Sophomore IB Parents Meeting


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  • Summer Reading for junior year: Discussion of the books and preparing for exams and writing commentaries.
  • Junior year AP Spanish or French
  • HL History requires a significant amount of college level reading. The History of the Americas portion is primarily covered in the junior year. Senior year history courses study contemporary world history.
  • Two HL Sciences is highly discouraged - would be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Students considering Physics HL must be in Math SL or HL Math
  • Math Studies- strong emphaisis on statistics, there is an introduction to Calculus (no AP Exam) Math SL- take AP Calc AB exam sr HL Math- Theoretical mathematics, take AP Calc AB exam Jr, take AP Calc BC exam Sr
  • AP Psych senior year
  • Sophomore IB Parents Meeting

    1. 1. C. Leon King High School Class of 2015
    2. 2. Preparation for Participation in the Diploma ProgrammeDiploma Programme courses providestudents with:Ways of thinking that are necessary foruniversity-level workKnowledge needed for problem-solving, criticalthinking, analysis, and the ability to interpretSkills to research, write, and presentAbility to question and reflect on what they knowAcademic behaviors for success
    3. 3. IB Course Selection Each core course is covered over a two year period Three Higher Level (depth) and three Standard Level (breadth) courses must be selected Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is a one-year, interdisciplinary course taken 2nd semester junior year and 1st semester senior year (per IBO). All course selections should be based on obtaining IB Diploma. Choices should be made using the following information:  teacher recommendation  student’s strength in subject area  student’s interest level in the subject
    4. 4. Group 1- Studies in Language & Literature Offered only at Higher Level Read translated works Includes oral and written Internal Assessments, as well as External Assessments AP English Lang/Comp & AP English Lit/Comp
    5. 5. Group 2- Language Acquisition Offered only at the Standard Level Continued study of French or Spanish Group and Individual Orals used for Internal Assessments Writing assessments(externally graded)
    6. 6. Group 3- Individuals and Societies Offered at Higher and Standard Levels All students enrolled in AP US History in junior year regardless of level Written Internal Assessments
    7. 7. Group 4- Experimental Sciences Offered at Higher and Standard Levels Students choose between Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Internal Assessments include lab work and group 4 project An additional science may be taken as an IB Elective
    8. 8. Group 5- Mathematics Offered at the Higher and Standard Levels HL Mathematics and Mathematics SL require Trigonometry All students may enter Math Studies SL Teacher recommendation based on academic performance in current course Physics HL and Chemistry HL must be accompanied by Math SL or Math HL
    9. 9. Groups 1-5 - IB Elective Second Science (HL/SL) ITGS HL Psychology (HL/SL)
    10. 10. Elective- ITGS Information Technology in a Global Society (ITGS) is offered only at the Higher Level Covers various computer applications as well as ethical and societal issues dealing with technological advances Internal Assessments are written
    11. 11. Elective- Psychology Psychology is offered at the Higher & Standard Levels Covers (3) required components of psychology: biological, cognitive, and socio- cultural Optional components – abnormal & developmental Internal Assessments incorporate experimental designs which include statistical components
    12. 12. Elective- Second Science Offered at the Higher Level and the Standard Level Assessed in the same manner as required science It is not recommended to take two HL Sciences
    13. 13. HOW TO EARN THE IB DIPLOMA Earn a minimum of 24 points (42=max, excluding EE/TOK max 3 bonus points) ALL IB DIPLOMA CANDIDATES MUST EARN: Minimum of 24 points No “N”s on any subject, TOK, or EE No “E”’s on EE or TOK* No “2” grade on HL No more than one “2” on SL NO “1” grade on any subject 150 CAS hours during 11th and 12th No student malpractice No more than a total of three grade “3”’s or below Minimum of 12 points for 3 HL’s Minimum of 9 points for 3 SL’s Minimum of 16 points for 4 HL’s Minimum of 6 points for 2 SL’sLegend:HL=Higher level, SL =Standard Level, EE=Extended Essay, TOK= Theory of Knowledge, N=No grade, E= ElementaryExams are graded 1-7
    14. 14. The Diploma Points Matrix
    15. 15. Junior SchedulePeriod Course Period Course11 English 21 Math Homeroom Homeroom Foreign12 22 Science Language Lunch Lunch13 AP US 23 IB Elective JA or sem. JA or sem.14 __elective / TOK_ 24 _elective/TOK__ JA or elective JA or elective
    16. 16.  Over the next two years:  Attend college fairs and college visits at King  NACAC College Fair March 3, 2013 12:00 noon — 3:00 pm Tampa Convention Center  College Nights (September-October)  Take the October 2013 PSAT  Log onto to review majors and career matches  January 2014– December 2014  SAT Reasoning Test  ACT  SAT Subject Tests (if applicable)  Visit colleges  Become aware of admission requirements
    17. 17. Course selection(yellow) forms must be returned to the IB Office by Friday, February 1