Aborigines of australia
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Aborigines of australia






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Aborigines of australia Aborigines of australia Presentation Transcript

  • The Aborigines of Australia
  • Who are the aborigines? • The term aborigines refers to the indigenous (native) people of Australia. • The Aborigines are thought to have migrated from Asia about 30,000 years ago, although some scholars think it may have been earlier than that (60,000 years ago). • The Aborigines are one of the oldest groups of humans on the planet.
  • Pre-colonial • Before the settlement of Australia by the Europeans, the Aborigines were hunter/gathers and live semi-nomadic lives. • They used throwing weapons such as spears, and boomerangs to hunt prey, and gathered wild plants as food.
  • History and Culture • The Aborigines did not have a written language all their history and learning was passed down by stories and through art. • Storytelling was one of the ways the older generation taught the younger. • Art included cave, and bark paintings, dot and body painting. Aboriginals used symbols to represent natural surroundings.
  • Pictographs / Symbols Kangaroo Tracks Goanna lizard Snakes Men Hunting Women’s Ceremony
  • Aboriginal Art Rock Art Bark Painting Dot painting - Traditional dot paintings were made in sand
  • Body Painting •One of the earliest forms of Aboriginal art •Used in traditional dances and ceremonies •Designs represented clans and ancestors
  • Music • Music also played a large part in the culture with one of the most famous instruments being the Digeridoo. • It was made from bamboo or eucalyptus that was hollowed out by termites. • It is played by buzzing the lips and using a technique called circular breathing. It was only allowed to be played by men. • How to digeridoo
  • Music • The bullroarer,or turndun, is an ancient ritual musical instrument and means of communicating over extended distances. • Bullroarers were used in conjuction with didgeridoos in initiation ceremonies and to keep away evil spirits during funerals • It was taboo for women, children, non-initiated men and/or outsiders to even hear a bullroarer. • The sound they produced was considered to represent the sound of the Rainbow Serpent or the voice of Daramulan. • Communicating with a bullroarer
  • Spiritualism • The aboriginal religion is based on nature, humans and nature were on the same level. • The beginning of time in Aboriginal beliefs is called “The Dreamtime” or “Dreaming” • In Dreamtime, “Ancestors” came from below the earth to form various parts of nature, some became men, others animals, still others became rivers, plants, or the sky. • This is why one of the central beliefs is a deep respect for nature and all its parts.
  • Modern Population • There are about 400,000 aboriginal people in Australia or about 2% of the population. • There are about 500 – 600 distinct groups inside the population.