Copywriting Tips For Direct Response That Sells


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Several business people wind up tearing their head of hair apart when trying to get a very good primary result copy writer.

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Copywriting Tips For Direct Response That Sells

  1. 1. Copywriting Tips For Direct Response That SellsIt is not designed to please copy writers, art directors, agency presidents or even clients.Its mainpurpose is not to entertain, win awards or shout at the readers.In other words, you need to ignore mostof what you would learn in any basic advertising class or from the big marketing agencies.They stress abenefit. The main selling proposition is not cleverly hidden but is made immediately clear. Example:"How to Win Friends and Influence People."Direct Response CopywriterThey arouse curiosity and invite readership. The key here is not to be outrageous but to address thestrongest interests and concerns of your target audience. Example: "Do You Make These Mistakes inEnglish?" appeals to the readers desire to avoid embarrassment and write and speak properly.Theyprovide information. The headline "How to Stop Emission Problems - at Half the Cost of Conventional AirPollution Control Devices" lures the reader because it promises useful information. Prospects today seekspecific, usable information on highly specialized topics. Ads that provide information the reader wantsget higher readership and better response.Copywriting ServicesThey talk to the reader. Why are so many successful control ads written by direct responseentrepreneurs rather the top freelance copywriters and direct response agencies? Because, althoughthese entrepreneurs may not be professional writers, they know their product, their audience and whathold their audiences interest. And that is far more important than copy writing technique or style.Theyare knowledgeable. Successful ad copy reflects a high level of knowledge and understanding of theproduct and the problem it solves. An effective technique is to tell the reader something he alreadyknows, proving that you, the advertiser, are well-versed in his industry, application or requirement.Marketing CopywriterThe opposite approach - reducing everything to the simplest common denominator and assuming thereader is completely ignorant - can insult the readers intelligence and destroy your credibility withhim.6. They have a strong fee offer. Good ads tell the reader the next step in the buying process andencourage him to take it NOW.The offer should convey urgency in order to generate immediateresponse and business from prospects that are ready to buy now or at least thinking about buying.Without an offer, you lose many potential customers.Direct Response CopywritingToo many would be copywriters merely beat around the bush with their efforts and really have noactual understanding of direct response advertising and marketing. Direct response advertising andmarketing is an approach to copywriting that actually asks the viewer to accomplish a particular action
  2. 2. resulting from reading your current sales page or letter.The action might be anything at all from buyinggoods and services, getting additional information, or perhaps becoming a member of your no costnewsletter. It really doesnt make a difference what action youd like them to take direct responsecopywriting is easily the most powerful method.