…Chatted with a customer service…Gave up altogetherEmailed customer serviceCalled a customer service phone…ActionsActions by Consumers After Attemptingto Get Customer Support Through Website*Business Case: The Digital Customer Experience ImprovementCustomers PercentageThis Frontline Intel research was carried with the purpose of answering:“What can be improved in CLIENT to prevent calls and increase CSAT?”To answer the question at hand, this presentation is divided into two segments:CUSTOMERS CALLING AFTERUSING THE WEBSITECUSTOMERS NOT USINGTHE WEBSITE1 2
  • 3. TeleperformanceAgendaFrontline IntelClosing the loop• Customers calling after using the Website• Customers not using the Website• Wrap Up• Research Methodology6/1/20133Presentation prepared for CLIENT X / Confidential
  • 4. TeleperformanceFrontline IntelClosing the loop6/1/20134Presentation prepared for CLIENT X / ConfidentialCUSTOMERS CALLINGAFTER USING THE WEBSITE1A website is a tool available for customers who are looking foranswers. From new products to billing inquiries, tech solutionsor offer details; the information published should be helpful andeasy to find for customers to become frequent users.
  • 5. TeleperformanceFrontline IntelClosing the loop6/1/20135Presentation prepared for CLIENT X / ConfidentialVery Poor - Very Complete1 2 3 4FUNCTIONALITY 14% 41% 37% 8%CONTENT 11% 46% 28% 15%*March 2013 Intranet Survey for CSRs, responses percentageFrom a customer perspective, How do you rate CLIENT CALLING AFTER USING THE WEBSITEAccording to 57% of our survey respondents, website´s content ispoor. This impacts customers´ effort, leading them to call our CSRsEven when CLIENT is improving, 20% of CSI surveyrespondents continue reporting an attempt to solve theirissue online before contacting the call center.Preventing calls means minimizing customer effort.CLIENT X customers´ satisfaction would benefit byenhancing the solutions available for the followingscenarios:BILLING DRIVERS• Set up / Access online account• Enroll ABP / Paperless• Making / confirming payments• Billing reviewTECH DRIVERS• CLIENT X Everywhere questions• RC ConfigurationPROGRAMMING DRIVERS• Obtaining promos• Package channel line-up• PPV information• Sports contentThe details of these scenarios and suggestion to prevent them are included in the following slides .*Source: BGI survey (266 responses) | March 2013
  • 6. TeleperformanceFrontline IntelClosing the loop6/1/20136Presentation prepared for CLIENT X / ConfidentialCUSTOMERS CALLING AFTER USING THE WEBSITE62% of CLIENT X customers who entered the website before reachingup customer service were looking for billing related answersSCENARIO IMPACT % SUGGESTIONBILLINGDRIVERS62%OverallImpactSet up / Access Online Account•Some dealers create online account with an unknown e-mail,causing issues to customers who later on try to create theaccount again with a different e-mail•Customers do not realized benefits or advantages of having anonline account at first glance.43%•Ask dealers to write down access information in awelcome brochure for customers•Communicate benefits of an online account byadding a quick link in main screen that invitesexisting customers to learn more about itVisual ReferenceEnroll to ABP / Paperless•This option aims at minimizing customers effort; however, thereis no message promoting this in CLIENT main screen•The ABP explanation that appears in Answer Center section doesnot emphasize about the security of this payment method34%•Mention ABP option in main screen through asmall banner with a quick link to informativeYouTube videoVisual Reference•Emphasize security facts in the informationavailable at Answer CenterMaking / Confirming payments•According to CSRs, customers are uncertain if payments werecompleted when paying through One Time Payment option•Customers experience past due since online balance differs frompaper bills when credits automatically get reflected in thesystem, but technically apply on next billing cycle19%• Display confirmation message to online payments• Post a message notifying customers about creditterms (start and expiration dates)Visual Reference•Add visual aid to online payment instructionsVisual ReferenceBilling Review•CSRs are frequently asked if old bills can be reviewed?, Howmany bills are saved in the system?, How to access thisinformation online?•BGI CSRs struggle answering these questions since there are noupdated screenshots available neither in AAC system nor intraining material4%• Provide training teams with updated material /online services module• Share tutorial videos with customers (YouTubeChannel) and CSRs (Training module) showinghow to manage CLIENT X Online Account*Overall Impact: Determined by BGI survey (266 CSR responses ) | March 2013. * Billing Drivers Impact: Determined out of 165 Billing related responses.
