San Pham QNet Viet Nam - BHM_Training Presentation 2012 by QNET - IR ID No VN002907
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San Pham QNet Viet Nam - BHM_Training Presentation 2012 by QNET - IR ID No VN002907



Contact: Mr Vũ (Mr Vince) - (+84) 932571102 ...

Contact: Mr Vũ (Mr Vince) - (+84) 932571102
IR ID No. of my referrer: VN002907
Shop From QNet
Mua Hang Truc Tiep Tu QNet Viet Nam
yahoo: anhvu984



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San Pham QNet Viet Nam - BHM_Training Presentation 2012 by QNET - IR ID No VN002907 San Pham QNet Viet Nam - BHM_Training Presentation 2012 by QNET - IR ID No VN002907 Presentation Transcript

  • Exclusively available from
  • A Tradition of Excellence • Established in 1871 in Pforzheim, Germany Exclusively available from • More than a hundred years of knowledge and experience in the crafting and manufacturing of precious metals • Built on the principles of excellence in design, and quality in standards • Offers an exclusive variety of products ranging from classic to contemporary styles
  • Manufacturing Excellence Exclusively available from • Exclusive and brilliant timepieces manufactured in accordance with Swiss watchmaking traditions and standards • Gems and precious metals chosen and crafted into jewellery based on guidelines set by premier jewellery institutions
  • WATCHES Exclusively available from
  • A watch is not as simple as you think! • Parts • Style • Complications • Movements • Assembly Exclusively available from
  • Band/strap Dial Case Hands Crown Crystal CHRONOMAX WATCH PARTS Pusher Buckle Aperture Bezel Sub-dials FLAMINGO NOIR
  • Exclusively available from • Case – the metal encasing the bezel and face - Plastic - Ceramic - Black/Gold PVD plated - Gold-plated metal 14 K/18 K - Titanium • Precious metal - Tantalum - Palladium - Gold - Platinum WATCH PARTS
  • WATCH PARTS Exclusively available from • Bezel – the surface ring on the watch that holds the crystal in place • Crystal – the cover that protects the watch’s face - Plastic - Mineral - Sapphire - Domed sapphire - Sapphire glass with antireflective coating
  • WATCH PARTS Exclusively available from • Dial – the watch’s face where numerals, indices and surface design are usually set - Mother-of-pearl - Guilloche - Skeleton • Subdial – the smaller register sets in the main dial of a watch face • Aperture – a window set in a watch dial that displays a function of a watch, usually the calendar date, weekday or month
  • Exclusively available from • Hands – the pointing devices anchored at the centre of the dial and circling around to indicate hours, minutes, seconds and any other special features of the watch - Normal - Luminous - Blue-steeled WATCH PARTS
  • WATCH PARTS Exclusively available from • Crown – a knob that is used to set the time, date, etc. • Cabochon Crown – a round semi-precious stone of synthetic material fitted into the watch’s crown as an ornament
  • WATCH PARTS Exclusively available from • Pusher – a knob that is usually found on the upper or power right side of a watch that is used to control any additional function of a watch • Band/Strap/Bracelet – holds the watch to the wrist - Cloth - Rubber - Metal - Genuine Leather
  • WATCH PARTS Exclusively available from • Buckle/Clasp – the latching mechanism that connects the two ends of the watch bracelet around the wrist - Standard - Folding - Butterfly
  • WATCH STYLES Classic • Versatile • Can be worn on almost any occasion • Rarely goes out of style • Simple designs characterised by round cases, leather straps and gold, silver-toned or stainless steel bracelets Exclusively available from
  • WATCH STYLES Dress • Often comes with jewel accents • Displays an elegant look Exclusively available from
  • WATCH STYLES Sporty • Designed for athletes and people with an active outdoor lifestyle • Has specific functional features that don’t compromise style Exclusively available from
  • WATCH STYLES Fashion • Reflective of current trends • Designer-styled and branded Exclusively available from
  • WATCH STYLES High-tech Exclusively available from • State-of-the-art technology such as Global Positioning Satellite (GPRS) capabilities, digital cameras, Bluetooth connectivity and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).
