Video SEO - How to Competitively Rank YouTube Videos in Google


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Learn what factors can impact how Google ranks your YouTube videos in SERP and how to optimize your videos to increase visibility.

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Video SEO - How to Competitively Rank YouTube Videos in Google

  1. 1. Video SEOInsight into Google Video RankingsKing Rosales, Internet Marketing ProfessionalJanuary 2010
  2. 2. Agenda Introduction Why Video SEO? How videos are ranked in Google How to competitively rank your videos in Google Popular video sharing sites typically ranked on Google SERP
  3. 3. Why Video SEO? It is proven that video content can improve online conversions. Video’s can rank higher in SERP in a highly competitive keyword than a regular webpage YouTube accounts for 6% of Internet Traffic
  4. 4. Case Study  Travel Alberta Winter Social Media Campaign
  5. 5. Video Campaign Strategy Promote specific events that highlight Alberta skiing destinations and create “How To” Videos about Skiing and Snowboarding Capture an audience that may not have found our website through other advertising channels
  6. 6. Video #1 – Lou’s Skiing PerformanceCentre Video Description:  Provides a demonstration on what is involved in making a custom ski boot.
  7. 7. How Videos Are Ranked in Google Things to keep in mind:  Video rankings in Google is very similar to webpage rankings and therefore its important to treat your videos like a webpage.  One major key difference in Videos is that Google does rank them higher  With social media, engagement is a key factor as well  Consider how videos in YouTube are ranked
  8. 8. Video Ranking Factors in Google title  embeds description  shares tags  comments views  age of video ratings  channel views playlist additions  subscribers flagging  inbound links
  9. 9. Search Results
  10. 10. Competitive Analysis: Ranked 1st  Title: "Ski Boot Fitting - Instructional Video"  Views: 9,003  Ratings: 6  Average Rating: 4.33  Comments: 2  Favourites: 1  Date Published (age): November 25, 2008
  11. 11. Competitive Analysis: Ranked 2nd  Title: "Custom Ski Boot Fitting - How To"  Views: 8,979  Ratings: 12  Average Rating: 4.58  Comments: 2  Favourites: 18  Date Published (age): March 05, 2008
  12. 12. Competitive Analysis: Ranked 3rd  Title: "Ski Boot Fitting Basics: Part 1"  Views: 12,881  Ratings: 14  Average Rating: 3.79  Comments: 8  Favourites: 16  Date Published (age): October 06, 2008
  13. 13. How To Competitively Rank YourVideos in Google Research Keyword Research Competitive Research Title Your Video Competitively Use your keyword and competitive research Engagement: Seed it: create a discussion, make comments, show your videos to business partners, friends. Put a link to it in a newsletter Post it on your facebook page, on your fan page Embed it on your webpage Encourage people to comment, favourite, rate your video
  14. 14. Video SEO Results
  15. 15. Popular Video Sharing WebsitesRanked in Google YouTube Vimeo Metacafe AOL Video Daily Motion Yahoo! Video
  16. 16. Conclusion Just like regular SEO, leveraging video requires the same type of work, in most cases it may be easier than ranking a website. The key points to take home are:  Research your competitive landscape  Title your video competitively  Encourage user engagement and feedback