  • 7. TeleperformanceFrontline IntelClosing the loop6/1/20137Presentation prepared for CLIENT X / ConfidentialCUSTOMERS CALLING AFTER USING THE WEBSITEBy enriching tech support content with more tutorial videos and stepby step images, tech related calls could significantly decreaseSCENARIO IMPACT % SUGGESTIONTECHDRIVERS20%impactCLIENT X Everywhere questions•CSRs are receiving questions regarding:-Streaming video set up-CLIENT X App installation-DVR Setup from mobile phone•Currently there is a link that reads “Learn More” beneath thepromos of latest tech features that links customers topackages section. However, it would make more sense tohave features description before acquiring a package/serviceVisual Reference92%• Include tutorial video in the instructions currentlyavailable at answer Center and in CLIENT X YouTube official channel• Configure the link that appears beneath genieand DVR features in main screen to displayEverywhere features and DVR recording benefitsTech Inquiries (RC and DVR setup)•Customers contact CSRs looking for codes to setup theirremote control and guidance with the process sincepertaining instructions are not supported with images•There is no web chat support for tech inquiries and WebChat CSRs are not referring self help tools available in thewebsiteVisual Reference8%• Complement RC setup guidance with videos inthe content available at Answer Center /Receivers & Equipment sectionVisual Reference• Provide webchat CSRs with equipment and basictech support guidance information*Overall Impact: Determined by BGI survey (266 CSR responses ) | March 2013. * Tech Drivers Impact: Determined out of 53 Tech related responses.
  • 8. TeleperformanceFrontline IntelClosing the loop6/1/20138Presentation prepared for CLIENT X / ConfidentialCUSTOMERS CALLING AFTER USING THE WEBSITE56% of Programming inquiries are from shoppers who search fordiscounts or promos information in the websiteSCENARIO IMPACT % SUGGESTIONPROGRAMMINGDRIVERS18%impactObtain Promos•Customer calls to ask why there are no options for promosand/or discounts for existing customer on CLIENT•Promo eligibility details information is visually hidden andclustered, which drives shopper who look for eligibility detailsto call our CSRs56%• Include an add with special promotions and/ordiscounts for eligible customers in “My Account”• Format offer details to make it visually more clearat first glance.Visual ReferencePackage Channel Line-up•Customer calls stating search engine for specific channelsin CLIENT is difficult and/or tedious to use since thiscan only be done by scrolling down through a list of allchannels available19%• Include a search engine bar for customer to typein the name of the channel when looking forspecific channels and increase efficiency whensearching for channels in CLIENT X.comVisual ReferencePPV Information•Customer calls to ask questions about PPV information onwebsite. (i.e. “Can PPV be recorded?”, “What is the PPVcost?”18%• Include information of features included with thePPVVisual ReferenceSports Content•Customers call stating search engine for specific sports eventsin CLIENT is difficult to use 7%• Improve sports gallery by placing a search engineon top of itVisual Reference*Overall Impact: Determined by BGI survey (266 CSR responses ) | March 2013. * Tech Drivers Impact: Determined out of 48 programming related responses.
  • 9. TeleperformanceFrontline IntelClosing the loop6/1/20139Presentation prepared for CLIENT X / ConfidentialCUSTOMERS NOT USINGTHE WEBSITE2Customers engage to a website after knowing the benefits ofonline services. Available links and buttons must be customizedto capture users attention, as they are guided to the content oftheir interest.
  • 10. TeleperformanceFrontline IntelClosing the loop*Source: BGI survey (266 responses) | March 20136/1/201310Presentation prepared for CLIENT X / ConfidentialTotallyAgreeTotallyDisagreeCUSTOMERS NOT USING WEBSITE44% of respondents strongly agreed that there is a lack of approachwith existing customers while 70% detect the same with HispanicsAs this research project was conducted, we realized that 7 out of every 10 customers are not familiarwith CLIENT features, based on feedback collected during focus group sessions.April 2013 CSI report indicates that 80% of customers who answered the satisfaction survey did not attempt to usethe website before contacting a CSR over the phone.BGI CSRs strongly agreed that the reasons pushing away existing customers from CLIENT X´s website are:6% 6%10% 8%14% 14%6%23% 26%19%17%20%19%31% 24%51%0%20%40%60%80%100%Lack of WebsiteadvertisingLack of connectionwith ExistingCustomersMissing HispanicMarket ApproachRespondents%Reasons causing customers to prefer reaching CSRsbefore searching for answers in the websiteBGI Internal Survey March 2013543210