  • WATCH COMPLICATIONS Refers to any feature beyond the standard time display of hours, minutes and seconds. Additions such as the date display on your watch are considered a complication. Exclusively available from
  • WATCH COMPLICATIONS Basic Complications • Day & Date • 2nd Time Zone • Chronograph • Retrograde • Alarm • Moon Phase • Power Reserve Exclusively available from
  • WATCH COMPLICATIONS Grand Complications Perpetual Calendar • A calendar that automatically accounts for the varying number of days in each month and in leap years. With a few rare exceptions, this complication must be adjusted for secular years; the next secular years are 2100 and 2200. Repeater • A watch that tells the time audibly by the mechanism operated by a push-piece or alike. There are various types of repeaters that can strike the hours, quarter hours, five minutes and/or every minute, either automatically or when the push-piece is pressed down. Tourbillon • A device invented to eliminate the errors of rate vertical positions. It consists of a mobile carriage or cage carrying all the parts of the escapement, with the balance in the centre. The cage usually makes one revolution per minute. Exclusively available from
  • WATCH MOVEMENT • Timekeeping mechanism • Integrated with an energy source and a display, it makes watches tell time Exclusively avilable from
  • WATCH MOVEMENT Quartz Exclusively available from • Powered by battery • Works with a series of tiny electronic components fitted together behind a watch’s face
  • WATCH MOVEMENT Mechanical Exclusively available from • Powered by manual winding • Made up of gears and springs that work together • Automatic mechanical movement – marks the passage of time through a series of gear mechanisms that are wound by the movement of the wrist
  • A watch is not as simple as you think! • Parts • Style • Complications • Movements • Assembly Exclusively available from
  • WATCH MOVEMENT Solar Exclusively available from • Powered by electricity converted from natural and artificial light • Made with solar panels and sometimes comes with rechargeable batteries Kinetic • Innovative movement of micro-electronics that responds to the movements of the wrist, maintaining quartz accuracy • The watch ‘sleeps’ if not worn for 72 hours, but ‘wakes up’ when shaken and immediately returns to the correct time
  • WATCH MOVEMENT Bernhard H. Mayer® uses two of the top Swiss Movement suppliers in the industry • ETA Swiss producer of quartz movements, hand wound movements and mechanical movements powered by self- winding mechanisms. • Ronda A traditional Swiss manufacturer that provides electronic movements in wristwatches all over the world following an efficient quality system that is ISO 9001 certified. Exclusively available from
  • DID YOU KNOW THAT? • Jewels - Synthetic sapphires or rubies - Bearings for gears in movements • A simple mechanical watch should include at least 15 jewels • Greater complications require more jewels - Reduce friction and maximise accuracy and durability Exclusively available from
  • WATCH ASSEMBLY SWISS MADE • Refers to the technical quality of watches • Refers to the aesthetic quality of watches • Covers both traditional manufacturing and new technologies - Accuracy - Reliability - Water resistance - Shock resistance - Elegance - Originality of Design Exclusively available from
  • - its movement is cased up in Switzerland; WATCH MOVEMENT SWISS LAW • A watch can only be considered ‘Swiss Made’ if: - the manufacturer carries out the final inspection in Switzerland; - its movement is Swiss; Exclusively available from
  • WATCH MOVEMENT SWISS MADE • A watch movement can only be considered ‘Swiss’ if: - it has been assembled in Switzerland; - it has been inspected by the manufacturer in Switzerland; - the components of Swiss manufacture account for at least 50% of the total value, without taking into account the cost of assembly. Exclusively available from
  • Bernhard H. Mayer® Swiss Watches • Swiss Made • Swiss Movements – ETA/Ronda • Swiss Quality • Swiss Design • High grade surgical steel cases • Handmade dials • Butterfly/folding buckles • Sapphire crystal & antireflective coating • Genuine leather straps We use: Exclusively available from
  • WATCH CARE • Care for the Crystal (to avoid scratching) - It is better to store or wrap it in a soft cloth before placing it down - Even sapphire crystals can be scratched • Sports (Intense sports may ruin the watch movements) - It is not recommended that you wear an automatic or manual winding timepiece while participating in intense sports such as golfing and tennis as the impact could ruin the movement • Watch Cleaning (Use soft cloth) - Using a soft cloth is ideal for removing smudges and fingerprints from the case and crystal glass cover
  • Note: The watch movements and casing are water resistant. However, leather straps are sensitive to water, therefore, it is recommended to avoid water contact with your watch. WATCH CARE • Water Resistance (Don’t wear your watch in the shower) - Keep in mind though that prolonged exposure to hot water such as from a shower or a hot tub can cause the gaskets to expand and contract, leading to water entering the case • Care for Leather Straps (Cleaning the leather) - Genuine leather will gradually deteriorate with constant exposure to perspiration - Salt residue and soil can be removed from leather by cleaning it with a dampened soft cloth and mild soap (or saddle soap, which is special leather soap) Exclusively available from
  • JEWELLERY Exclusively available from
  • JEWELLERY COMPONENTS • Precious metals - Silver - Gold - Platinum - Titanium - Palladium - Diamond - Pearl - Gemstones • Precious stones
  • PRECIOUS METALS Platinum • The heaviest of the precious metals • 15x rarer than gold • 50x rarer than silver • 10 tons of ore are needed to produce every ounce of platinum Exclusively available from
