Host Europe to supportaround 20 per cent ofbusiness with virtualprivate cloud service based                               ...
When your business is built on managing other people’s                                   information, data security is a t...
and deploy the environment. Braun         Strong project management keeps                                           the de...
Host Europe plans to move around                              Issues solved in less than two 20 per cent of business      ...
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Cloud computing case study


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Host Europe to support
around 20 per cent of
business with virtual
private cloud service based
on Hyper-V from Microsoft

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Cloud computing case study

  1. 1. Host Europe to supportaround 20 per cent ofbusiness with virtualprivate cloud service based •  Cloud computing •  Managementon Hyper-V from Microsoft •  Security •  Virtualization “We were impressed with the contact among Dell, Microsoft and Intel. They addressed all our concerns and helped us put a great solution together.” Severin Braun, Head of Managed Hosting Service, Host Europe Customer profile Company: Host Europe Industry: Hosting Solutions Benefits Country: Germany •    ripartite collaboration ensures  T Employees: 200 project success Website: •    nvironment delivers up to 100  E more virtual machines compared to  Business need  previous hardware solution  Host Europe wanted to create a virtual private cloud service for its •    ustomers gain new flexible virtual  C customers, with tight security and low costs. private cloud service  •    mproved security maintains  I Solution  customer confidence Working with Dell, Microsoft and Intel, Host Europe designed a virtualized environment and created a new cloud service for customers. •    latform set to support around 20  P per cent of the business •    implified management allows  S resources to be used more  effectively
  2. 2. When your business is built on managing other people’s information, data security is a top priority – this is especially true at Host Europe, the third-largest hosting provider in the market in Germany. Since 1997, Host Europe has delivered a highly available and secure environment to customers across the continent, with more than 200,000 business and residential customers relying on its services today. Patrick Pulvermueller is Managing Dell and I know that Dell and Microsoft“Now customers Director at Host Europe and has developed one of Europe’s most have a strong partnership. Dell not only worked with Microsoft to develop can adjust the environmentally friendly datacentres. Hyper-V, but demonstrated a lot of “We’ve developed a green datacentre, experience in this sort of migration.” virtual servers to which consumes 30 per cent less Host Europe ran tests internally with their needs within energy than a conventional datacentre. Now our main challenges are systems VMware, Hyper-V and its existing infrastructure, before confirming the minutes and only management, data security and decision to move to Hyper-V. Host improving our customer offering,” pay for what they he says. Europe saw that a three-way project including Dell and Microsoft was the use. A virtual Host Europe mainly hosts private best approach, and so brought Dell servers for customers, giving and Microsoft together to design private cloud is the them complete control over their perfect solution for environments, including the operating system. This empowers customers, customers that need but makes tight data security essential. Technology at work Severin Braun, Head of Managed flexibility.” Hosting Services, Host Europe, ServicesSeverin Braun, says: “Customers can break things Dell Consulting ServicesHead of Managed Hosting Service, unintentionally, and there’s always a riskHost Europe that someone might try to sabotage our Dell ProSupport Enterprise- environment. We wanted customers Wide Contract to share a single platform, but to be – Service Delivery Manager separated from one another without Hardware compromising each other’s access to the virtual machines.” Dell™ PowerEdge™ R810 servers with Intel® Xeon® processors Braun decided to move Host Europe L7555 from its previous virtualization environment to Hyper-V™ virtualization Dell EqualLogic PS6000XV storage area networks (SANs) technology from Microsoft. He says: “We looked at the Microsoft solution and Software it offered significantly better security for individual virtual servers. Plus, Microsoft Dell Management Console brings out useful updates and patches – Dell Performance and Resource for our environment.” Optimisation Pack (PRO-Pack) Microsoft® Dynamic Datacenter Working in partnership inspires  Toolkit for Hosters confidence in project success Microsoft System Center For more than six years, Host Europe Operations Manager has worked with Dell for its IT infrastructure and spoke to the Dell Windows Server® 2008 R2 Consulting team about changing – Hyper-V ™ the environment. Braun says: “We’ve always had a great relationship with