  • 11. TeleperformanceFrontline IntelClosing the loop6/1/201311Presentation prepared for CLIENT X / ConfidentialCUSTOMERS NOT USING WEBSITE80% of CLIENT X customers do not access the website before callingcustomer service due to unawareness of its functions and benefitsROOT CAUSE SCENARIO IMPACT* SUGGESTIONLACK OF WEBSITEADVERTISING• Customers are not aware of benefits and therefore do not feelencouraged to access the website beforecalling customer service for a regularinquiry40%• Develop advertising to inform of CLIENT X.comfunctionality and benefits from (E.g. commercialspots, videos in you tube and recorded messagesin the automated phone system)MISSING HISPANICMARKET APPROACH• There is no button to access to Spanishinformation• Only “Why CLIENT X” tab is available inSpanish, which causes Hispaniccustomers to loose interest in browsingthrough CLIENT X.com30%• Add Spanish language button to minimizeHispanic customers effort• Place a temporary link to the translated versionof CLIENT (Spanish website version)(Hispanic ads)• Ask CLIENT X translations team to enhanceauthorized dealers webpage and adds to preventgrammar or syntaxes errorsLACK OF CONNECTIONWITH EXISTINGCUSTOMERS• According to CSRs there is no connectionwith existing customers in website’smain screen• Links of interest for existing customersare small and/or not appealing30%• Configure a welcome screen with navigation startup buttons for new customers and existingcustomers that enables content customizationVisual Reference• Add more attractive links to main areas ofinterest such as: “My Account”, “PPVs”,“Upgrades and Offers”*Impact, determined in personal interviews with BGI CSRs, based on what they perceived from CLIENT X customers on a daily basis
  • 12. TeleperformanceFrontline IntelClosing the loop*Source: BGI survey (266 responses) | March 2013. Additionally, comments gathered from Focus Groups and Interviews with BGI CSRs were included through this presentation.6/1/201312Presentation prepared for CLIENT X / ConfidentialWRAP UPCLIENT navigation experience would improve by adding moretutorial videos, links and content dedicated to existing customersAfter reviewing the information gathered from latest CSI reports and the feedback sharedby BGI CSRs, the following was concluded:Customers call after Using the website or Choose Not to Use it due to the following reasons:• Lack of appealing images and/or links to engage with website users and segments handled(new customers, Hispanic market and General market)• Missing billing information in “My Account” section (such as: billing cycle date, creditpolicies) which prevents website usage• Poor advertising of online services benefits, which increases call volume to customer service• Missing visual aids in some of the guides available at “Answer Center”, therefore assistance isnot interactive enough for our customers
  • 13. TeleperformanceMethodologyFrontline IntelClosing the loopQualitativeFocus GroupTP Professional Services held 4 focus group sessions on March 1st 2013; (5 participants in each session).-2 BGI English sessions-2 BGI Spanish sessionsInterviewsA total of 20 interviews were conducted between March 25th and 29th-10 BGI English CSRs-10 BGI Spanish CSRsQuantitativeIntranet SurveyA survey was available for BGI teams (Chihuahua and Guadalajara) throughout March 2013. A total of 266responses were received and compiled by TP Professional Services team.BGI CSI Reports audit ( Feb, March and April 2013)BGI reports were filtered and analyzed by TP Professional Services through April´s last week.6/1/20131395%*Considering 266 responses and using infiniteuniverse formula to have a statistical sample.Confidence Level95%Error Rate9%Presentation prepared for CLIENT X / Confidential
  • 14. TeleperformanceDocument ID:Created on:Created by:Thank You!6/1/2013Daniel Michel, Prof. Services SpecialistFernando Perez, Prof. Services SpecialistPresentation prepared for CLIENT X / Confidential0413-DM-DTV-06April 08 201314
  • 15. TeleperformanceFrontline IntelClosing the loop6/1/201315Presentation prepared for CLIENT X / ConfidentialClick Here forSpecial OffersGo backADDENDUM I – LINK TO ONLINE ACCOUNT BENEFITSThrough a catchy button, existing customers would get to know thebenefits of online account and register to an online accountCLIENT X information
  • 16. TeleperformanceFrontline IntelClosing the loop6/1/201316Presentation prepared for CLIENT X / ConfidentialSign up for Auto Bill Pay TODAYObtain a discount Simplify the process Never worry about latepayments again Register and getadditional benefitsIt is EASYand SECURELearn moreGo backADDENDUM II – ABP AWARENESSAuto Bill Payment should be advertised in main screen to increasecustomers awareness towards this option
  • 17. TeleperformanceFrontline IntelClosing the loopWARNING! If a credit was given after your billing cycle date. It will be effective on next month balance6/1/201317Presentation prepared for CLIENT X / ConfidentialABP Offer ($5.00)My Billing cycle date: 20th every monthAccount OverviewAdding this information will allow customers to better track their billing overviewThis warning message willhelp to preventIncomplete paymentsGo backADDENDUM III – CREDITS WARNING MESSAGEIndicating billing cycle day and credits’ activation dates will clarifyonline bill visibilityCLIENT X informationCLIENT X information