  • PRECIOUS METALS Gold • World's most ancient and most coveted metal • Represents wealth and power • Comes in yellow, white, rose (or pink) and many other colours Exclusively available from
  • • The most plentiful of the precious jewellery metals • Pure silver or 999 is the whitest of all metals • Sterling or 925 is the most commonly used form PRECIOUS METALS Silver Exclusively available from
  • • A lustruous, silver-grey metallic element • It has the strength of steel yet lightweight like aluminum • Resistant to corrosion of salt water, sea air and certain acids PRECIOUS METALS Titanium Exclusively available from
  • • A rare and lustrous silvery-white metal that resembles platinum • Used as an alternative to platinum or white gold • Does not tarnish in air and 15 times rarer than gold • Popular for its flexibility under high temperature and the increased strengths and hardness under cold temperature PRECIOUS METALS Palladium Exclusively available from
  • Exclusively available from Five Characteristics of a Diamond Shape – the overall outline of a diamond when viewed from the top DIAMONDS
  • The Famous 4Cs: Cut, Clarity, Carat, Colour •Cut determines brilliance The width and depth can have an effect on how light travels within the diamond, and how it exits in the form of brilliance. Too Shallow: Light is lost out the bottom causing the diamond to lose brilliance. Too Deep: Light escapes out the sides causing the diamond to appear dark and dull. DIAMONDS Cut describes a diamond’s light performance, dimensions and finish Exclusively available from
  • The Famous 4Cs: Cut, Clarity, Carat, Colour DIAMONDS Clarity refers to the tiny marks or inclusions, like scratches or trace minerals, contained in a diamond Exclusively available from
  • Carat: A measure of diamond, 1 carat (kt) = 0.2 gr. 1 carat = 100 points (0.01 carat = 1 point ; 75 pts = .75 carats) The Famous 4Cs: Cut, Clarity, Carat, Colour DIAMONDS CARAT WEIGHT Carat refers to the weight of a diamond Exclusively available from
  • The Famous 4Cs: Cut, Clarity, Carat, Colour DIAMONDS Exclusively available from GIA Colour Grading Scale Simply refers to a diamond’s colour D E F Colourless G H I J Near colourless K L M Faint yellow N - R Very faint yellow S - Z Light yellow
  • • SI (Slightly includes flaws) D E F G H I J K L M N-R S-Z The diamonds in ALL our jewellery pieces are: • H Colour (Nearly Colourless in GIA colour grading scale) Did You Know?
  • PEARLS Five Quality Factors • Surface - Refers to the number of flaws that appear on the surface of the pearl - Every pearl has a few natural flaws, and there is no such thing as a flawless pearl • Size - Determines a pearl’s price - Measured in millimeters - Pearls that are 7 millimeters and larger will always commend higher prices • Lustre - Refers to both a pearl’s brilliance (the way its surface reflects light) and its inner glow (the way it refracts light) Exclusively available from
  • PEARLS Exclusively available from Shape • Baroque pearls, which have irregular shape, and curving lines of the drop pearls are also considered attractive • Spherical or symmetrically-shaped pearls are considered high-quality pearls round off-round oval teardrop semi-baroque Pearl Shape
  • PEARLS Exclusively available from Colour • White/milky white, pink, blue, silver and cream-coloured • Pearls with the most uniform coloration are considered the best Pearl Colour white white rose black silver gold pink
  • PEARLS Exclusively available from Types of Pearls • Saltwater and Freshwater Pearls - Classification according to the environment (body of water) that the oysters and mussels thrive in • Natural and Cultured Pearls - The manner in which a pearl is produced
  • GEMSTONES • Gemstones are minerals which possess ornamental or decorative quality • In the 2400 minerals found, over 100 are qualified as gemstones, but only about 20 are commonly used in jewellery • Has five essential characteristics - Colour - Clarity - Cut - Size - Enhancements Exclusively available from
  • Agate Alexandrite Amber Amethyst Andalusite Anglesite Aquamarine Aragonite Citrine Dioptase Emerald Garnet Iolite Jade Kyanite Lapis Lazuli Moonstone Turquoise GEMSTONES Exclusively available from
  • Onyx Opal Peridot Quartz Ruby Sapphire Tanzanite Topaz Tourmaline Tsavorite GEMSTONES Exclusively available from
  • Did you know? GEMSTONES Exclusively available from • Nowadays, the distinction between precious and semi-precious gemstones is no longer made by the trade. • Many gemstones are used in even the most expensive jewellery, depending on the brand name of the designer, fashion trends, market supply, treatments, and etc. • However diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds still have a reputation that exceeds those of other gemstones.
  • Jewellery Care • Daily Care - Put on your jewellery after you do your make-up. - Wipe your jewellery with a soft cloth after use. Exclusively available from • Storage - Silver is a metal that is meant to be worn out. If you just leave it lying around, it will tarnish. - Store your jewellery by neatly fastening the clasps and pins. - Lay each item out separately, one by one. - Store your jewellery in a zip lock bag or approved jewellery bags.
  • Jewellery Care Exclusively available from Maintenance - No matter how carefully you take care of your jewellery, small parts may come loose. - Carefully check such parts as the hooks that support the jewels, the clasps of necklaces, the screws of earrings, and brooch pins. Cleaning - If you feel that the radiance of your jewellery has diminished, take it to a specialist. - Cleaning with ultrasonic cleaner and other methods may lead to damage, so caution is recommended especially for plated jewellery.
  • Where to check out the products? • Exclusively available from
  • Exclusively available from