  3. 3. and deploy the environment. Braun Strong project management keeps  the deployment on tracksays: “We quickly realised that due toour long-term relationship with Dell – As the deployment progressed, the “I think that overplus its strong ties with Microsoft – a value of Dell’s expertise was proved the next year orthree-way partnership with Dell doing to Braun. The team received on-the-the project management was likely to job training and also had access to two, we’ll providecreate the most successful outcome.” experts from Intel. “Dell consultants are experienced in a variety of technologies around 20 per centTested hardware delivers up to 100  and the Dell Project Manager helped of services throughvirtual servers per host system  us to keep on schedule. We wereHost Europe, Dell and Microsoft put impressed with the contact among Dell, this model. It’s bettertogether an environment consistingof Dell™ PowerEdge™ R810 servers Microsoft and Intel. They addressed all our concerns and helped us put a great value for customerswith Intel® Xeon® processors L7555, solution together,” says Braun. due to Microsoft’sconnected to Dell EqualLogicPS6000XV storage area networks Host Europe’s customers can  competitive concentrate on what they do best(SANs). Hyper-V provides servervirtualization and the environment With the new environment in place, licensing modelis managed with Microsoft Dynamic customers can order their own virtual for Hyper-V.”Datacenter Toolkit for Hosters. Braun machines, scale resources as neededsays: “The PowerEdge R810 servers and benefit from up-to-the-minute Severin Braun,allow us to operate a high density of billing. Host Europe has direct access Head of Managed Hosting Service,virtual machines. With them, we can to Microsoft System Center Operations Host Europerun about 100 virtual machines per Manager through Dell Performancephysical server. We tested the Intel and Resource Optimisation Pack (PRO-Xeon processors and the performance Pack), part of the Dell Managementwas excellent.” Console. This gives administrators an overview of the hardware, operatingFoundation for 10,000 virtual  system and applications hosted byservers Host Europe. Braun says: “We haveThe virtualized servers form the basis customers that want to move awayfor Host Europe’s new virtual private from a rigid service to a more flexiblecloud model. With PowerEdge architecture. This environment willservers connected to EqualLogic give customers administrator rights forSANs, Host Europe expects to launch their virtual servers, without the cost orapproximately 5,000 virtual servers hassle of an in-house system.”within a few months, and around Braun explains: “In the past, it was10,000 within 12 months, as demand difficult for customers to cover loadfor this type of model grows. Braun peaks. Now customers can adjust thesays: “We’ve had a great experience virtual servers to their needs withinwith Dell EqualLogic storage. The more minutes and only pay for what theyEqualLogic units we add to the system, use. A virtual private cloud is thethe higher the performance – it’s the perfect solution for customers thatopposite with most other products.” need flexibility.”
  4. 4. Host Europe plans to move around  Issues solved in less than two 20 per cent of business  hours with ProSupport Enterprise-to the Hyper-V environment Wide ContractEven though this environment is a With customers’ livelihoods at stake,relatively new addition to Host Europe, Host Europe takes no chances. Toit’s proving popular and growing quickly. help ensure maximum uptime, theAnd it’s a trend that Braun anticipates environment is protected with Dellwill grow further. “I think that over the ProSupport Enterprise-Wide year or two, we’ll provide around This means that in the event of a major20 per cent of services through this problem Dell provides a four-hour on-model. It’s better value for customers site response. For day-to-day issues,due to Microsoft’s competitive licensing the Host Europe team is trained in Dellmodel for Hyper-V,” he says. Online Self Dispatch, and can diagnose problems and order replacementEnvironment could allow more  parts without calling out Dell. Brauneffective use of resources says: “Ensuring maximum uptime forAnother reason that Host Europe our customers is our top priority. Wehas been so impressed with this have a four-hour response with Dellenvironment is its simplicity. A single ProSupport Enterprise-Wide Contract,system administrator can look after and a Service Delivery Manager whoaround 200 physical servers, which monitors our environment. This gives uscan run approximately 66,000 virtual a feeling of security.”machines using Microsoft System Read more about Host Europe goingCenter and the Dynamic Datacenter greenToolkit for Hosters. This creates acentral hub, where Braun and his team Read more about the Host Europecan control every aspect of the virtual enterprise wide storyprivate cloud service. “This is a simplerway of running our environment. We’relooking at cutting our physical server For more information go to:footprint in the future, possibly freeing andup one or two server administrators for dell.deother areas of the business,” says Braun.The Efficient Enterprise runs on Dell: efficiententerprise.comAvailability and terms of Dell Services vary by region. For more information, visit:© March 2011, Dell Inc. Dell is a trademark of Dell Inc. Intel, Intel Xeon, , Intel Core and the Intel logo are registeredtrademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. This case study is forinformational purposes only. dell makes no warranties, express or implied, in this case study.Reference number: 10009253