KCL MUN 2011 12 - Conference Preparation (Presentation)
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KCL MUN 2011 12 - Conference Preparation (Presentation)






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KCL MUN 2011 12 - Conference Preparation (Presentation) KCL MUN 2011 12 - Conference Preparation (Presentation) Presentation Transcript

  • KCL Model United Nations Society S
  • Preparation for a conference S
  • AimsS Pass a resolution representing our country positionS Win the delegate award S make chair to notice you S make other delegates to like you S be close to a laptop at any timesS Have fun!
  • AgendaS Two topics S At the beginning of the conference, there is a motion to set agenda S Once a resolution is passed on the first topic, the second topic is automatically debatedS You should be prepared for both
  • AGENDA TOPIC = PROBLEM The aim of the committee is to solve the problem TOPIC COUNTRY COMMITTEE Causes Geopolitics Past actions “Academic” National interest Authority solutions Domestic solutions Involvement Your involvement in a particular problem affect whether you should focusmore on researching your country policy or trying to solve the problem from unbiased point of view. S
  • USA, Reconstruction Djibouti, Human Russia, Governmental of Afghanistan trafficking in Europe Corruption Vital interest No interest No interest to SOLVE No involvement the problem Direct involvement Everyone knows their No one knows their position position Researching the topic Researching corruption in Researching the topic own county, but keeping it Researching detailed Coming up with new secret country position solutions in accordance Blaming enemies of with general DjiboutiAdvocating US solutions double standards politics Negative research on otherResearch is very much countriesfocused on the country Research is very much focused on the topic S No real initiative during the session
  • TopicS Understand the concepts behind the problemS Collect some statistics, but not too muchS Resources S News S Economist.com S Academic journals S Academic books
  • CountryS Main allies and enemiesS Recent historyS Characteristic of the government, human rights record etc.S Try to find speeches, press releases, domestic solutions on the particular topicS Resources S CIA Factbook S Governmental websites S UNBIS net
  • CommitteeS Not necessarily an UN body (AU, Arab League, EC, ICC)S Past actions of the committeeS Crucial documents passedS Please, research authority of a particular committee (UN Charter etc.)
  • Position PaperS Outlining position of your country on a particular topicS Should include proposed solutionS Can be developed into working papers and draft resolutionsS If you are writing anything and want me to have a look at it, please email it to kingsmun@gmail.com
  • Anyuestions? S