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Lose Weight in LESS THAN A MONTH! All
jokes a side. I will show you with 100% PROOF!

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loss weight

  1. 1. #1 Selling Fitness Author Hailed By Oprah Magazine as "Honest"Reveals a Fat Burning System So Powerful, Its Guaranteed To...Transform Your Body (Forever) In 49 Days Flat! "I Lost 137 Pounds! It Changed My Entire Life!""I used Toms BURN THE FAT program tolose 137 pounds, but it also changed myentire life and the life of my family. BURNTHE FAT has also helped me achieveemotional, physical and financial goals Inever thought possible.I believe that your success can be tracedback to something as simple as desire.Answer one simple question - How Bad DoYou Want It? If you want it bad, the battle ison and you can win like I did, you just haveto keep that desire fueled."- Mike Ogorek"My Goal Was To Be a "Hot Mom At 40," And Ive Achieved It. I lost 23 Kgs and 12.5% Body Fat!""Im a 40 year old mom with 3 children, ages11, 6 and 4. Before, I was 85 kg and 36.5%body fat, size 40. I was fat, miserable, andmy family life and relationship weresuffering. I wasnt able to do anything withmy kids, I was tired and constantly irritated.My husband knew someone who did theBurn The Fat programme and it changed hislife, so I decided to do it too. I lost 15 kg in 8months and kept it off. In the next 3 months,because of my desire to be "hot at 40," I tookit to a new level. Tom taught me how and Ilost another 8 kgs and competed in my firstfigure/bikini competition."- Bonnie VanNiekerk
  2. 2. "My body fat was pushing 30% and now its 8% to 9%.""When I started I weighed 246 pounds.Today Im 172. My body fat was pushing30% and now its 8% to 9%. My waist was40 inches and now its 31. My cholesteroltoday is around 143. My blood pressure was145/90, which is mild hypertension, and isnow 118/60. My pulse was 81 and myresting heart rate today is around 48. Ihavent had any illnesses in the last threeyears and I feel great."- Bob Phifer, Age 50"Whod have thought that someone who was 356 pounds would ever become an endurance athlete?""When I was turned down to become a bonemarrow donor because I was so overweightand had sky-high blood pressure andcholesterol, it was a wake up call. It tooktime, but I lost 173 pounds and am now onthe bone marrow registry. Im currentlyworking with the Leukemia and LymphomaSociety to raise money for blood cancerresearch by cycling 100 mile "Century"rides for Team In Training.Whod have thought that someone who was356 pounds would ever become anendurance athlete? It is mind blowing.For me, the beauty of the Burn The Fat program is that I can change up my food and not losemuscle and yet still lose weight while eating enough carbs and protein to please my bodystraining needs! WOW! For me, the flexibility of the program has been key. Im able to track myresults and make corrections each week. You dont have that luxury with using other rigid weightloss programs.- Ce Ce Evola "Before: 296 lbs And 45% Body Fat. After Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle: 174 Lbs And 6.7% Body Fat!"
  3. 3. "Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle (BFFM)was exactly what I needed to break throughand permanently burn off my unwanted fat.I picked up the program during a weightloss plateau - exactly the point where Iusually quit.The mindset and goal creation exerciseswere exactly what I needed to get headedback in the right direction.BFFM is a comprehensive text book ofnutrition, training, and motivation all actingin synergy to produce results beyond what Iever dreamed possible.- Brian Nordberg "I Was 40, Fat and Frumpy... Now Im a 40 and Fit Figure Athlete! Im 106 Pounds and I Wear a Size 0!""One day, I came across a picture of me and Ibarely recognized myself! At 5 1", 150 lbs I hadto face the fact that I was 40 and Fat. I had noidea I had let myself go so much. Somehow, Ihappened upon Burn The Fat and ordered. It wasthe best money I ever spent.Today, Im 106 pounds, and I wear a size 0! Im amom who can keep up with her kids. My self-confidence has soared. I actually competed intwo figure competitions this year - something Inever would have dreamed possible before!- Aida Miodus CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE!