Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)


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Organizations are turning to Kingfin to offer Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS), a set of products and services that let users electronically store, locate, filter, retrieve, share, publish, and track document-based information throughout the document's life cycle.

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Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)

  1. 1. ConfidentialMission StatementKingfin provides cutting edge Information Communication and Technology (ICT)solutions for our clients in order to align their business processes and resources fora competitive advantage in their industry. Our philosophy and approach is tolisten, consult and engage with our clients and later focus on providing andsupplying ICT solutions that are most innovative.Industry AnalysisOur industry is in the ICT sector. Kingfin aims to understand the environmentand challenges facing businesses in the East African ICT sector through robustanalyses and fieldwork, and intend to identify specific strategies andimplementation plans to address these challenges. The objective will include: 1. Understanding the East African ICT market dynamics. 2. Develop perspectives on the major ICT challenges facing businesses in this market as well as the critical success factors required to overcome these challenges 3. Recommend solutions and an implementation for areas where Kingfin can best intervene to support local businesses and enhance their growth.In order for businesses and by extension, the ICT sector to successfullyovercome these challenges, appropriate interventions must be identified andimplemented. Kingfin believes a strong partnership with the major OEM vendorssuch as Fujitsu, Avaya, Symantec, Canon, Dell, APC, Apple, HP, Samsung,EPSON, Toshiba and Microsoft will provide the necessary skill set that willunlock the potential of businesses in the East Africa region.Products & Services a. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) b. Desktops c. Tablet PCs d. Laptops e. Servers f. Scanners g. Storage Solutions h. Data Centers i. Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) 1
  2. 2. ConfidentialEDMSToday large organizations are faced with an increasingly growing blizzard ofelectronic and paper documents that clog the channels of communication andblock the flow of work. The result is a hardening of these organizational arteriesthat can send productivity and quality plummeting!To solve this problem, many companies have turned to Electronic DocumentManagement Systems (EDMS), a set of products and services that let userselectronically store, locate, filter, retrieve, share, publish, and track document-based information throughout the documents life cycle. Done correctly, EDMSsreduce costs, minimize errors, and improve the quality of products and services.These are competitive advantages most organizations can ill-afford to ignore.EDMSs also help improve productivity. Consider that the average worker spendshalf a day working with documents. By reducing the time it takes to create, find,and distribute documents among work groups or throughout the enterprise, EDMSscan significantly increase productivity, ensure quality, and help speed products andservices to market.While EDMS is a proven technology, its still an emerging one. Information Systemsstaff members must be prepared to combine a jumbled and random assortment ofproduct offerings from imaging/workflow, publishing systems, and databasevendors to develop a complete document management system.EDMS implementation can be by department, or work group or enterprise wide.Because nearly every organization has operational or resource documents it musttrack and manage to achieve its mission, the applications for EDMS technology arepractically limitless.Electronic Document Management Systems can provide benefits in any area whereaccess and control of documents is required. One such area is a Computer AidedDrafting Environment. In this CADD environment, drafts-people and engineersspend the majority of their time working with, or examining technical drawings.Since a typical engineering project can contain hundreds of drawings, the ability toquickly find a required drawing can vastly improve productivity.Kingfin would appreciate an opportunity to set up an appointment to give acomplete solution in the implementation of a comprehensive EDMS solution thatwill include; hardware configuration, software management, backup and disasterrecovery. 2