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Post-Modernism Session2
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Post-Modernism Session2






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    Post-Modernism Session2 Post-Modernism Session2 Presentation Transcript

    • Postmoderism
      Session 2
    • Jean-François Lyotard
      Rejection and incredulity towards grand narratives – these are constructed, therefore allowing producers of media to experiment and play with the construction of what is real.
    • Playfulness (Parody; pastiche)
      Scary Movie
      Scary Movie 3
      Dance Flick
      Hot Fuzz
    • Self-reference (Hyperconsciousness)
      Classical and modern texts will try to hide the fact that a text is constructed, whereas a postmodern text will jump up and draw attention to itself and its modes of construction.
    • Annie Hall (1977 Dir. Woody Allen)
    • We will watch the opening twice
      Make notes on:
      - how can this text exhibit hyperconscious?
      - any other elements of postmodernism that you can spot – both stylistic and thematic?
    • Features of hyperconsciousness
      No music over opening titles –unsettles audience because it breaks conventions
      Intro – hyperconscious – Allen directly addresses audience in character – breaking convention of ‘reality’ portrayed in fictional films – highlighted in midshot used and directly addressing camera
      Starts with a joke – intertextuality
    • Features of hyperconsciousness
      Brought up in WW2 - Mother is not postmodern – not even modern!
      As a child read about universe expanding and breaking up – questioning the status quo
      Brought up ‘under’ rollercoaster – states that he is “prone to exaggeration” has some trouble differentiating between fantasy and reality – hyperreality
      Adult Alvy in class, talking about what happened at the time – anachronistic – playing with reality - rest of class talking as if in present, about time in class and what they ended up doing
    • Run Lola Run (1998 Dir. Tom Tykwer)
      A postmodern text never lets you forget that it is a highly constructed film using a particularly wide range of story-telling devices.
    • Make notes on stylistic elements of postmodernism.
      Look out for:
      The film deliberately plays with narrative, delivering the same scenario 3 times, each with differing outcomes
      The cinematic style includes animations, colour changes, whip pans (where the camera actually ‘whips’ sideways)
      Crash zooms, suddenly focusing in and out
      Experimental editing
      It never lets you forget that it is a highly constructed film using a particularly wide range of story-telling devices.