  • 18. TeleperformanceFrontline IntelClosing the loop6/1/201318Presentation prepared for CLIENT X / ConfidentialADDENDUM IV – ADDING VISUAL AIDS TO BILLING EXPLANATIONSBilling related content in Answer Center section would improve withimages illustrating payment processGo backIncluding visual aids next to instructions, will allowcustomers to better follow available instructionsCLIENT X informationCLIENT X information
  • 19. TeleperformanceFrontline IntelClosing the loop6/1/201319Presentation prepared for CLIENT X / ConfidentialCustomers would expect reading instructions to recordshows by clicking on Learn More. That is the expectationsince there are no other links within the images.Currently this link leads to packages information.BGI CSRs suggested to reconfigure this link, in order for itto lead to the next information.Go backADDENDUM V – CONFIGURATE LINK TO CLIENT X EVERYWHERE FEATURESLearn more links should lead to further details describing features andequipment functionality to increase customers’ upgrade willingnessGo backCLIENT X informationCLIENT X informationCLIENT X information
  • 20. TeleperformanceFrontline IntelClosing the loop6/1/201320Presentation prepared for CLIENT X / ConfidentialReview our How to videoReview our How to video (En Español)Including links to videos in both languages will complementthis guide and therefore prevent some Tech callsADDENDUM VI – ADD TUTORIAL VIDEOSWatching guidance videos for RC setup or basic troubleshooting wouldallow customers to feel more confident with self help toolsGo backCLIENT X information
  • 21. TeleperformanceFrontline IntelClosing the loop6/1/201321Presentation prepared for CLIENT X / Confidential12 3Go backIn this conversation , Webchat CSR was not able toprovide general information about CLIENT X App anddid not refer the customer to CLIENT AnswerCenterADDENDUM VII – Assure CSRs recommend self help tools available onlineIf Web-chat CSRs do not guide existing customers, experience mightbe affected
  • 22. TeleperformanceFrontline IntelClosing the loop6/1/201322Presentation prepared for CLIENT X / ConfidentialCURRENT VIEWBILL CREDIT/PROGRAMMING OFFER:*LIMIT ONE PROGRAMMING OFFER PER ACCOUNTPrices include the following instant bill credits for 12 months:$25 for Joyful Package, $30 for Build In Package, $31 for AWESOME PACK and $33 for Optimums Prime Package orabove. In months 13-36, bill credit will be $10/mo. on beE Package and above.$10 CREDIT OFFER:To receive the $10 bill credit for 24 months on your Advanced Receiver fee (required for or HD DVR lease), customermust; at point of sale: provide a valid email address and activate and maintain the Elementary or optimus primePackage or above, Auto Bill Pay and Paperless Billing.If by the end of promotional price period(s) customer does not contact CLIENT X to change service then all serviceswill automatically continue at the then-prevailing rates.SUGGESTED FORMATADDENDUM VIII – IMPROVE OFFER DETAILS FORMATBy adding space and headers, information is visually easier to read forcustomersGo back
  • 23. TeleperformanceFrontline IntelClosing the loopSearch engine bar placed on top of page toimprove channel searching experience6/1/201323Presentation prepared for CLIENT X / ConfidentialSearch Channel:ADDENDUM IX – ADDING SEARCH ENGINE BAR FOR SPECIFIC CHANNEL SEARCHSpecific channel search would be easier and faster for users who arelooking for specific channels when comparing packagesGo back
  • 24. TeleperformanceFrontline IntelClosing the loop6/1/201324Presentation prepared for CLIENT X / ConfidentialADDENDUM X – ADDING A LABEL INDICATING IF MOVIE IS AVAILABLE FOR RECORDINGAdding additional information to PPV tab such as “recordingavailability” would prevent calls to inquire about this featureThis movie is available for recording This label would prevent calls fromcustomers who want to know ifthe PPV can be recordedGo back
  • 25. TeleperformanceFrontline IntelClosing the loop6/1/201325Presentation prepared for CLIENT X / ConfidentialSearch Event:Search engine to be placed on top of sports events galleryADDENDUM XI – CATEGORIZING EVENTS BY SPORTA search engine would make it easier and faster for users who arelooking for specific sports eventsBaseBallFootballClassifying events per sport and teams could facilitate events searchGo back
  • 26. TeleperformanceFrontline IntelClosing the loop6/1/201326Presentation prepared for CLIENT X / ConfidentialWelcome toNew to CLIENT X CLIENT X CustomersJoin Us ! Sign inGo backADDENDUM XII – DISPLAY WELCOME SCREENThis screen would allow strategic content and advertisementmanagement along with a better connection with market segmentsFudji TV
  • 27. TeleperformanceFrontline IntelClosing the loop6/1/201327Presentation prepared for CLIENT X / ConfidentialADDENDUM XIII – HISPANIC APPROACHRe-launch CLIENT X mas Marketing efforts to connect with Hispanics, agrowing market in U.S.Go back