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Web 2.0 and STAR
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Web 2.0 and STAR


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Web 2.0 and STAR standards.

Web 2.0 and STAR standards.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. David Carver February 2, 2012 Web 2.0 and STAR
  • 2.
    • Architecture Workgroup
      • Web Services 4.0 – Guidelines and Levels of compliance.
      • ebXML 2.0
    • Still multiple flavors, but tries to bring some order to the Rube Goldberge implementations of the various WS-* specifications.
    • Everybody has a slightly different requirement when it comes to security.
    • Industries never really agreed on what specifications were required.
    Web Services at STAR
  • 3.  
  • 4.  
  • 5. WS-* Web Services Implementation
  • 6. WS-* = Rube Goldberg Device
  • 7. Web 2.0 the latest Buzzword?
  • 8.  
  • 9. Web 2.0 Services?
    • HTTP Web Server
    • URLs – /customer/13424/address
    • Data
      • DTS
      • XML
      • JSON
      • Other
    • Security
      • HTTPS, oAuth, Policies.
  • 10.  
  • 11. Web 2.0 – Preferred Data Format - JSON
  • 12.
    • How to support Web 2.0 with out Changing existing Services
      • Seperate the Business logic from the Service
      • Seperate the Serialization/Deserialization of the Data from the Web Service
    • Leverage Tools where appropriate
      • Java – Axis 2, Turmeric SOA
        • Seperate the serialization from the actual data by implementing pipelines for input and output.
        • Support for RESTful services, and SOAP services.
      • .NET – leverage WCF-Rest (Windows Communication Foundation REST API)
    Web 2.0 – Supporting Existing Services
  • 13.
    • Problems
      • Multiple ways to represent XML data as JSON
      • Currently no set Standard representation
      • JSON format does not support some XML concepts natively.
    • Solutions?
      • JSON Schemas
        • Does for JSON what Xml Schemas does for XML. Provides the semantics and contract for the data binding..
      • Currently an IETF Draft specification -
    Web 2.0 – Supporting Existing Services
  • 14.
    • Do we think more about the data and services and less about documents?
    • Think about the Data – I.e Customer, Vehicle, Engine, Truck, Trailer, Boat, Party.
      • STAR has this today, we just need to expose it easier as individual Services.
    • Think about the Domains – Human Resources, Customer Relationship, Dealer Relations
    • Don't think in terms of Repair Order, Vehicle Delivery, Sales Order, Credit Application. Think about data needed.
      • These are results of combining data from several individual services.
    • Leverage the data format specifications to their best ability. Not everything fits into every format.
    Web 2.0 – Rethink the Document Approach.
  • 15.
    • Identify STAR recommendations for RESTful web service implementations.
    • Identify appropriate Security standards and guidelines around implementation.
    • Generate or create JSON Schemas to document the semantics of the JSON data.
    • Identify what that data structure looks like.
      • Does STAR just translate existing XML messages to JSON
      • JSON does not handle namespaces natively, how to deal with namespaces? Extensions? Which JSON XML extension?
    • Look at what OAGi and other standards groups are doing.
    • Open Source any work in regards to utilities and tooling developed. Involve the larger community.
    Web 2.0 – Suggested Steps Forward
  • 16.
    • STARWS-Turmeric
      • Leverages the Turmeric SOA ( ) project.
      • Implements a very basic STAR WS 4.0 Level 1 implementation
      • Supports, SOAP 1.1, XML, JSON, Name Value, and XMLInfoSet data formats.
      • Supports SOAP Protocol as well as RESTful implementation
      • Source Code:
      • Looking for Contributions.
    STAR Sample Implementation?