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Virtualization has transformed the way businesses manage their servers and storage. Now it is time to bring the same benefits of lean IT to your office desktops and mobile users.

Virtualization has transformed the way businesses manage their servers and storage. Now it is time to bring the same benefits of lean IT to your office desktops and mobile users.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. VIRTUAL DESKTOP INFRASTRUCTURE (VDI) Fujitsu Zero ClientKingfin Enterprises Ltd. is a select partner for Fujitsu covering the East Africa region offering a widearray of IT services. In addition we are also partner with the major brands in IT such as; Dell, Canon,Avaya HP, Apple, APC, Symantec, Adobe, Epson, Logitech, IBM and Toshiba to name a few. Ourproduct and service offerings include: IT hardware (Laptops, Desktops, Servers, Printers, Scanners &Storage Solutions), Software (Security), Service and repair of equipment. We also have a revolutionaryvirtualization solution that we are looking to introduce into the market.Operational costs related to ICT infrastructure have been known to eat into the bulk of organizational ICTbudgets especially where desktops are concerned. Other challenges like security in line with corporateintellectual property, deployment of various applications and set up of users have also further increasedthe complexities of managing the desktop environment.Kingfin through its select partnership with Fujitsu has a desktop virtualization solution that will cut downyour operational costs significantly while increasing data security and making it much easier to manageusers in a more stable and flexible platform.Virtualization has transformed the way businesses manage their servers and storage. Now it is time tobring the same benefits of lean IT to your office desktops and mobile users. Instead of the complexity andcost of managing fully equipped clients on every desk, each with its own processor, memory, andapplications, your enterprise can now deliver IT power to office users with unimagined ease – through theFujitsu Zero Client infrastructure.This silent, space-saving device delivers a complete desktop experience, securely and reliably, at afraction of the normal cost. As the name suggests, it goes beyond traditional fat or thin client technologyand comes without any of the usual hardware at all. In the office, all the intelligence the Zero Client needsis integrated into a single monitor. For mobile users, everything is on a USB stick that simply plugs intothe PC. Business applications, storage, and operating system are delivered from powerful backendservers. With the familiar desktop environment staying just the same, there is no perceptible difference forusers. Except, of course, for the extra freedom from local backup and recovery tasks.Zero Administration and Roll-Out CostsFor your IT staff, a Zero Client means less administration, with significant savings of both time andmoney. Rather than installing software updates, administrators make a single central installation, thensimply activate it for all the virtual systems. You also build total consistency into your IT environment,with the certainty that your users are always working with the latest software refreshes. The ZeroClient itself requires virtually no setup. Delivering genuine plug-and-play capability, it is ready to runinstantly, reducing the time horizon for across-the-company rollouts of desktop clients from weeks tojust days. Nairobi Art Centre Bldg. James Gichuru Rd. Lavington P.O. Box 60762, Nairobi 00200 Tel: 020 325 796 e-mail:
  • 2. Ultimate SecurityQuite apart from the administrative benefits, a Zero Client infrastructure also raises securitystandards. It reduces your exposure to data loss and theft, not to mention virus attack, simply byeliminating vulnerable desktops. With everything stored centrally on your servers, there is less chanceof enterprise data or systems being compromised. That makes your IT environment a more secure placeto run your business.Life Cycle EfficiencyHardware redundancy is a major expense for companies, a substantial chunk of workload for ITmanagers, and frustration for users. With a Zero Client-based solution, you avoid the cost of replacinghardware. The Zero Client has no effect on the speed and responsiveness of desktop environments.Should you need more performance, you simply upgrade the server backend – making it far easier foryour IT to evolve in line with the needs of the business and its strategy.Mobile Zero ClientWith the mobile Zero Client, users can access their personal virtual desktops anywhere. Everything ison a plug-and-play USB stick. All it takes is a PC with an Internet connection, and people can worksecurely with all their data at any location. Easy to install, the mobile Zero Client brings the amenitiesof desktop virtualization to any PC, enables you to protect investment in existing IT hardware, and alsogives employees the opportunity to use privately owned systems for business purposes.Productivity for Professional ApplicationsThe Zero Client is designed with a host of features to make office life more productive. The LED-backlight screen, for example, is a whole lot easier on the eyes of busy office professionals. Yetdespite the benefits of centralized computing power, this is no one-sizefits- all desktop. Users canattach whatever peripheral devices they need to suit the job in hand. And, when people need to viewhuge amounts of information at once, it is possible simply to plug in a second screen via the integratedmulti-monitoring port. This makes workflows more efficient – ideal for applications such as multipledata feeds in banking – and raises user productivity. If this sounds like just more cable clutter on thedesktop, think again: the Zero Client includes Power over Ethernet, meaning it is powered directly viathe network cable and needs no separate power cord. Voice over IP is also possible, for PC-basedtelephony: this makes the new Zero Client a better-than-ever solution.Service InformationIn addition to cutting edge products we can provide you with a complete range of IT infrastructureservices that allow you to reduce overall costs and to deliver outstanding service quality for your usersplease visit Nairobi Art Centre Bldg. James Gichuru Rd. Lavington P.O. Box 60762, Nairobi 00200 Tel: 020 325 796 e-mail: