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battle of midway

battle of midway



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    History project History project Presentation Transcript

    • The Battle Of Midway
      • The Battle Of Midway is widely regarded as the most important naval battle of World War 2.
      • It occurred in June and ended within 3 days.
      Battle Of Midway
    • Battle Of Midway
      • The Japanese attack sought to eliminate the United States as a naval threat in the pacific.
      • The Japanese plan was to lure the aircraft carriers into a trap.
    • Battle Of Midway
      • The plan was faulty do to the japanese assumptions on the Americans reaction.
      • American code breakers were able to determine he date and time of the attack.
    • Battle Of Midway
      • The Battle of Midway was a turning point in the war because now the U.S was still in the pacific.
    • Soldiers in Midway
    • Admiral Chester Nimitz
      • This is Admiral Chester William Nimitz.
    • Admiral Chester Nimitz
      • He served in the navy during the Battle Of Midway.
    • Admiral Frank Fletcher
      • This is Frank Jack Fletcher,he was a commander in the pivotal Battle of Midway.
    • Admiral Frank Fletcher
      • He was also a commander at the battle of coral sea.
    • Raymond Sprruance
      • This is a Admiral Raymond Ames Spruance,he emerged from this battle as greatest admirals in American naval history.
    • Raymond Spruance
      • He also served in the battle of the Philippine sea.
    • Japanese soldiers
    • Isoruku Yamato
      • This is Japanese naval marshal Isoruku Yamato, he served in the Battle of Midway.
    • Isoroku Yamato
      • Yamato’s plan for Midway was to knock the U.S out of the pacific to setup defensive coast.
    • Nobutake Kondo
      • Nobutake was an Admiral during the Battle of Midway.
    • Nobutake Kondo
      • He had been in service since 1907 and stopped in 1945.
    • Facts on Midway
      • The United States actually seemed pretty outnumbered, and yet still won the war.
    • Facts on Midway
      • The United States only had 307 casualties.
    • Facts on Midway
      • The United States lost 1 carrier and 157 aircraft.
    • ...