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Biochips seminar
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Biochips seminar


a well worked presentation on biochip.

a well worked presentation on biochip.

Published in Education
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  • 3. INTRODUCTION :- Collection of miniaturized test sites(microarrays) arranged on a solid substrate. Permits many tests to be performed at the same time. Surface area is no longer than a fingernail. Perform thousands of biological reactions in a few seconds. Used to analyze organic molecules associated with living organisms. Help in identifying gene sequences, environmental pollutants, airborne toxins, or other biochemical constituents.
  • 4. DEFINETION :- • Collection of micro array arranged on a solid substrate. • Can perform millions of mathematical operations. • Can also perform thousands of biological operations. • Increase speed of identification of genes. Fig : Biochips
  • 5. COMPONENTS :-Biochip implant system consist of two component...• Transponder• Reader or scanner
  • 6. TRANSPONDER :-• It is the Actual Biochip Implant.• Two Types of Transponder- Passive & Active.• Using a Passive Transponder.• Biochip & Reader Communicate Via low Frequency Radio Waves.• Transponder Consist of Four Parts :-1. Computer Microchip2. Antenna Coil3. Tuning Capacitor4. Glass Capsule
  • 7. Fig : Biochip Components
  • 8. Fig : Perspective of Actual Size
  • 9. • Computer Microchip :- The microchip stores a unique identification numberfrom 10 to 15 digits long.• Antenna Coil :- This tiny, primitive, radio antenna “ receives & sends ”signal from the reader or scanner.• Tuning Capacitor :- This capacitor is charged by the small signal sent by thereader.• Glass Capsule :- “Houses” the microchip, antenna coil, capacitor. It ismade of biocompatible material such as soda lime glass.
  • 10. READER OR SCANNER :-• Consist of an “exciter” coil which creates electromagneticsignal.• Provide energy to “activate” the implanted biochip.• Also carries a receiving coil to receive ID number.• Contain the software and components to decode the receivecode & display the result in an LCD display.•All done in millisecond.
  • 11. WORKING:- • Reader transmits a Low-power radio signal and activate the implanted biochip. • ID Number is transmitted by the transponder and received by the reader. • Reader display the ID number on the reader’s LCD display
  • 12. BIOCHIP IMPLANT :- • Injected by a hypodermic syringe beneath the skin. • Injection is safe and simple. • Anesthesia is not required. • Usually injected behind the neck.
  • 13. APPLICATION :-  With a biochip , tracing of a person/animal anywhere in the world. A biochip can store and update financial, medical and demographic data, basically everything about a person.  Biochip leads to a secured E-commerce system. Biochip really have potential in replacing passport, ATM, medical records etc. Medicinal implementation of biochips- as glucose detector, as oxygen sensor, as a blood pressure sensor etc.
  • 14. ADVANTAGES :- Small in size. Faster & powerful. Perform thousand of biological reactions in a few seconds. Increase speed of diagnosis of unknown pathogens. Ability to detect multiple viral agent in parallel. Ease of use.
  • 15. FUTURE :-  A chip implanted some where in human body might serve as a combination of 1. Credit card 2. Driving license 3. Passport 4. Personal identification etc.  No longer would it be needed to worry about losing all above thing.  Can also widely established in veterinary field.
  • 16. CONCLUSION:-Biochips are :- Fast Accurate Miniaturized Advantages upon conventional Analyzer Expected to become economically advantageous attributesthat make them analogous to computer chip.
  • 17. THANK YOU